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The Power of a Look

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I married recently and my husband is away a lot. Of course I masturbate a lot but sometimes that just isn't enough.


There is a lovely young couple who live opposite me. (We will call them Sarah and Steve) Steve works mostly evenings and is always at home in the day, while Sarah works daytimes. So, Allan, my husband was away and had been for two weeks. Worse still, he was going to be away for another two months. I had masturbated a lot and had started getting more daring with it, doing it in different rooms in the house and even in the back garden.

Then I had the idea of flashing Steve. I put on a really short skirt and some dark blue panties and went out into the front garden. I did some weeding but made sure that I bent from the waist rather than crouching down. It was hell on my hamstrings, but soon I noticed Steve in his lounge window. I had attracted his attention! So I got more daring about it making sure that my skirt rode up high exposing not only my thighs, but my ass and pussy too. I could actually feel my clit throbbing and I felt very wet too. I wondered if that showed on the blue material of my panties. I stole quick glances at Steve. I was sure he was rubbing himself which was fine by me.

I left the gardening tools where they were and went into the house. As soon as I got in I leaned against the front door and frigged myself to a massive orgasm, but I still wanted something more so I took off my panties and went back out. Steve was still there, just looking at me. This time, he got a sight of my smooth pussy. I concentrated on my weeding and decided to let him jack off in peace. That's when I felt his hands suddenly around my waist. We didn't say a word. I led the way through the back garden gate into my totally secluded back garden and Steve locked it behind us. Then we were in each others arms, kissing passionately. Steve brushed some plants off the low wall I keep my bedding plants on and pushed me backwards.

He spread my legs and I thought he was going to fuck me there and then. (Which I would have loved him to do.) Instead he said 'Jackie, we can have some fun, but not all the way, ok?' I was disappointed but something is better than nothing. He gave me the most magnificent fingering I have ever had, including something my husband won't do which is push his finger deep in my ass. (I would love to be fucked in the ass, but he won't do that either.) Soon I was cumming like a bitch on heat. And I mean CUMMING. Wave after wave of pleasure. I reached for Steve and got his cock out. I jacked him to full hardness.

Steve was massive! I started to jack him off talking dirty to him all the time. I wanted him to cum on my face, in my hair, on my blouse, everywhere. He said 'You know, Jackie, when I first met you, I couldn't decide if you were in your 20's or a teenager. You could pass for a schoolgirl.' That gave me an idea and I ran into the house and slipped into my school uniform. My husband loves it and I love role playing during sex. Then I was back in the garden jacking Steve off. I slipped into role right away, calling him sir and telling him that I was a virgin and we couldn't go all the way. Steve erupted all over me just as I wanted. He is what people call a 'heavy cummer'. Then he bent me backwards over the wall again and fingered me. This time I really felt like I was going to wet myself. I felt the orgasm approaching but it felt more primal amd more powerful than anything I have known. Then it hit. I must have passed out because when I came too, Steve was covered. I was deeply embarrassed because I thought I had peed on him. It turned out that I hadn't. I had squirted for the first time in my life. Let me tell you, if THAT is what a squirting orgasm is like I want MORE of them!!!

So, we had some coffee and talked. Steve said he thinks Sarah would like to experiment with sex a lot more. She has already said she wants to watch him screw another girl. He said that she might just want to watch or she might want to join in. I would be fine with either! Then Steve told me that his biggest kink is that he likes to see a girl pee. Apparently Sarah does this for him, but he would really like to see her wet her panties and she isn't comfortable with doing that. So it was back inside for me and out again wearing a clean pair of panties. I squatted down and peed really slowly for Steve. I must have looked a sight, covered in cum and looking very sweet and innocent. As I peed, Steve leaned in close and I felt a single kiss right above my clit. It was the single most erotic thing anyone has ever done for me.

So, now, I know I want to fuck him and I know I wouldn't mind if Sarah joined in. I've talked to Sarah about my husband being away a lot and she is ok with me coming over one night. She has said that she can't guarantee that she would touch me, but that she wants to be touched by me. That's cool. You never know what might happen. In return, I asked if she would be ok with Steve fucking me in the ass. Sarah smiled and said it is her favourite way too. (Strange, so many women deny liking it, and some have convinced themselves never to even try it. Yet it makes me cum far more intensely than vaginal sex.) The conversation ended with Sarah and me masturbating ourslves together. We also agreed that I would wear my school outfit and she will wear hers. Poor Steve. He has NO idea what is coming for him. Hehehehe



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