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I didn't see this coming.

Our Naked Weekends Club has been going great. A few weekends ago we had "toy night," which was a blast. We've talked about recruiting new members (I have a coworker who might be interested). Gina wants to keep it all girls, which I'm okay with. Mom, on the other hand, wants to bring my stepdad into it.

I've mentioned before that my stepdad and I never really got along. George and Mom got married when I was in middle school. And he was never around. He wasn't like a dad at all. I wouldn't even compare him to an uncle or something like that. He was more like a guy that would come around here and there and spend all his time with Mom. We got along for the most part, I just never took him seriously as "dad." I'm also sure he's cheated on Mom. Which is fine, because she's cheated on him (I told you all about that :P).

Mom has good reasons for wanting George to join in. Apparently, they've both confessed to some of the things they've done. George admitted he's cheated, and Mom told him about our threesomes at the resort, what happens on our "girls weekends." They're both apparently making an effort to improve their relationship and be closer as a couple. And I guess that's good. But now Mom, wanting to always be with her man, wants George hanging around naked with me and Gina. I feel a little weird about it. Gina's intrigued, but I think nervous. It took some convincing from Mom, but we both agreed to go to their house our Naked Weekends Club.

Gina came by my place early Saturday morning. We had breakfast and chatted about everything that didn't involve my stepdad seeing us naked. I could tell she was excited, though. She wouldn't admit it, but I'm pretty sure when we were teenagers Gina had a crush on my stepdad. And I think she was excited about finally seeing him naked and him seeing her naked. Finally, after enough stalling, we got our stuff and headed over to Mom's place.

Mom and George live in a very nice house in the suburbs. It has a nice big yard and some privacy. There's a pool, which was useless in November, but there was also a hot tub which I knew we'd get some use out of. We went up to the door, knocked, and Mom answered. She was completely naked. And, much to my surprise, had shaved herself completely! I was amazed she took the initiative, and admitted to her I had been planning on doing it myself. She smiled and said "I had George help me." It was amazing. Mom seemed almost younger somehow. Not specifically because her pussy was now shaved, but her attitude, the way she was carrying herself. She seemed more confident. It was great.

Then the first big moment came. George entered the room. Without a stitch of clothing. And he was GORGEOUS! He kept in incredible shape. Not sculpted, but lean and athletic. He didn't have the biggest cock I'd ever seen, but it was still big and quite lovely. And the shaving didn't end with Mom- George was also completely smooth down there. He laughed, he noticed me and Gina staring at his privates. "Maybe you girls had better go get changed," he said. We giggled nervously, then headed upstairs to my old room.

As soon as the door was shut, Gina looked at me and said "I'm glad you talked me into this." I didn't want to say anything. George wasn't blood related, but he was still my stepdad. I probably should've felt wrong for thinking about him the way I was. But I couldn't help it. Thoughts of him penetrating me started to fill my head. I tried to ignore it. Gina and I quickly got undressed and headed back downstairs to the family room. George grinned as we entered the room.

Afternoon fell into evening. We chatted, ate lunch, drank wine. It was nice and relaxed. And I kept snagging glances at George. A couple times it seemed like he was getting aroused. But he didn't get fully hard. Not until after dinner.

We had dinner, then took our wine out to the hot tub. The talk, by this point, had gotten looser. Gina was regaling us with some of her recent sexual escapades. She then passed it over to me, and I told everyone a story about the hot tub at the resort (I wrote about it here a while back). By this point, I could see George's cock under the water, and it was getting bigger. Mom saw what I was looking at. She then looked at George and smiled. "I see you're enjoying the girls stories," she said. George laughed nervously, and was taken by complete surprise when Mom reached over and grabbed his now rock hard dick.

"Sit on the edge of the tub so the girls can see," Mom instructed. George did as he was told. He stood up, now exposing his cock in the night air. It was long and thick and lovely. I knew why Mom stuck with him for so long- I wouldn't leave a dick like that. He then sat on the edge of the tub. Mom got in front of him, wrapping her hands around it and gently playing. She then looked at us. "Why don't you two sit on the edge too. That way George can see your pussies."

We readily complied. Gina and I sat across from my stepdad, our legs spread, the cool air touching my wet and wanting lips. Mom smiled, then looked back at George. Without saying a word, she wrapped her mouth around his erection, sucking and stroking. It was hot to watch, so, of course, I had my hand down there playing with myself immediately. Gina did the same. Mom took George's cock out of her mouth and looked at him. "Dear, wouldn't you like to see the girls play with each other?" I was surprised by the question, not as much by George's response. "Of course I would," he said enthusiastically.

I wasn't sure what to do. I had never really messed around with a girl before. I'd only watched and played along. But I was a little drunk by that point, as was Gina, and it sounded like a good idea. So I moved closer to her and leaned in for a kiss. For a bit we just made out, which was nice. I'd never kissed a girl, and really liked how it felt. Her hands got busy massaging my tits. She then got down between my legs, and got to work on my pussy with her flexible tongue.

So now I was sitting across from my stepdad, completely naked, both of us being pleased orally, watching each other. It was such a strange moment, so intense. I guess for George also, because he quickly stood in front of my mom and shot his cum all over her chest. Gina's tongue continued to do its magic, and soon I had an incredible orgasm rip through my entire body. Mom cleaned up, we dried off, and headed back inside.

After some getting some more wine, we were back in the family room. This time Gina gave George a blow job while Mom and I watched and masturbated. We had our toys, so it was very fun. I considered playing with George myself. But even though he's not blood related, he's still my stepdad, and that seemed wrong.



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