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There Comes a Time

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There comes a time in a mum's life when her relationship with her daughter changes. (No, this is not a mum/daughter story...)

Claire started to develop at the age of 11 and by 13 was a really good looking girl. We had the usual mum/daughter talks. Periods, boys, even masturbation, but after a while those talks got less frequent until they stopped altogether. She had a couple of boyfriends and like most mums, well, I wondered.

Of course, I still do the laundry, so in a way it was easy to see if she had been doing anything risky. But all I ever saw on her knickers was the usual cream that indicated, at the most, that she had maybe got horny or had jilled off in them. Nothing surprising.

Until yesterday.

As usual, Claire was out and I was doing the Saturday housework that included the washing. As usual, I separated the coloureds out and decided to run a 'smalls' wash first, Bras knickers, etc.

I was grabbing the stuff and putting it into the machine when I felt something wet and sticky. In my hand was a pair of Claire's knickers that I bought her last year for school. (Claire is 18 by the way). They were very VERY wet. I looked them over, turned them inside out and the whole crotch was covered.... IN SPERM! That unimstakable scent and feel. No doubt about it. My daughter has been fucked!. For a moment, I had that fear all mums get. Was she ok? Is she on the pill? Was the boy/(man!!) healthy. But then I put two and two together and suddenly, instinctively knew who it was. Claire has a boyfriend at the moment who is a couple of years older than her, but is really gorgeous. Hell, I wouldn't mind dropping my knickers for him myself. As I thought about it, I imagined Claire on her back underneath him, moaning as he thrust into her, and I got so fucking randy!

I was kneeling in front of the washing maschine, Claire's sperm filled knickers in one hand and the other up my skirt and between my legs. My own knickers were half way down my thighs, and I was getting really horny.

I lifted Claire's knickers to my face and licked them. I tasted sperm, (of course) and also her scent. Suddenly, I knew I was going to cum really hard and right now. I jammed the crotch of her knickers into my pussy and came like a bitch on heat.

I had her boyfriends sperm, her juices, and mine all together. DAMN, I haven't cum like that for ages.

But it wasn't enough. I went to my room, locked the door and over the next hour or so,...well, I used those knickers so much they were licked clean by the time I finished.

When Claire came home, I looked at her in a different light. My little girl has a sex life. (more than I have!) and I need to make sure she is safe. I said 'Umm. Claire hun, we need to talk about contraception.' She coloured up bright red and said 'OH. Umm.. I guess you know?' I nodded. 'It was only the once mum, but... I want more.'

She had, it seems, taken a huge chance. So, Morning After pill from the chemist and an anxious wait until next weekend when she is due on. In the meantime, I made an appointment for her with our GP for the pill.



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