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Then She Did

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He likes to remind me that I need to masturbate more..That I need to take the time to take care of myself


He likes to remind me that I need to masturbate more..That I need to take the time to take care of myself and relax. then, I am to document in detail, my experience. How do I feel? what am I thinking? Where did I go? What did I see? What smells are there? How do I taste? Can you hear my how wet I am? How many times did I cum? (the answer to that is usually, "too many to count"). And he has asked me to post my story...from the wee hours of this morning...here.


laptop. webcam. microphone. cell phone.

Ice. 2 clamps. 2 wooden hangers. lube. dildo.

Submission. open mind. 2 hands. love. trust.

He was watching me...as I was watching him.

He instructed me on how to proceed.

First...he told me that I was being watched by another woman. but nevermind that...continue.

Tke off your shirt. bra off. and go get a tray of ice cubes. I knew what was in store for me and I felt a rush of excitement with some mystery woman watching.

First, he wanted to see the wooden hanger run along my neck. I tasted it too...a contradiction of wood and metal.

Ten, for about 30 minutes, I iced down my right nipple using 2 cubes of ice. the ice melted steadily, creating an icy stream to my lap. my hands burned from the cold...a frostbitten fever. and then I took the clamp to my freshly iced nipple. I securely attached it and felt the pain quickly set in. it came in waves...some nearly knocking me down. I watched him get up and go into the other room. perhaps to get something to drink? make a sandwich? he left me there with a frozen, clamped nipple---in pain and whimpering. I asked him "please?", which was returned with a "no." tears spilled and mixed with the icy drops on my tummy. I kept telling myself to feel my feet on the ground. stay grounded. you are ok. he'll be back. and he was; telling me that it was time. I immediately, which later translated into too abruptly, removed the clamp. and I thought I took my entire nipple with it. removing it hurt worse than leaving it on...digging into my flesh. it left a deep indentation right where my nipple gets hard. I felt blood, but never saw any. that's when I noticed the wetness between my legs.

He told me to move to the bed. I was hesitant because I knew what that meant...and I still thought someone else was watching. I wasn't allowed to be shy though. I set up all the ingredients so I could be comfortable on my bed. and I was enjoying watching him stroke his cock. I was remembering how he felt---how he tasted. my mouth was watering just watching him...knowing he was watching me. (and possibly someone else?)

So I showed him just how I felt. legs spread as fingers revealed layers---pulling them back and pushing forward. 3 fingers, then four. I was dripping down my hand...the one that reached for the hanger. the shape of the hanger made for a lovely wand that plunged deep. the tip had a rounded then tapered end. twisting that...the rounded point pressed on spots that I felt from my head to my toes. and then it snuck up on me...I came. I took the hanger out and he could see it glistening. I smelled it and realized my scent would be trapped in the wood...a permanently sweet reminder. I also got to feel the smack of the wood against my right tit. it reminded me of the ruler...that smack.

Next was my ass...he's been wanting to see how I pleasure myself anally and hear me cum. every time I do...I'm remembering how he felt in my ass...how he took my virginity and opened my eyes to new sensations...new ways of orgasming.

First a finger...then two. I could feel that spot he had originally found. x marks the spot. I wanted to enjoy more so I moved past that spot and rocked my hand back and forth. I love being filled this way and got greedy for more. I lubed my dildo and filled myself up even more. It's becoming easier to accept this much at once. he taught me how to do that. between my dildo and my fingers and hearing him cum, I pressed on that spot and found myself swirling around in my head. he kept bringing me back. wanting me to talk to him, tell him stories, and tell him how I was feeling. I couldn't focus or articulate my thoughts. Stimulation and sensation overpowered me and I came again.

I was exhausted by the end of all this play...which was at 5am this morning. I love playing with him...it's always a good time and he inevitably teaches me something new about myself.



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