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A Friend from England, a Bottle of Wine....and a Girly Chat

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 Alex is English. I’ve known her since Uni, and she is educated at Cambridge. She has a creamy and dreamy upper-class pure English accent that is to die for. No, I didn’t list after her, but I admit I did lust after her boyfriend! He too was Cambridge through and through and.....ohhhhh that accent! To hear him speak was an instant clit throb. Yes, I admit, I fantasised about him often, and yes, although he never knew it, he gave me many wonderful orgasms. 


But this was just me and Alex. She is bubbly and can appear as something of an airhead, but that would be a mistake. She has a PhD in veterinary science and her brain is sharp as a tack. She seemed to sail through Uni and post grad while still finding time for a social life along the way. 

I met her on an exchange year. 

When she heard how cruelly I had been dumped (no, I’m not ready to share the details of this yet) she quite literally flew to my side. 

Over far too much wine, we chatted. I found it hard not to admit her boyfriend really turned me on and thanks to the wine, it kinda slipped out. I told her his accent actually made me wet. Realising what I’d said I tried to do that thing of biting back the words. Too late! She smiled, laid back on her cushions and just said “So, if you had the chance, what would you do? What would you LET him do?” I was back with an answer in a heartbeat. “Jeez, Alex! I’d let him do anything to me. As long as he talked the whole way through, he could have me in bed, or up against a wall, in my mouth, my ass, anywhere he wanted. I’d let him cum all over me.” As I rambled on for about another five minutes, I didn’t realise that my hand was between my legs. 

Alex glanced down “Looks like he’s there already. Don’t stop.”so I didn’t. I talked in great detail about how I would suck him off “I wouldn’t even care if he still had your cunt juices all over his cock”......I told her I’d suck him off first, swallowing him, then I’d get him to go down on me before screwing me any damn way he wanted. “Hell, I’d even let you watch.” 

Then just like nothing was happening, I felt myself cum into my panties. I couldn’t talk...just gasped as the orgasm hit me. And, as seems to happen every time these days....I squirted....a lot. My panties soon looked like I’d peed in them. 

Alex smiled and said “Looks like you needed that, bitch” (She often calls me ‘bitch’ partly because it’s kinda naughty, and partly because she knows I like it.) I did. But then I realised that I’d just masturbated in front of my friend while talking about her boyfriend. 

Return the favour?  I asked if she.....er.....needed anything? Almost lazily. She reached up her skirt and said “hmm. Yes. Just watch. Would you mind?” So that’s what I did. I just watched as she almost casually slipped her hand into her panties and brought herself off. Twice. 

I asked her later what she had been thinking of.

”You and Mark, actually. I wouldn’t mind lending him to you, and I rather think I’d like to watch. Maybe one day. “

Oh please! Maybe ANY day! 



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