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Sports Trainer

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I got some one-on-one attention that led to a quick recovery.


At the beginning of my junior year, I was playing pick up basketball and I turned my ankle. I was brought into the trainer room where they removed my shoe and my ankle ballooned up to twice its size.

After the xray, I was told nothing was broken, just sprained. I was told to ice it during the night and come back at 8:00 for treatment. When I arrived at 8:00, the head trainer and an assistant were there. The assistant was a women named Julie.

Julie was amazing looking but I never talked to her except when she asked me a question. After a few weeks of treatment, my ankle was healed but I was told I couldn't participate in any sports until January. I always said, hi, to Julie but nothing more.

In January, I was going out to celebrate my 21st birthday when I noticed Julie was at the bar we went to. Since I had a few drinks in me, I went up to her and said, hi. Julie wished me a happy birthday and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She then asked why I never hit on her like all the other guys. I told her she was out of my league and I didn't want to get shot down. Julie laughed and playfully punched me. She informed me she thought I was cute and I was in her league. I spent the rest of the night talking to her. When my friends were leaving, Julie gave me her number and told me she was working the next day and to come see her.

The next morning, I had a bad hangover and decided to go to the steamroom at the gym. After sweating off my hangover, I showered and went by the trainers' room. Julie was wrapping up a female basketball player's ankle and told me to come in. After she was done taping her up, she came over to me and gave me a kiss. She told me she didn't give me a good night kiss. I just blushed as the player left the room. Once she left, I gave Julie a kiss and said, good morning. We saw each other everyday for about a month before we did anything else but kiss.

Julie lived off campus with another trainer (female) and when her room mate was away one weekend, I stayed over. After having dinner and some wine, we went to the couch and started to make out. After a few minutes, Julie took me by the hand to her bedroom. She sat me on the bed and started to get undressed; first her sweater, then her jeans. She was wearing a see-through bra and panties.

She came over and took off my shirt and pants. We then started to kiss again. My hand roamed her back and ass. I squeezed her ass and she began to purr. I found her bra and released it. I saw her beautiful breasts. They were 36Bs and her nipples were rock hard.

After a few more minutes of kissing, she stopped and took off her panties and my boxers. She lay on the bed and told me to get on top. I first check and make sure she is moist, which she is and then slide in. As I am half way in I hit something that stops me. Julie looks up me and tells me to break her hyman. I am shocked and I pull back and then push forward and breaks it. Julie looks to be in pain so I stop moving. In a few minutes she tells me to start again. In a few minutes we are both panting and I feel like i'm going to cum and julie tells me to cum inside her. I cum and julie just smiles and tells me thank you. I aksed her why she didn't tell me and she just shrugged her shoulders. We cuddled and fell asleep in each others arms.

About two weeks later when her roommate was gone for the night and I went to her place. When I arrived julie was in a robe and lead me into her room. Julie sat me on the bed and asked if she could tie me up. I was suprised and asked why. She told me it was a fantasy and wanted to control a guy. I told her okay but nothing kinky. Julie stripped me naked and tied my hands and feet to the bed. The first thing she did was suck my penis and stop when she felt I was gaoing to cum. She did it a few times and finally finished me off with a hand job. When I did cum it went about three feet in the air. After I was done julie licked her fingers and told me she was going to have me eat her out. She say on my face and I started to lick and suck her until she had an orgasm. After resting a little while she started to play with my penis until I was hard again. Julie then gets on top and starts riding me. I have never had this done before and enjoy seeing her breasts shake. In a few minutes I cum but julie keeps riding me and soon has an orgasm.

After she let me up we showered and fell asleep in each others arms.



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