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The Right One

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Karen told me she has not been with a guy in a few years. I asked how long and she said six. I told her it's been 7 for me. She said she wanted to get to know me better and leaned in and kissed me.


Since I first started to masturbate I have loved to play with myself. Growing up I was caught a few times by my sister or one of her friends. One of my sisters friends Ami, was 16 while I was 15. My bedroom was in the basement and the family room was next door. My sister and Ami were having a sleep over and I thought they were alseep. I was naked in bed thinging about Ami I heard my door open and Ami came walking in. She looked down at me and said how sorry she was. She kept looking at my dick and asked me to keep doing that since she had never seen a guy jerk off. I asked her to take off her top and she did. I was looking at her breasts and stroking faster and faster. Ami then took off her bottoms and I lost it and squirted my cum all over my chest. Ami smiled and said how hot that was. She took my shirt and cleaned me up.

Ami and I dated for two years. In college I had no girl friend but had a few mutual masturbation sessions with girls. One was my roommates girlfriend sister. She was 18 and while her sister was out asked if I wanted to get naked and masturbate together. She took out a small vibrator and once I was hard she slowly went up and down my cock. She then did a slow circle under my pee hole and I just started to shoot my cum out in ropes. She loved that and then took the vibrator and went to work on herself. In a few hours I managed to cum three times.

After college I went into a cold spell. No girlfriend and no mutual masturbatings. I moved into an apartment and bought a few solo movies of women. When a woman moved in next door we got to know each other. She was in a relationship and one night introduced me to her boyfriends sister Karen. She was very nice and a little on the chubby side. We became friends and one night she rang me bell. I let her in and asked if she was lookig for her brother. She said no she wanted to hang out with me. I let her in and we sat down and started to talk.

Karen told me she has not been with a guy in a few years. I asked how long and she said six. I told her it's been 7 for me. She said she wanted to get to know me better and leaned in and kissed me. We kissed for a few minutes and when we broke I said are you sure of this. Karen said yes. I told her to stand and put down a blanket on the sofa. I then pulled down her sweats and told her to take off her shirt. I took off my shirt and sweats also. Karen was in a white bra and panties. I told her to sit down and started to kiss her neck and worked my way down to her bra. I sucked on her nipples throught the bra and when her nipples got hard I took off her bra. I then sucked her nipples and told her to lay back. I kissed down to her panties and then slid them off.

She had a nice hairy bush. Karen said sorry but I told her I loved it. I then started to kiss her pussy and soon was licking. Karen told me where she wanted me to lick and soon I was at her clit and just went faster and faster until she moaned and yelped and I felt her shudder. I then tasted her fluids in my mouth. Karen thanked me and said it was my turn. Karen took off my underwear and ran her hand up and down my shaft and balls. She asked me to lay down and started to kiss my dick head and then started to suck me. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft and took my balls into her mouth. Then she deep throats me and started to suck right below my pee opening and I lost it. I squirted my cum into her mouth and down her throat.

After I was drained Karen laid on top of me and sais lets rest in your bed. We walked to my bedroom and opened the bed. I laid down and Karen layed next to me with her head on my chest. We talked and things and soon she was stroking my dick again. I was hard in no time and she asked me to break this fuckless streak we had. I was on top of Karen in no time and balls deep. I went fast then slow and then fast again. Karen asked me to fuck her hard and I did for a good minute. Karen boobs were bouncing and my balls were hitting her ass. She started to moand and say oh god and I felt her pussy walls squeeze my dick and I filled her with my cum. When I stopped pumping I kissed her and said how much I loved her. Karen said she felt the same way.

When my dick finally shrunk up and slid out I slid off Karen and we fell asleep. I woke up to a pounding at the door. I saw Karen still naked next to me and got up and put on a pair of shorts and went to the door. I saw my neighbor and Karen's brother at the door. I smiled morning and they said I bet it is. Karen came out the other bedroom in one of my shirts and said morning and kissed me. They just smiled and said call mom and left. Karen called her mom and said sorry she never called but I was at my boyfriends place. I smiled and so did Karen. This started a beautiful relationship.



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