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First F/F

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I’ve been thinking about what I want to do here. I think I just want to share experiences and thoughts. Comments are welcome, but please respect that I’m laying my privacy on the line here. Yes, I will change names to protect the innocent....or not so innocent...but every word I write is true. 


This happened out of the blue during a holiday to Europe with a friend. 

Jessica and I were in Spain. I loved the architecture, and she, being multi-lingual loved showing off by speaking the language. 

It was hot as hell though. We gave up on anything but the lightest clothing, and it wasn’t long before we were wearing nothing under our dresses. 

The beach was different, and for the first time, I went topless. It was more of a thrill than I was expecting because Jessica has absolutely perfect breasts. We are both B cup, but hers are perfectly sculpted and perky. 

I found myself staring far more than was really decent. 

Back in the hotel room, we both wanted a shower, but typically of cheap Spanish hotels youmtook your chance with how much hot water was available. Jessica suggested us showering together. 

It felt really good. Too good. 

After, we slumped down, naked onto our beds for the siesta. It’s too hot to do anything around lunchtime in Spain,and anyway, most places close. 

Neither of us slept though and there was this tension in the air. 

Jessica said “it feels great being naked with you.”

The sentence just hung there in the air. 

I replied, “yeah. If you were a guy, I’d do something about it.”

She said “guy or not, I’d let you.”

The next thing I was on her bed with her and we were just holding each other. Our breasts touched, and our tummy’s touched too. The she just kissed me. 

I melted. We kissed for ages and I just had to touch her. I let my hand move over her hip and onto her thigh. The lightest pressure from me and she raised her leg giving me access to her pussy. She was as wet as I was and soon we were masturbating each other alternating with paying attention to each other’s clits and finger fucking. 

I felt really close and I told her I was about to cum. She just said “Go fo it.”. All I did was relax and let it happen. As I finished my orgasm I felt Jessica cum on my fingers. 

There was a lot of wetness from her and she admitted that when she cums she often squirts. 

Neither of us, it turned out, had masturbated since we began our holiday, so I guess were both ready. 

During the remainder of that week, we explored everything two girls can do with one another. We decided we would pretend to be a lesbian couple as neither of us wanted to attract guys. We were too interested in this new found sexual activity. 

One utterly beautiful thing we did was watch each other masturbate. You can learn a lot about your partner doing that. When it was Jessica’s turn, I noticed, for example that she likes to rub her clit up and down, while I’m more side to side. I also noticed that she sometimes lets a finger press against her asshole. Best of all was watching her squirt. I’ve always loved it when a guy cums on me. I don’t care where....face....breasts....pussy....I just love the feeling. I asked Jessica to squirt on me. It was a bit awkward, but eventually, she knelt over my face and I felt it splatter all over me. Tasted great too! 

For me, far and away the most erotic was on our last night, we went for a barefoot walk along the sandy beach. In the dark, Jess kissed me, fingered me and then sank to her knees. She lifted my skirt up and licked me. 

I hadn’t had an orgasm standing up before and it was amazing.

Back home, we both resumed with our boyfriends. Jessica an I still meet up from time to time, and now and then we might relive a few memories of Spain.  



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