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The Thomas Trilogy Part 1

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This is the guy who all girls dream about. This is the guy who was mine. This is the guy who I broke up with. This is the guy who won't have me back.


I was online, as I always am, and I was browsing through some of my friends' myspaces. Well in one of there friends lists, I saw this guy. This girl had told me about him, and had asked me some advice of how to get him to kiss her. Well she has a physical disability so I highly doubted that he would, but I didn't say that.

Noticing the fact that it was the same guy, I clicked his picture and went to his profile. Well, I was rewarded. I saw his pictures and he is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, and seventeen! Lemme tell ya. He's dark and muscular. He has black hair, with red tips. Kinda emo looking, but what can I say emo guys are hot. I further explored his profile and found out that he is a lot like me in many ways. He listens to the same music I do. He plays the same sports as I do. We like the same movies.

He happened to be online at that very moment. Naturally, I messaged him. I said that his profile was awesome, and I think it would be cool to learn more about him. He gave me his yahoo and we started talking. The part where I got really excited, is that he lives just down the street from me. Not really lives there he was just visiting his mom from a few states away.

We talked and talked and talked for hours. I learned a lot about him. And despite the fact that we had known each other for only a few hours, I felt myself falling for this guy. I don't think he felt the same way about me... yet...

Well the next day, I rode my bike down to the elementary school, and he was there. We greeted each other. We talked for a little bit, and then walked back to his place to hang out. Mind you this is summer break, and I am supposed to be at home, but my dad won't know now will he?

We got to his place, and went into his room. We wanted to watch a movie, but the DVD player in his room was broken, so we went into his grandma's room. She didn't appear as if she had been in there in a while anyways. We watched DOOM, and then I had to go. I had promised to go to the pool with my friend. I invited him along.

We got to the pool separately, I had gotten a ride with my friends mom, and left it up to him to find a way to get there. Amber (my friend) and I had already been there for some time. He showed up, not looking like he much wanted to swim. We set out our towels and just chilled and talked. After a while I went to go get sour straws for the three of us. I came back after a waiting in line, and had decided that the line was too long.

I got back and Amber borrowed my phone. She wrote something in, then handed it to me so I could read it. She said 'He wants to know if you like him, cuz he likes you' I erased what she said and wrote 'Duh' and handed the phone back to her. She chuckled and I got up to get the sour straws as the line had shortened. Apparently while I was gone, she told him what I said.

I got the sour straws and dropped them off. Amber and I got in the water, Thomas stayed behind. Amber goes 'I told him' I was like 'What did he say?' She told me the conversation.

Thomas: What did she say?

Amber: She said yes, when I asked her if she likes you... well actually she said duh.

Thomas: Haha, Duh is better.

Amber and I went back over to where Thomas was. We just hung out until it was time to go. Amber's mom got there before Thomas' so we left first. I got in the Van and Amber's Mom goes 'Who's that boy with the fuchsia hair?' It was funny.

I got home and I changed. I decided to walk my dog to Thomas' house. I got down there and called him. He came outside and we walked back to my place. It was nearing evening so my dad would be home soon. I told Thomas about my dad's rule of not having any guys IN the house, they could be over, just not inside when nobody was home.

We sat outside on the front porch, and I put the dog in the back yard. It was really windy so we moved around and I ended up sitting closer to him. He said 'Since your dad might freak out, can I to ask you something before he gets here?' I said 'Sure' expecting him to ask me out. Thomas says 'Can I kiss you, or would you have to hit me?' I said 'I think I might have to hit you... no not really, sure'

Thomas leaned in for the kiss, as did I. We kissed very passionately, for some time. His lip ring was an added bonus in the matter. I never wanted to stop kissing him. It was magic. The way we matched up. The way that he had one hand on the back of my head while he kissed me.

Eventually we stopped. I don't know how. We were quiet for a moment, when he said 'You're a good kisser.' I smiled, 'I don't kiss a lot of guys' He said 'Why not?' I said, 'I usually just don't want to.'

Dad got home shortly after that. We went inside. We chilled in my room for a bit, and Dad invited Thomas over for dinner. We had steak and green beans and baked potatoes and stuff. It was really good. I said 'Thomas should come over more often'

We sat on the couch and watched a Warren Miller movie. The extreme snowboarding and skiing, with kick ass music, one of those movies. It was nice. Because we were at my house, we had a respectable distance between us. Though I wanted none.

Eventually he had to go home. I asked my dad if I could walk him home, as he was new to our street and the ones around it, and he doesn't live here. My dad said I could, but to call him and he would come pick me up. We set off. He walked really fast but it was still nice, he pointed out places where he would have made wrong turns. I found that amusing.

We got to his place, I called my Dad, and we went straight to his room. I was standing up and he was facing me, and he grabbed me. He pulled me in toward him. I leaned forward and we started kissing.

