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The Long Fingers Of The Law

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Where we live there is almost no crime, so what police patrols there are tend to be single crewed.....


But of course, I was in a hurry. When you spend your working life at the kind of speeds I'm used to, 70mph seems slow, so I, like many pilots, have a heavy right foot. Usually. It's no problem, but three nights ago, I got pulled over after being followed on a back road.

Usual courtesies exchanged, I got to staring at my captor, and since it's been a while since I've had sex with anyone else, my dirty mind started to play. She had green eyes...piercing green eyes, and jet black hair. Her name badge told me her first name was Alison. Hmmmmm....I could imagine calling that out in the heat of passion! Then she asked for my ID....and I handed her my airline ID without thinking. It immediately changed her attitude. "Oh! A pilot! I'd have LOVED to be a pilot" she said in a voice that ensured I'd have to wash my skirt as well as my panties tonight. 

I replied with some flippant remark, "Well, no reason why you couldn't train....hehehe....everyone loves a pilot!" At this point, Alison asked me to step out of the car and said she needed to search me. Of course, I have nothing in my pockets, in fact, they are still sewn shut! Nevertheless, she patted me down, and I noticed she spent more time than necessary checking my bra, so I thought well fuck this....and moaned out loud. "You ok?" Asked my inquisitive officer. "Actually, to tell the truth, I've just been in a 10 day tour of duty, and well, if you want the truth, I'm horny!" Alison responded by patting up my legs and then cupping my crotch. "I'd better make sure there's nothing to harm us here, then." Now, it's difficult to know, even when getting a direct come on like this whether it's ok to touch a police officer so, I asked her to cuff me. Apart from anything else, I love the feeling. Alison muttered something into her Airwave and obliged. Then she bundled me into the back of my car and spread my legs! "Cant have you driving around tense, can we?" I felt my tights being torn....again, something I fucking adore, and then her fingers groping at my panties. She tugged them aside and plunged into me! Fucking hell! Talk about the long arm of the law.....this one had long fingers! And she knew how to use them too! I actually had to tell her that I couldn't hold on that long. "Oh, that's fine.....cum whenever you're ready! After all, it's my job to make sure people come when I tell them to."

Well, what's a girl to do? I felt the orgasm like a rolling wave, starting off in the distance and then focusing right in my cunt. I also felt Alison's mouth on my panties too.

When I'd come down, I told her that I'd love to return the favour. She seemed a little hesitant but then said, "ok, but we have to be quick." She uncuffed me, and we swapped places. Under her uniform trousers, she was wearing the most feminine pair of panties I've seen for a while. I was expecting something, oh, I don't know, utilitarian. Work knickers. Instead, these were soft and Lacey.....and very expensive. Also, she wasn't shaved. I've got so used to shaved cunts, that this natural one looked lovely. I also noticed Alison's wedding ring. I touched it and asked again "are you sure?" She said "oh God yes! He doesn't know." She smelled hot, sexy, sweaty, everything I could desire, and the fact her legs were restrained by her own trousers and panties only helped matters. The moment my mouth touched her cunt, and my fingers explored up her, she began talking dirty.....partly to me.....partly, well, mostly I suspect, for herself. "Yes....oh you fucking bitch......suck my fucking cunt......finger me, bitch....you cunt.....you dirty fucking cunt....". I don't think I have ever felt a vagina that moved more! Every single muscle in there seemed to be working overtime! What it must feel like to have a cock in there! Her husband is one lucky guy I think.

Her wetness formed a little puddle in my palm, which I gladly sucked up and swallowed. There is nothing on earth like swallowing the vaginal secretions of another woman. They taste musky, essentially feminine, and even if there's a trace of piss there, well that only adds to it. 

I don't know what made me do it, I guess she was lifting her bum off the seat to indicate what she needed, but anyway, I lubed up a finger and slid it gently but firmly up her arsehole. That did the trick and she came loudly.

While we were sorting ourselves out, she told me her husband is a twice a week man....missionary only, and absolutely no experimentation. "He has no idea I go both ways, and as for fucking me up the arse, forget it. The stupid cunt thinks it would make him gay! I don't think we have a future really." 

I did suggest we meet up again and she agreed. We even swapped mobile numbers. 

I also told her to bring the handcuffs.....and the night stick!

Driving on home, I felt more satisfied that I have for a while. Masturbation is ok, but it's way better with a partner. Also, well, I need a good shagging. I need someone to give me a damn good hiding really. I only have three days off before I start another tour, maybe I can get someone to help. I've noticed men are suspicious of no strings sex these days. I hear Claire has a boyfriend....well....at least a friend with benefits. Maybe she'd lend him to me? Actually that might not be what I need at all. I feel like I want someone to slap me across the face, tell me to "shut up, bitch, and get your fucking knickers off.". Ideally, I'd like my clothes torn off me and then for me to be fucked unconscious. Damn.....I'm wet again now....and my bum hole is twitching too. 

I've take my iPad down to the garage and I'm in my car.....that gear lever looks really tempting.....I wonder.......



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