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Secret Sex

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I am a big fan of Solo Touch and have been reading the stories for years. I would like to share something very, very strange that happened to me a few weeks ago. I am the sales manager for a medium size company and recently had to go to another town to see a client that had become unhappy because of some sloppy work by one of our sales reps that we had to eventually let go. My wife mentioned that her niece was in college in the town I was going to and told me to be sure and call her and see her if possible. She suggested that I might take her out to eat one night. Janet lives in the same little town that we live so my wife called Janet's mom and asked if she needed to send anything to Janet since I was going there.

I didn't mind that in the least. Her niece, Janet, is a fun loving 20 years old girl. She is a beautiful girl. Short auburn hair, beautiful complexion, five-five, nice body with little small perky tits. I had always felt that Janet had the hots for me the way she flirted with me but never followed through on anything.

I drove to the town and got my business taken care of. I had told my wife I did not know how long I would be gone. It was too far to drive back that afternoon so I had checked into a motel. After getting everything straight I called Janet. She was excited to hear from me and suggested that we get together. She gave me directions to her apartment.

I arrived at her place that afternoon only to be greeted by Janet and three other girls approximately the same age. All the girls, along with Janet were from our little town so I knew all of their parents. We all live in the same neighborhood. All were very cute girls. I suggested that I take all of them out to eat that night. I had seen all the girls and knew each of their parents.

Back at their place we sat around having drinks and talking. I was surprised when the conversation got a little risque but did not object. Occasionally one or more of the girls would leave the room to go pee or fix another drink or whatever. At one point all four of them were out of the room and I fould myself sitting there alone. Janet had been really teasing me following our trip to eat.

Later I found myself sitting on the sofa with Janet with no one else in the room. She was all over me and I admit I was enjoying some great feels. Finally Janet said, 'I have something to ask you. One of the girls wants to play around with you a little. She doesn't necessarily want to have sex with you, I mean she might later, but for now would just like to play around some. Would you be willing?' I said, 'Hell yes. What man in his right mind would not?' Then Janet said, 'Would you be willing to wear a blindfold? She doesn's want you to know which one she is?' I said I would be more than willing to have my eyes covered. Janet told me 'The rest of us are going out to a club and leave you two alone.'

Janet asked me to go in her bedroom and take my clothes off and put a blindfold on. I did as instructed and lay on the bed. A few minutes later someone came into the room. I could hear her undressing. Then I felt that person get in the bed with me. I had promised not to peek. Then I felt hands on my body and then felt a warm body pressing against mine. The hands went straight for my dick which became very rigid in a hurry. My hands were also being put to good use. I was trying to figure out which girl had got into bed with me. When I felt her tits I narrowed it down to two. It had to be either Janet or Debbie because the other two girls were larger.

It was totally quiet in the room except for slurping sounds her pussy was making when my fingers were going in and out. After several minutes of playing and feeling and kissing the girl in bed with me started jacking my dick in earnest. I had already made her cum twice. I could not tell from the grunting who it was. Deep down inside I was hoping it was Janet. It didn't take long until I shot my load.

The playing didn't stop there but my story must. After making the girl have several more orgasms and cumming a second time, we lay there and held each other for a long time. Finally the girl kissed me and got up and left the room. I dragged myself out of bed and washed off then dressed. I opened the door and walked out and called their names. No one answered. I found a note on the kitchen table telling me that they had all gone out and thanking me for a wonderful night and for the meal.

I drove back to the motel and went to bed. The next day I went back home. I do not know who I was in bed with but I know in my mind that it was my wife's niece. I will add before leaving I checked all their bedrooms and got me a collection of dirty panties to use in jacking off. I may never find out who I was with but I hope it can happen again.



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