We kissed a bit, and then he laid me down on his bed. He got on top of me and we started making out. It was very passionate, and It was turning me on. We ended up making out on our sides. He was gently running his hand along my stomach and such. I jerked every time he hit a certain spot on my stomach, it's really sensitive right there and I'm kinda ticklish. My phone rang. I pulled away. I looked at him. I kissed him again quickly before answering my phone. It was my dad. He was outside. I said, 'I guess I have to go.' I kissed him again, and walked out.

We talked online. He said 'I'm sorry for tonight, my hands tend to wander.' Apparently he did notice my twitch hehe I said 'No, it's okay, I wouldn't have objected if you had 'wandered' farther' He said 'Okay' and we resumed conversation.

We both felt this amazing attraction toward one another. He said 'I wish I would have met you when I was out here over Christmas, I had the chance to stay, but no reason, now I have a reason, but no chance' I knew I was falling for him. Falling hard.

Turns out he was supposed to go up to Denver the next day. Early. He was supposed to check out some colleges and get some applications and stuff. I asked him if I could go see him before he left. He agreed.

The next day, I walked down to the elementary school, as I knew he wouldn't be up yet. I called him after a while, and a few minutes later he was there. We walked around. Eventually we came to rest on a picnic table. Us sitting on the table next to eachother, with our feet on the bench. He wanted a kiss. I giggled. He asked 'What's so funny?' - 'Nothing' I giggled again. He put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. I leaned in and kissed him.

He said that I was allowed to go to Denver with him and his family. I called my dad, and I was allowed to go too! I was excited. We went back to his place and went into his room. We started making out after a bit of chit chat. His mom hollered down the hall 'I'm going to go pick up Jim (His step-father) from work, watch your sister while I'm gone!' He said 'Okay' and we kept making out. His sister came to the door and knocked. She said 'Look at my bear' Thomas goes 'That's cool now go get dressed'

He laughed as he walked toward me. We started making out. He rubbed my stomach. And then went up under my shirt and started rubbing my breasts. He stopped. He said 'I have a huge boner!' I laughed and said 'Sorry' With a sheepish grin on my face. Now I mentioned he dresses emo, and what kind of pants do emo guys wear??? GIRL PANTS, so these pants were very tight on him. They clearly outlined his huge boner. I thought it was funny so I laughed at him.

We continued making out. His hands wandered down my pants, and he started fingering me, it felt good, but not great. I was so wet though. His hands were sloshing around inside me. He paused making out and said. 'Don't be afraid to let your hands wander' So that's what I did. I had my hands on his back and squeezed his ass. This appeared to turn him on even more. He gasped. I ran one hand down the side of his ass and grabbed his crotch. I rubbed his nice hard cock through his pants.

The positioning of this whole thing did not make that easy. As he was on top of me, I had little room to wander. I slipped my hand under his pants and there was even less room that way. But it made it apparent that I needed some more room. As he wears this HUGE belt buckle, it makes it awkward for me to undo. I made him undo his belt buckle so I could have more easy access. And he was wearing no underwear. That right there was extremely hot!

His boner popped out and was sticking right up. He leaned back against me and I grasped his nice cock with my hand. It was dripping pre-cum so there were no issues there. He rubbed his cock against my stomach, leaving a little trail of pre-cum. I tightened my grip on his hard-on. I ran my hand from the base to right below the head. Then I would rub my thumb in a circular motion around the head, swirling the pre-cum. I did this as we continued to make out. Eventually he stopped kissing me. He left his mouth there as he came. I moved my hand faster and faster. His cum dribbled out onto my stomach and we laid there. He resumed kissing and we kissed for a moment, his cum cooling on my tummy.

We cleaned up and went into the basement to get online. His mom came home and we headed for Denver. We checked out the school, it was awesome. That's wear I want to go after high school. In the car I had been playing bloody knuckles and slaps, and other assorted pain related games with him, just longing for his touch. Once it got dark, we were sharing headphones and I had my hand in his lap. He held my hand and I was happy. Truly happy.

We got back around 10:30 that night. I was reluctant to leave but I knew I had to. I said 'hi' to my dad as I went straight to my computer. Thomas and I were talking. I said 'That's the farthest I've ever gone with a guy' He said 'Are you serious!?' I was like 'Yeah' and we kept talking... he asked me if I liked it when he fingered me, and I said I did... I asked ' Why did you seem so surprised that this is the farthest I've gone?' He said 'You were a natural, you knew what you were doing' I said 'Thanks.' And he goes 'I've never gotten a handjob as good as that one.'

I guess part of the experience that I didn't have was made up for by Solo Touch. Reading the stories of the ways guys get themselves off, helped me to understand certain aspects which assisted me in giving Thomas a handjob.

Going back and writing this has opened my eyes to things about our relationship. I had thought I was over him. Going back into our old conversations, and reading them, and remembering these experiences has renewed the regret of the break up. I don't know why I did it. All I now is that he won't have me back. And that hurts.

I have more stories to come, but I figure this one is long enough as it is.



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