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The Toy

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Me and my cousin are straight but this was really cool...!


Hello I and my cousin have pretty much grown up together and done everything together, becasue he lives with me and my parents. The only thing we never did and never talked about was masterbation. We had never even seen each others dicks before. That soon changed! This happened on the day after Thanksgiving.

My cousin was in his room playing on the playstation and we both needed to take a shower before we went to bed. While he was in the shower, I went in his room to save his game. I looked over at his bed and under it there was a piece of plastic sticking out of it. I picked it up and it was a pocket pussy. I looked at it and it turned me on thinking that his dick was in this thing. As I was getting ready to put it back my cousin came and saw me holding it.

He said (my name) what are you doing in here!? I told him why and he said if he had a pocket pussy too. I told him I didn't. He asked if I ever masterbated and I told him I did it with my hand and some lube. He asked if I wanted to do it with him and I said "hell yah" So he closed and locked the door and turned out the lights and I went and layed down on the bed. He came over with some vaseline and asked it he could jack me off with the pussy, I told him yes. He took the pocket pussy and put it in some warm water and then pulled down my shorts and put them away. I was standing there in my boxers and I told him for both of us to be in boxers. So we both took off our shirts and shorts. We both had major bonners. He slowly took off my boxers to reveal my 6 incher. He said "Nice cock" I told him thank you. He then put some lotion on his hand and began to jerk me off with his hand. It felt so good that I almost creamed right there. While he was jacking me off he began to suck on my nutts. Oh my god!!! I told him to stop because I was about to cum.

He stood up and asked if I would do it to him. I pushed him down on the bed and pulled down his boxers and then I saw his 5 inches of dick. It may have not been long but it was definatly fat. At least the 5inches around. Anyway I lubbed up the pocket pussy. As I slowly inched his dick into the pussy he moved his body so that we were in a 69 position. As I jerked his dick with the pussy he began to suck my dick. WOW! I've had my dick sucked by my girlfriend, but guys to it better. Anyway, I got too close to cumming and I came in his mouth. He was grossed out and I dont blame him but I continued to jerk him. He whinned while I was jerking, he wanted me to suck him off too. I told him no but I would suck his balls. I took his tiny little sack into my mouth just as he was cumming.

While we were laying there, completely naked, I asked him about that friend of his that came over on day and staying with him in his room. He told me that him and his friend Brandon had sucked each others dicks and he fucked brandon in the ass. I was amazed, I asked if him and brandon we gay. He said he was straight but brandon was Bi, the two of them were just experiementing like we just did.

Needless to say brandon and the two of us got together one night...but thats another story!



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