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Movie Night with Friend

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One of my favourite experiences.

I grew up very religious and wasn't very experienced when this was happening. I was probably 22 and she was 28 at the time. A friend of mine that I had met recently before came over so that we could watch a movie - I don't remember which one. I had a hot tub in the parent's basement so we got in while we watched the movie. This isn't as wild as a lot of other people's but it sure gets me off every time I think about it. She didn't wear anything crazy sexy just a regular bathing suit. I could tell that her boobs were quite big, however. We stayed in there for a while as the movie played. The conversation was normal and we were basically just hanging out. We later got out and got changed and started watching the movie on the couch. I really think anything would happen but I was feeling bold and decided that I would ask her if she wanted to spoon on the couch and she seemingly reluctantly agreed. We watched the movie like that for a while. I didn't want to move because I thought she might be able to feel my huge erection against her ass. She seemed so nice and her hair was in my face but I didn't care. I decided to put my hand underneath her shirt on her stomach and she didn't stop me. We kept watching and I would shift or cough into my hand and then put my hand higher up her shirt the next time - oldest trick in the book. I think by that time we both knew what would happen. Eventually she put her own hand under her shirt and very slowly and unassumingly pressed my thumb up under her bra. I then had two fingers touching the bottom of her soft boobs. I began to very lightly move my now fully hard cock against her ass. She pushed back. Eventually the pushing and grinding became stronger and I was fully humping her ass. She moved her hand then and undid my belt slowly. Then she gingerly placed her hand inside my underwear. I thought that she would just start grabbing my cock but she didn't....she moved her hand to the side and went past my briefs and right down my thigh. I remember being so turned on by this act of teasing. I then moved my hand from under her bra and went around the top so that I could fully cup her breasts. I lightly played with her nipples. Her tits were amazing and so soft. She now grabbed my cock and I got so turned on. I moved my hand down under her panties and placed my fingers on either side of her slit but I could feel the heat coming off her pussy and I knew that she was so wet. We started to undress each other. We were now kissing and fully naked. Her lips were so soft. We lay on the couch together, naked. Our bodies were forced to be so close together. I loved feeling my hard cock against her stomach and ass. Her pussy was so wet and she just humped against me harder when I touched her. She got on top of me and straddled my body. I was so turned on by this. She moved down so that her pussy was right above my cock. Then she lowered her pussy so that her lips were on either side of my shaft. I could have cum right there. She moved her body up and down the shaft of my cock. It was amazing. I grabbed her amazing tits and squeezed firmly. She got off and then grabbed hold of my cock and began to massage it. She placed her other hand under my balls - as all guys like. I responded by placing my hand on her ass. I wanted so bad to push her off of me and take her right then. She kept at it though and lay next to me while she kept pumping my cock. She moved her fingers around my shaft. Alternating between hard firm strokes of my cock and lighter ones to tease me and really get me worked up. We continued this and began to do other things which I don't believe are meant for this site, though they did involve me being able to taste her amazing pussy. We had been going for a while now and she was so sexy that I couldn't take it any more; I told her to get on her back and I squeezed her tits as I came all over her stomach. My cum shot out of my hard cock so hard and in such force it went to the bottom of her tits. We stayed like that for a while and then she massaged my cum into her stomach. She seemed to know just what I liked. We did other stuff too and that involved more of the hot tub; perhaps part II.



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