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The Loan Lady, Continued From The Latino Girl

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The Loan Lady, Continued From The Latino Girl

This si the continuation of the Latino Girl story, the Loan Lady Lucy didn't  make the meeting the first time, so she made it up to me.  She, by the way is my cousin but after this night we looked at each other in a different way...a very different way.


Okay so remember the Latino girl story...and the fact that the loan lady didn't show, well that loan lady was my cousin Lucy.  So no problem with a no show, she made it up to me.  Now you have to remember, here I was all alone up North and had been for some months now.  The last time I got laid was with the Latino girl here in my house.  That thought was still fresh in my mind.  My wife was down South with the kids so there wasn't any one around to interrupt my fucking around.  I didn't have a care in the world at this time and had a few other ladies that I wanted to fuck.  I had no idea what was about to happen.

I got a call from Lucy saying that she was sorry that she missed the appointment and would like to meet me after she got off work to go over the papers, she was doing this a favor for me, getting the mortgage for Pablo.  I said of course where and when?  We agreed to meet at my restaurant for dinner and she would bring all the papers that were necessary and had to be signed.

I arrived early got a booth in the back away from everyone else so we could have privacy to discuss business without everyone knowing what was going on.  She showed a few minutes later and did she look good, she was the "head loan officer" for a large Bank and had to dress the part as she was with customers all day.  She was wearing this LBD,( little black dress ) covered in a mink coat with silver running through it, 4 inch stiletto heels and she looked hot.  Now remember she is my cousin and we never before this ever got together alone always at family functions, she had three other siblings, a sister just a little younger than me and two brothers. She fit in between the brothers so they were all a year apart that made her about 35-36 somewhere in that range. I never thought any sexual thoughts about her ever until I saw her walk in to that restaurant, I was floored and shocked to see my little cousin all dressed up and look the way she did, my God she was fucking gorgeous.   I got up took her coat off and my eyes popped out of my head, here was the vivacious, sexy well built woman standing in front of me,  I gave her a hug and immediately started to get a hardon, don't know if she could feel it but I could.  I said to myself this is your cousin, your related cousin through marriage, stop thinking those thoughts, well that idea didn't last long. I couldn't stop them even though I tried real hard.  We sat down I ordered a drink for us and started to discuss business.  The waitress came back a few times to refresh our drinks and ask about dinner but we weren't ready to eat food right then. 

While she was writing and explaining to me all I could think about was fucking her, playing with her pussy and her sucking on my cock all these things ran through my mind, bad thoughts I kept telling myself, bad thoughts.  She dropped her pen on the floor and before I could bend down to get it she did.  On the way up from the floor she brushed my leg and that was all it took, I got an immediate hardon.  I think she knew because she said, "I'm sorry did that excite you?" Like she knew what I wanted and was teasing me.  I said, Yes real quick and she laughed and continued to discuss business.  We finally ordered our dinner and during dinner I felt this foot rubbing my leg, she had taken her shoes off and was rubbing my leg up and down with her feet.  I was completely turned on, I looked at her and smiled sheepishly put my hand under the table and returned the favor.  Her legs felt so fine, she wasn't wearing any pantyhose and all I could feel was this soft skin, oh it felt so good.  I took a chance and out my hand between her legs, she squeezed them closed.  Did I just fuck up, apparently not because

She took my hand and moved it closer to her crotch and said, "rub here, you will make both of us feel better"  holy shit this was my cousin coming on to me, she had made the first move. She moved my hand to her thigh pulled up her dress and placed my hand on her pussy.  Her panties were wet I could feel that, as she spread her legs a little and said, "well, what are you waiting for" I was fucking shocked. So I made my way to the edge of her panties slipped my finger in and found that wet spot.  It was a wet pussy as I played and played with her.  I found the clit and touched it, wow that's all she needed to cum, just a touch and my hand was wet from her cum.  I waited a few minutes and slowly removed my hand and licked my fingers, she tasted so sweet.  I took her hand put in under the table and she didn't need any further direction she went right for my crotch and rubbed my cock, she didn't have to wonder if I was excited any more I was hard and stiff.  The next thing I know she is slowly unzipping my pants and puts her hand inside and grabs my cock, it was already wet and this made it even wetter.  I could feel her play with the tip and the precum, she took her hand out of my pants and stuck her finger in her mouth and smiled.  Holy shit she had just licked my cum off her finger and went back for more.  By this time I had a raging hardon and here she is playing with my foreskin, she knew what she was doing to me as I kept cumming and she kept playing.  I had to stop her otherwise I would have shot a load of love seeds right there at the table and that wouldn't have been a good thing.

