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The Stranger in the Pool Changing Rooms

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The first time I witnessed someone else masturbate


I was a shy quiet lad and had never fooled around with any of my mates as it seems so many others have done. There was no moments of curious exploration and I even felt guilty about my masturbatory needs, until...

His short hair was salt and pepper, actually more salt than pepper, his tanned body very lean and naturally smooth and his face handsome if not rather boyish for someone who looked to be early 40s. He stood about 63 and wore a pair of skimpy electric blue swim trunks that clung to his buttocks and around his groin. I had watched him several times as he dove gracefully from the high diving board, and then I had hit the showers to wash away the chlorine.

As I stood in the shower he appeared next to me, we exchanged a few lingering glances that made me feel a little nervous and uneasy before I headed for the changing rooms and began to dry off on the long narrow bench next to my locker. I watched as he appeared from the showers and opened a locker at the far end, retrieving a large bulky sports bag before making his way towards me.

He plonked his bag down on the bench opposite me before pulling out a neatly folded white towel. I still had my black trunks on as I dried my back and I watched as he rolled his wet trunks down over his smooth thighs, exposing his shrivelled circumcised cock crowned with silver hair.

I watched as he spent a little time drying his chest, then his towel covered hand moved to his cock and balls, slowly and purposefully rubbing for longer than necessary as we exchanged further glances. I removed my own trunks and caught his eyes looking at my flaccid uncut dick, his hands moving the towel to his back to expose his own cock that now jutted outwards, at least quadruple the size it had been earlier, the crimson shiny plum shaped cock head perched on a long slender curving shaft that began to raise slowly like a drawbridge.

I felt my own penis react to the sight, growing, thickening and expanding, without any need to physically touch it, stimulated by the vision of the strangers cock as it now pointed up at the ceiling, the shaft curved like a well tensioned bow. I looked around nervously as my own cock quickly awakened, pointing outwards away from my body as it become firm and hard, my short foreskin retracting to expose my own swelling head.

He looked around quickly before draping his towel over his shoulder, his right hand dropping down and taking hold of his shaft, slowly he began to stroke, his loose fist moving up and down his length as his eyes remained fixed on me, his small balls jiggling around from the movement.

There he was, naked and stood blatantly pleasuring himself, no sense of shame or embarrassment at his actions. Stroking his rigid six inch prick as strands of clear pre cum began to drip from the open piss slit. My cock throbbed rapidly, yet I was too scared to touch myself, every cell in my body wanted to join in this male act of celebration yet I felt my legs quiver like jelly, threatening to give way at any moment as I stared.

The fact that I was not taking part did nothing to dampen his enthusiasm. He seemed just as happy to continue stroking his manhood as my cock bobbed up and down in quick rapid succession, turned on by his very open display.

Now and again he glanced around, ensuring we was still alone as he continued his act of exhibitionism, his hand picking up pace as his muscles tensed, his mouth opening as short restrained gasps came out. I was still transfixed, unable to look away as he masturbated, his hand now moving so fast it was just a blur, his breathing laboured and strained.

You want me to cum? he asked in a breathless whisper, his azure blue eyes wide open and looking at me

I nodded, unable to respond to his comment

Here it comes, watch, watch, keep watching, I am going to cum...

A forceful spray of white ejaculate shot out across the bench and the tiled floor as he groaned and quivered, quickly followed by several more shots before his hand slowed

Your turn he whispered, looking at me with an eager look as my cock throbbed again.

A group of loud rowdy voices interrupted our moment and a group of blokes entered the changing rooms. We both immediately wrapped our towels around us and began to get dressed, I was dressed first and soon out the door, the fresh images etched deep in my mind.
I was stood at the bus stop when a smart silver car pulled up and the passenger window wound down. There he was, the handsome stranger now fully dressed, his smile captivating

You need a ride somewhere?

My head was saying no but my hard on was saying yes, and as I pondered I looked up to see the red bus at the end of the road
It is OK, my bus is coming I replied. As soon as I said it I regretted it, but it was too late, he smiled and pulled away and I was left wondering about what could have been.



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