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The Masturbationist - Female Clients

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Someone asked whether I get female clients. I do, but it is rare, perhaps one in 50. I'd enjoy a higher ratio, although I do also very much still enjoy a hard cock in my hands.

One of my recent female clients came to see me about a week ago. She's a semi-regular. She comes on average perhaps once a month. She isn't like some of the men, who book every Tuesday at 4pm, but she'll drop me an email every now and then and set up a time. So Jenna was with me last week for her hour. She is around 42 years old with two teenage daughters, a bit heavy, at 185 pounds and 5' 4" tall, but the cool thing is that she used to weigh a whole lot more. She tells me she started shedding weight when she was just a bit over 300 pounds. I asked her how she managed to lose so much, and she said, "I just decided." Wow, I'd like to have that kind of resolve in things in my life. Anyway, she has light skin and dark hair. Oddly, she says she is a natural blond. I've never heard on someone who dyes her hair darker. She doesn't really look fat, with or without clothes. She just has a big butt. And for those who like such things, I must tell you that sadly, she continues to lose weight, and soon her butt will be down to a healthy size also. Since my own preference is skinny chicks, that's excellent with me. So, the first thing I noticed when she took her clothes off for the first time, besides the fact that she is beautiful, is that she has a big fold of skin than hangs from her lower belly almost down to her vagina. You'd think that reminder of her fat days would be a turn-off, but I don't really think it is. But she wasn't here to impress me or get me horny, although when any of my female customers come by, and some of the men for that matter, I do get horny. But I stay professional. Few of them know that they 'affect' me. Jenna used to be a truck driver until she came down with fibromyalgia. Now she is technically disabled, although one doesn't see anything visibly wrong with her. Evidently, she has a lot of muscle soreness. She says my treatments help her a lot. She used to drive a full-siize 18-wheelers. I admire women who do what they want to do, even if it is traditionally a man's job. And, like typical male truckers, she is not afraid to say what she thinks, and do what she wants, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. Hence, here she is in my office again to get a treatment. Being the ex-trucker she is, her clothes are off in an instant, and she is face down on my table. She's been here enough times that I know what she likes. So I start right in by gently pulling her ample ass cheeks apart and ever so lightly touching her asshole. I don't penetrate it. I just touch it super light, and then after a few minutes, I press on it - no oil, just my bare finger, and still, I don't penetrate. I just press a little. Jenna squirms a bit. I touch the area between her vagina and her anus in slight stroking motions. Very feather-light. Then I have her kind of lift up so she is on her knees with her butt in the air. I reach through her legs, under her ass and lightly stroke the surface of her shaved vagina a few times. Then, I grab a spot of KY, and slowly push a finger deeper, and deeper into her ass. I feel a couple of light contractions, as she moans and kind of hums a bit. I move my finger in and out about a half-inch a few times, then I slowly remove it. I apply some disinfectant to my hands, and then repeat the process with more KY, but this time, I don't penetrate her ass, but instead her vagina. First with one finger, and slowly, very slowly turn it around a bit, and move in and out just a little bit. Then, for fun, I hold my finger in her perfectly still for an entire minute, then pull it out quickly. She knows what's coming next and her legs are shaking with delight and anticipation. I have her roll over onto her back and put her legs up in the air. She grabs the back of her knees with her hands, presenting me with a perfect view of her open vagina and anus. Her vagina is gaping open just a bit. I playfully, push my little finger into her peehole just a bit. I mean, not even a quarter-inch, just to let her know what's in her future. But not today. I know she'll want the full urethral treatment someday, because she moans, jitters with convulsions of anticipation, and angles her body trying to get me to press in further. Today, she's going to get what she indicated she wanted last time she was here. Last time, I worked two, three, and four fingers into her vagina, while she had orgasm after orgasm. I got so far as to add my thumb to the mix, and pressed a bit, but that's as far as it went. You'd think someone who has had babies would find fisting easy, but in my experience, women who have had or not had babies are equal in their ability to take fisting. It is more about practice, or maybe the size a person is born with, than pregnancies stretching the vaginal opening. Today, we're going to try full fisting. I've applied a remarkable amount of KY to my hand and to her pussy, and rubbed it in all around the edges very nicely, taking a ridiculous amount of time doing so. Anticipation, you know! Now, finally, I put two fingers in her, then three. Slowly. Slowly. Now four. Now my thumb, too. And I press, and I twist. Gently at first. I ask, "OK?" And she is delighted, "Yes, perfectly OK!" I press and twist some more. "Still OK?" "Yes!" And I press and twist some more. Watching her face. And I see her wince, so I back off a bit. But she tells me not to. So I press some more, and very slowly, I feel her vagina stretch like it never has before, or at least not since her daughters were born. She's wincing like crazy, mixed with the occasional whispered "ouch." I ask if she wants to stop. No, she doesn't. I can feel her cervix with my fingertips. I'd love to push a finger into her uterus, but that's for another time. I press my fist in a bit more, then suddenly, "That's enough." So, I pull out. I never did get my fist all the way in. Which is great. She'll get to savor full fisting another time. I give her a moment to rest. Then I press a finger into her anus and feel around a bit. I pull out. I put on more disinfectant. Then more KY on two fingers, and press them into her very open and willing vagina. I enter her palm-upward, with my two fingers curled, and rub that special spot on the front inside edge of her vagina. She orgasms instantly. I read her face, and as is typical of Jenna, she wants more. Some of you men may not know this, but some women - not all - can have orgasm after orgasm, seemingly all day long. So, I continue to rub her G-spot for probably fifteen whole minutes, and she has orgasm after orgasm. For my own amusement, I place the index finger of my other hand well into her anus, and I can feel the contractions from each orgasm. Sometimes, she may be squirting, but I'm not sure. All I know is that there is a lot more liquid around my fingers and on the sheet under her than there was when we started. Finally, the time is up, and I let her down slowly, with a final, gentle, slow orgasm. And for a final touch, I do something I haven't done at all this session, I rub her clitoris, leaving her with one final, shattering orgasm. I cover her with a blanket and let her lie still for five minutes. Then, she gets up, heads for my shower, and comes back after ten minutes, with a glow and a look of refreshment that far exceeds what most of my men show after a session. Take care, - The masturbationist



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