I was dumbfounded shocked and had no words to express what the fuck was happening.  Here was a cousin, yes my blood cousin, who I never gave a moments notice to as we were growing up, playing with me and I was a fingering her pussy in a restaurant at that.    I played as much as I could with just a  little just touching her on the outside, that was enough for me to give out with more precum and she knew it as she played with me.  We were interrupted by the waitress asking if there was anything else we wanted and at the same time we both laughed and said no.  How could we tell the waitress yes without laughing harder and harder.  I paid the check she put her shoes back on I zipped up and we left.

We were in the parking lot and I put my arms around her looked her straight in the face and and asked, why?  She said because I want you, I want to fuck you, I was shocked, I could not understand this coming from her.  I never in a million  years would have expected it from her, she was always the good girl never gave the impression that she had any sexual feelings for me at all.  Well the hug escalated to a kiss and what a kiss, she buried her tongue in my mouth nearly choking me, she moved it in and out slowly making sure that she hit every side of my mouth she bit my lip, gently but firmly.  I couldn't keep up with her tongue but have it back to her.  We swapped spit like this for awhile, not caring who was walking in and out of the restaurant. As we are embraced I and I know she could feel my cock growing in my pants, it was confined and wanted out so bad.  She could feel it pressing against her as I held her tighter and tighter.  Then the coupe d'grais, she said I know there isn't anyone at your house lets go there,it will be so much more comfortable than a car.  Holy shit she wasn't kidding about wanting to fuck me as she also said, "I want you to make love to me real badly, now."  It's a good thing that I didn't live far from the restaurant I don't think I could have contained my self in the car, we left hers there and took mine it was easier that way.

Into the house we went and it didn't take her long to disrobe, dropping the LBD (little black dress) on the floor.  There she was standing in front of me with just a bra and black thong panties, so thin and shear I could see her blond pussy hairs.  She reached down and grabbed my cock on the outside and started to rub it, it was getting harder and harder by the minute as she played with me.   I did the same to her only I went a little further and stuck my finger in her pussy pushing my finger in through her panties, which were now so wet.  I played and played this way teasing her and before you know it there we were on the mattress, the mattress that I fucked, sucked, ate and made love to with the Latino Lucy.
Now that brought back memories good memories but I didn't think I was going to need them, no not tonight and I was right.  She was hot if not hotter than Lucy and older more experienced in love making, although Lucy wasn't bad either.  We laid down she rolled me on my back and straddled me making sure that her pussy was right on top of my cock.  As she rocked back and forth making sure that her pussy was right on top of my cock.  She started to rub my chest and nipples which by the way were as hard as my cock. She was sucking on them licking and sucking then her hand found it was to my cock, still in my underwear, caught bunched up, hard but restricted in how far it could move.  She pushed her hand inside of my under wear and grabbed my cock freeing it from its confines slowly it came out and was now touching the skin of my cock as she moved it up and down stroking it slowly playing with the foreskin moving it up and down.  She liked that made me wetter and wetter she then put her head down and licked the tip of my cock pulled the foreskin up spread it open and stuck her  tongue inside of it, oh shit I had never had that done before, I could feel her as she rolled it around the tip of my cock. It was just like when I put my finger in my foreskin when it was wet.   I didn't take long for her to make the tip of my cock ooze with more precum.  I couldn't help myself as I slowly slipped a finger in between her panties and her thigh and found that wet spot, her pussy, she was as wet as me.  She fondled my cock and I pushed my finger in further in her pussy, found her clit and played with it with my thumb as my finger was in her,  she had an orgasm immediately, soaking my finger and her thongs even more. I could not take any more and stripped bare her completely naked body was beautiful, her pussy glistened in the soft light that was on.  She was a woman that I had never known to be this way and she wanted me, and was going to get me soon.  She wasn't shaved all the way like Lucy but that didn't matter.  She had manicured the bush to just a single line of hair, like an arrow pointing to her pussy. 

She looked at me and said, "You know this is wrong, but I don't care, I want your body and cock in me," here she was undressed playing with me and now telling me it was wrong, no logic in that statement at this time.  I didn't care either and said, Yeah, well it's a little to late to think about that now isn't it?  She kissed me on my lips sticking her tongue into my mouth sucking on my tongue almost sucking it completely out of my head.  My cock and her pussy weren't in the right place yet and I wanted to make it go in to her, but she didn't want that yet.  She got up and stood over me, oh shit she had the wettest pussy as she came back down and sat on my stomach.  She took her pussy and moved it slowly up to my face and said, "eat me, suck on me, lick my cunt, make me cum"  so I did just that.  She must have had ten to fifteen orgasms one better than the last as her cum just kept coming out of her.  I had all to do to swallow fast enough, it was sweet tasting, warm and the nectar of the pussy.  I couldn't stop as I was eating her I was playing with her clit she came more and more all over me.

