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The 'Tired Wife' Replies

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When my husband Jim proudly showed me his Solo Touch story ('Tired Wife' Story), I could not help but think that Jim, a lawyer, as usual, has chosen his words very carefully. It's true, as he says, that only recently have we watched each other masturbating ourselves. But I reminded him of an incident from nearly 30 years ago that puts our masturbation under somewhat different light from the one cast by Jim's story.

We had been married only a few months, and Jim had invited his college room mate Ron over for Thanksgivings dinner at our apartment.

This was a big deal for me because I would be meeting Ron for the first time. I wanted to make a good impression because I wanted to get along with Jim's friends. So I was a bit nervous. To relax I had gone for a swim in our apartment swimming pool.

Ron was driving from Chicago, and wasn't expected for a couple of hours.

So I was surprised to see Jim and Ron sitting on our couch watching TV when I walked into the apartment wrapped in my large beach towel.

'So that's what she looks like', Ron said; 'You did all right, buddy'.

The approving remark relieved me and made me feel good. Maybe that's why I just dropped the towel. All I had on was a tiny bikini.

'Wow!, Ron said; 'You REALLY did all right!', obviously admiring my body. Without wanting to brag, I should say that in those days I was very curvaceous with large breasts that hadn't yet experienced the detrimental effects of gravity.

Ron instantly got a huge hard-on, which Jim couldn't help but notice. It obviously pleased Jim to see his buddy getting off on me, and he got a hard-on too. Feeling confident and a bit playful, I coyly said, 'If you guys will jack off, I'll take off the top or bottom half of my bikini'. It's not like they were covering much anyway.

'The top', said Ron.

'No, the bottom', said Jim, laughing.

I laughed too, and said, 'Honey, you're just being obstinate. You can see everything anyway whenever you want; why not make Ron happy?'

Then I thought I would do a little mischef, and said, 'If you'll jack each other off, I'll make you both happy and take everything off'. They sure agreed quickly enough to that proposition! I couldn't help but wonder what guys do when they room together in college. But I didn't care. The thought of Jim jacking off another guys who was being turned on by looking at me naked really turned me on.

So I unclipped the bikini top with both guys staring intently at me. My nipples were fully erect, and I was greatly aroused. Then the bikini bottom came off.

'Holly shit!', Ron shouted; 'she's gorgeous.' I blushed a little at that, but don't mind saying that I liked hearing it. I also hoped no one noticed the strong sexual smell coming from my very wet pussy.

Of course, I was also staring at them too. Ron's dick was a little longer than Jim's, but Jim's was a little thicker. I was wondering who would come first, and who would have have more semen, and who's would spray further. I admit that I was wishing it was me jacking Ron off.

But before these thoughts had time to go anywhere, Ron and Jim were breathing very, very hard and groaning; then semen came shooting out of their two dicks like water from a high pressure hose. Ron started first, but they finished at about the same time. As to whose semen sprayed further, it's hard to say since they both hit me. 'Sorry about that', Ron said. 'No problem. I have to take a shower anyway after my swim'. I went off to shower and to doing a bit of masturabtion myself. Afterwards, we all sat down to best thanksgiving dinner I ever had.

We all stayed friends for a few years, but then Ron moved to the West coast and we lost touch. But it was a night to remember, and, when I reminded him of it, Jim said, 'Of course, I never forgot what happened that night. You looked great Honey, and you still do! But my story is still true too.' Lawyers!



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