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Training Son #4

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The first three of my four sons made the transition to masturbation quickly, but Son #4 had 'wet dreams' - nocturnal emissions - for about a year before I tired of cleaning up after him every morning with his sticky bedding and pyjamas.


My somewhat-useless husband refused to bring up the subject of masturbation with Son #4. I decided that I needed to take the matter into my own hands, although not literally. Simple parental actions can be misinterpreted by child welfare agencies after word gets around the playground.

Hubby had carted the first three sons off to an early morning hockey practice. I was relaxing at 5 am with a coffee and cigarette when I heard #4 humping away in bed. I went in, woke him up, and had him sitting on the edge of the bed before he managed to cum.

His little boner was sticking up out of the fly of his pjs. He was embarrassed but faking sleepiness. After a minute, I led him by the arm into the bathroom. I explained that I couldn't keep up with the laundry and was going to show him what I needed him to do. I turned on the shower and he took off his pjs.

I had not seen him naked in over a year and was surprised to see that he had some pubic hair and his cock was now almost three inches long. His scrotum still looked like a walnut hanging below his branch. As he stepped into the tub I squirted some hair conditioner on his erection and told him to rub it in.

He did as he was told, then a smile came over his face. He was enjoying this! He continued stroking as I encouraged him to rub in the lotion. He started trembling and his fist became a blur.

Then a thin jet of cum spurted out, and he looked quite surprised. He asked me what had just happened, and I explained briefly, reminding him of his sex ed classes. He said it felt really good. I asked him to do that every night before he went to sleep, either in the shower or into some tissues. I explained that this would stop the messes in his bed that he tried so hard to hide.

He was a happier boy after that. He said he was sleeping really well and liked getting up in the morning. There were only occasional 'deposits' in his pjs.

About a year later, he confided to me that his penis was sore. I asked him if I could have a look at it to see if there was anything serious. We went into the bathroom and he took off his pj bottoms. He was half-erect and the skin was quite red. He had also grown quite a bit in length and thickness.

He blushed and explained that his girlfriend had been giving him a handjob and it had taken him a very long time to cum, then afterwards he was really sore. I opened the medicine chest and put a large dab of hemmorhoid cream in his hand, telling him to rub it into the skin. He stood there and stroked his cock, grabbing some toiletpaper just before he came. I told him, 'Now, leave it alone and let the cream heal it.' Ten minutes later he said it felt 'pretty numb' and he was feeling much better.

I don't know how the other boys are handling themselves but we go through a lot of boxes of tissues in our house!



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