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Theme Park Fun

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More than one reason for the title "Happiest Place on Earth!"


Reading "Space Mountain Explosion" reminded me of the many wonderful sexual experiences I had years ago as a "cast member" at that same resort. And the WED-way people-mover ride was just one of the many magical places that heightened the anything-but-G-rated experiences enjoyed in and around that park.

First, however, one word of caution: cameras. Even in the dark areas: infra-red. The ride operators have to be on constant alert for anyone standing up or horsing around. Teenagers will sometimes jump from car to car. When that happens, the ride will be stopped and an announcement will come on telling them to remain seated at all times. The culprits are always very surprised to find out that they are being watched!

I found out about the cameras by a different method. My girlfriend and I were desperate to find some privacy and we headed for this same little elevated tram ride that gives a tour of Tomorrowland. It was mid-afternoon and the park was not too busy. Since this ride was not very popular, it was not difficult to time it so that we would have a car by ourselves.

My girlfriend was wearing one of my favorite outfits: tight little terry cloth shorts and a halter top with no panties or bra. That allowed easy access to her always hot pussy and her 36C tits.

She had a strong exhibitionist streak and the idea of fooling around in such a wholesome place had her all horned-up. As we moved along the track toward the first tunnel, I had just started to kiss her and run my hands all over her goodies when she pushed me back into the corner of our bench seat and dropped her head into my lap. Other cars were passing in opposite direction, but no one seemed to notice or care as she unzipped my fly. I glanced around as casually as I could and then looked down just as my hardon popped out and disappeared into her sweet mouth.

She paused in her sucking just long enough to look up and say, "I want you to eat your cum!"

"Oh, yes!" I replied. Unfortunately, the ride was just a little bit too short. She would alternate between head-in-my-lap-sucking and sitting-up-stroking as we rode along, going in and out of the tunnels. I was sooo close to shooting as we exited the last tunnel, but not quite there.

As we straigtened up and approached the central hub, I suggested that we stay on the ride and go around one more time. My girlfriend gleefully agreed.

It was then that I noticed that several of the ride operators were gathered around one area. As we passed closer, I could see that they were standing in fromt of a bank of tv monitors! A couple of them glanced our way and I swear they were smiling!

I pointed out the fact that we were obviously busted to my girlfriend. She looked around and then said, "So what? It's just a little cock-sucking!" Man, I loved that girl! (And still miss her!)

As soon as we were on our way again, she fished my boner out and started stroking me up and down. When we entered the first tunnel, she slipped off the seat onto her knees and began bobbing on my meat.

After a few moments, we both almost jumped out of our skins when we heard a loudspeaker blare, "Please remain seated at all times!" My girlfriend quickly slid her hot little ass back in the seat and I pulled my shirt over my stiffy and started to put it away.

"Oh, no you don't," she said. "You're gonna cum!" She pulled my shirt back and took my cock in her hands and began pumping it. "And I'm going to watch you cum! And anyone who wants to see me make you cum can just enjoy the show!"

I was well past the point of thinking clearly and trying to stop her. I put my head back and concentrated on the growing need to spurt seed. My girlfriend knew exactly how to push me over the edge---by talking dirty. She began to nuzzle and lick my ear, whispering all kinds of nasty thoughts. "My cunt is dripping. I'm going to leave pussy juice all over the seat and you're going to spray your hot load all over everything!"

We were nearing the last section and I knew it was now or never. I lifted my girlfriend's halter top exposing her big boobs just as a car with a family of five passed by going in the opposite direction. The mom missed the show as she was busy attending to the two daughters, who also saw nothing. But dad and son both got an eyeful. I looked back and saw the dad briefly put his finger to his lips, signaling to the boy to keep quiet about their unexpected good fortune.

We continued on with my girlfriend pumping my rigid prick faster and nearly yelling, "You love showing off your girlfriend's big-ass titties, don't you, you little pervert! Fuckin shoot for me now! Oh, fuck yeah, I'M gonna shoot your cock off NOW!"

That was all I could take. The first contraction sent a rope of cum four feet into the air! It had not even landed on my leg as the second spasm shot another rope of hot stuff even higher. My girlfriend loved this part the most and pumped me off like a gun. My young balls unloaded all the sticky juice they had and cum was landing everywhere. My heart was racing and we were running out of time. My poor dick continued to throb and ooze as I hastily shoved it back in my pants.

We quickly cleaned up as best as we could with some napkins my girlfriend always seemed to have stashed in her purse or pockets, and tried to look non-plused as we approached the central hub again. Just as before, a few of the workers were moving away from the tv monitors.

A few moments later, we stepped onto the moving platform and my legs almost gave out. One of the girls working there could not suppress a giggle. I looked over at her and she looked away, a slight blush on her cheek. Then as we half-stumbled down the exit ramp, a guy standing behind her gave us a quick thumbs up.

That is just one of the dozens of very vivid memories I owe to Walt and Mickey. Something about that place brings out the naughty side of people.

ST is a great site and I'll write more when I can---'cause you should always take time to play!

And have a zippity-doo-dah day!



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