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The Summer Vacation With Danny

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This happened when I was 17.

It was summer, and my parents wanted to go on a vacation so I had a friend comming along with me. His name was Danny, same age as me, and we had the same kind of bodybuild, both skinny but well defined.

We slept most of the car trip until we finnaly reached the hotel where we would stay. Since we were both wide awake we didn´t even bother to go straight to our room, instead we both started to explore the hotel. After dinner we went to our room to find out that there was only one bed. We knew each other since we were only kids, sharing a bed was definately no problem at all.

We watched TV for a awhile till it was around midnight, Danny decided to take a bath before he hit the bed, I agreed and continued to watch tv.

He came out of the shower wrapped only in a towel, that quickly was removed leaving him naked.

He lay on the bed next to me and asked me if I wanted to get naked also.

I said ok, and proceeded to strip, and lay down next to him, I recall that this situation was rather different, I mean, we both had seen each other naked before but now, well we had this strange vibe going on. We looked at each other giggling nervously, and at the same point aroused by it.

I could feel an extreme heat coming from his body, the anxiety didn´t seem to end, until he broke the silence and said that we should sleep. I agreed and we both got under the blanket.

I don´t know whether he was asleep or not because judging by his breathing and his eyes closed I couldn´t tell, but I couldn´t sleep in that kind of situation, I started to notice a bulge forming right on the spot covered by the blanket that was lying over his cock.

That instantly gave me a hard-on, all of the sudden he opened his eyes and asked me:

-do you want to touch it?

My heart was pounding like a drum machine when I said yes.

I couldn´t beliave what I was doing, but I knew that sooner or later that would turn into something more interesting, the thrill of that situation was intense.I could feel a small amount of pre-cum leak from the tip of my already raging hard cock as I started touching danny´s cock.

He was a little bigger than mine, and thick, but he was also uncircumcised like me. I worked my way in his head, gently pulling his foreskin down, exposing his head.

He gasped and moaned something to me, while I got more and more into the pumping of his cock.

His hand reached for my cock and we began to jerk of each other, moaning in pleasure.

I don´t know what got into me but I started kissing him, and he started kissing me back, and saying that he aways wanted to do that with me...

We were now only kissing and touching each others bodies, feeling, gazing at that erotic moment.

He said he was going to cum, and said that I should stop, instead I continued to jack him until he finally shot his hot cream, six loads of cum.

He laid there for a moment breathless, but I said that he had to do the same to me now.

Danny agreed and worked his way to my cock. I didn´t last very long since I was on the verge to explode since we started jerking off, I cummed what seemed like giant loads.

We fell asleep in seconds, tired from our work out.

The morning after we woke up all sticky and decided to take a bath together where we jerked each other off.

We really enjoyed that vacation.

I will tell more in another story.



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