Here was my cousin sitting on my face and I was eating her out, oh shit this was amazing, I had though about this during dinner but never thought  it would happen.  She was fondling my ass and mu balls as she was playing with me as she sat on my face then all of a sudden she gets up moves her body down and stuffs my cock into her pussy, it was so wet it didn't even hesitate going in to her, no fucking warning, just stuffed it in and pushes it all the way in, as far as it could go.  I could feel her cervix as she pushed down harder and harder moving  back and forth she cums again and again.  My body was ready to explode in her pussy and all I could think about was her getting my love seeds and hot sperm in her and her getting pregnant.  Now that would have not been a good thing to happen.  She stops moving gets off me and goes for her pocketbook, what the fuck is she getting, a condom.  She removes an IUD, holly shit she knew, she knew that she was going to fuck me tonight and says to me."I came prepared for this, no way was I going to take a chance, I'm ready for you to fuck me and cum in my pussy" then she continued as she showed me how to insert an IUD.  "I want to feel your hot cum in me, I didn't want to take the chance of you using a bag, I don't like them, so here I am ready or not, lets fuck."  She told me she was also on the pill but wasn't taking any chances at all.  I was flabbergasted shocked and totally blown away by her comments, she was well prepared for tonight and a night of incest, fucking, sucking and cumming that she apparently wanted at all costs.

Well the night went as she planned, she lays me back down on the mattress straddles me again and proceeds to lower her body down on to my cock. She was well built and very athletic, she could move just like the Latno girl, only she ws older nd a little more experienced.   She guides it right into her pussy and pushes it back in to the hilt of my pelvic area pushing so hard it hurt.  She slowly moved up and down on top of me I could feel the IUD as my cock hits it.  I never fucked a woman with one of those before it felt funny and good at the same time and all I knew was that she couldn't get knocked up by me.  She continued to gyrate up down back and forth until she started to cum.. I put my thumb in between us and found her clit she hit the ceiling and came even harder, she was a cumming lady that's all I have to say.  It was nonstop cum, cum and more cum.   Then she gets up moves down to my cock and starts to suck on me as she plays with my balls.  Here she is licking and sucking her own pussy juices off my cock as well as my precum and what ever had come out of my cock.  This was an amazing experience for the both of us, and she didn't stop.

She finally stopped and rolled off of me laid next to me and I went to town on her tits, licking and suck playing with her nipples fingering her pussy, playing with her clit an then I found that elusive G spot, drove her wild and she started to squirt, boy did she squirt all over everything.  I had all I could do to get my face down there in time to let it go into my mouth, she squirted like she came, non stop.  I drank all she could give me as I played and played with her.  Finally she stopped squirting and her body was shaking so, I just held on to her and calmed her down.  Then I spread her legs wide open as she grabbed her ankles her pussy was wide open and in I went.  It didn't take much she was so wet it slid right in and I pushed hard.  My cock bottomed out against the IUD again what a weird feeling, to have the tip of my cock hit this object, but as I did I felt a different type of sensation a good one at that.  I just kept moving in and out of her pussy till she had two more orgasms, she asked if I wanted to fuck her ass.  Of course I said and she pulled away from me and pushed her ass up placing it on my pillow.  There was this little rosebud of an asshole waiting to be fucked, she used the cum from her pussy to lubricate it, I was already wet and it didn't take long for my cock to go right in.  No waiting just right in her ass all the way and then she squeezed her rectum around my cock, it felt like a rubbed band had been tightened around it.  She wanted me to cum in her asshole she wanted to feel it so I did. I shot my love seeds into her ass as she pushed her body  up against her asshole.  I couldn't stop cumming, I must have shot ten times if I shot it once.

We stayed that way me in her ass till my cock went limp and came out of her.  I rolled down next to her and held her in my arms.  She reached over kissed me and then grabbed my cock, she wanted more of me.  It took a while but I got hard again an she opened legs pulled me back on her and put my cock in her pussy.  I fucked her again and finally came in her shooting what I had left into that soft wet hot vagina.  That was all I could take I was spent, no more left and definitely no more hardons tonight.

It was nice and we fell asleep, neither of us had anyone to worry about us, she wasn't married and I was all alone.  She spent the night with me and we both fell into a sound sleep in each others arms.  I had just had sex with my cousin, incest at its best, but consenting and consensual incest, no rape, no abuse no nothing but plain ordinary sex.  When we awoke in the morning she asked me if I was sorry for what we did and I said no are you and her answer was also a big "NO" not at all, are you."  She finally got up took a shower as I made breakfast and coffee and got dressed as I did the same.  I took her back to her car, kissed her good bye.  As she left she remarked, "I'll see you at the closing, and we can celebrate, okay?"

I did see her again at the closing, and we did go out to celebrate, had a few drinks and like two little kids fucked in the backseat of her SUV.  That was the last time I saw her because I left shortly after that to head down South to my wife and kids.  We have spoken since then a few times but neither one of us has brought up our night together.  If I got the chance I would do her again and I know she feels the same way.




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