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Hanah Was the Best RA Ever

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I will never forget the best night we had. Hanah was the best ra ever.


This is a true story, so it may not be the most erotic thing, but it's true at least.

A few years ago when I was away from home in college I lived in a dorm my first year, much like anyone else. I lived on the third floor of a kinda weirdly designed dorm because there was in fact a grassy knoll in the middle of the area and everyone was separated in suites of sorts. Anyway, you live there and there are people called RA's who are kinda like supervisors to the area, even though they are students themselves, mostly 3rd years. They basically oversee things and help you with anything you need and stuff. In our area we had a guy RA who was friends with a girl RA in an area adjacent to us.

Her name was Hanah, and she was actually a second year, so only like one year older than me. she was super cute, Korean but raised over here. She had creamy white complexion, a slender body, she was about average height for a girl, about three inches shorter than I was, and of course, had the perkiest tits you'd ever see. They were 34c's, which I found out later, and she was always wearing white tank tops. She would often sit near her window and talk to people on the grassy area, and her nipples must have been super sensitive because they were ALWAYS poking out of her shirt.

This time was around when Facebook had just started, and our school was one of the first 10 to have the website at the time. because of this, everyone at school was trying it out, and adding everyone they knew as friends, so even though I knew Hanah and we talked a few times, I didn't really get to know her till Facebook. we "poked" each other a few times and exchanged messages and got to know each other. Eventually we once went out with a few people for ice cream together and eventually became pretty decent friends.

Anyway, it was around thanksgiving time and I think we got like a few days off. there was nobody in the dorms and I had a flight the day of thanksgiving actually, so I was one of maybe like 10 kids who were left in the dorms in our area. there was nobody in my suite, much less my floor. anyways, hanah came by later that night checking up on people, seeing who was there and not. she came by my room, we talked a bit in which she told me she had to be here till tomorrow since at least on RA always had to be on duty, and that she was just gonna chill alone in the room, since she couldn't leave the building. I told her I could get us some food and meet her up in her room, maybe watch a movie on her laptop or something.

i went by her room later that night, getting her korean bbq and myself pizza from the food are near bye. we talked while we ate, and I learned she was in our schools "famous" fem sex class, a class on female sexuality. it was kinda a 1 unit class, just done for kicks and an easy unit, and most of it was about female empowerment and getting in touch with their bodies. they did stuff like visit a sex shop or go see the vagina monologues or stuff like that. anyways, the whole talk got me a little wound up. she even showed me the book they use, which didn't make things any better. anyways, the subject turned to relationship and other topics about sex. I told her that I wasn't a virgin, which she wasn't either, but that I was single for a while now, and I learned she had been single for a few months now, although she admitted to being sexually active somewhat, even jokingly showing me her birth control pills.

Anyways, before I knew what hit me, she asked if I masturbate. I of course admitted I did, even though I don't do it that much because for some reason it makes me feel like a tool, pleasuring myself, which I explained to her. she told me she masturbated actually alot. even having a silver dildo which she showed me. she then asked if I ever had gotten a handjob or a blowjob. I actually admitted I never had either, only having sex like 3 times, and it only being basically kissing and then sex. she looked at me and told me she actually felt sorry for me, since I had not really experienced much sexually and such. I was definitely getting turned on and began thinking of what could happen next but was pretty much shut down when she told me she wishes that I do experience those things in the future. I was about to change the subject, seeing my window close when she surprised me and said "fuck it, lets make it happen now".

She got up, told me to lay back on her bed. she put some music on, nothing to get in the mood, but just saying that "just in case it gets loud". I was in awe, and even asked if she was serious, to which she told me she was. she made me promise not to tell anyone in the dorms and my roommates and stuff, and I totally swore to it, I could care less about bragging. she told me to lay back. which I did, and she told me to take off my clothes, which of course I did. so I was laying on her bed in only my undershirt and boxers, and she then stood in front of me and took of her top, and her jeans, so both of us were in our underwear. she was so hot, and definitely the best girl I ever been with. she then pulled my boxers down and my boner popped out. she smiled at me, and told me "today is your lucky day". she took her hands around my dick, and her hands were kinda cold, so I kinda was surprised. she then began rubbing it, jerking it up and down slowly, and then getting faster. I was blow away at her technique, rubbing my balls sometimes and then going up and down the shaft of my dick. suddenly my body tightened up and I told her I was about to cum. she smiled and just started jacking me off faster and faster until I spurted like a volcano, getting cum all over her hands. she took her shirt and wiped most the cum off, then looked at me and licked a little bit off her thumb. I then took a few tissues from the box near bye and cleaned myself up. but it was far from over.

I was soft of course now, and hanah looked at me, telling me she needed to get me hard again. she then stood in front of me, and slowly unbuttoned her bra. her breasts slid out from her bra and they were perfect. so round and perky, her nipples were sensitive as always, popping out and kinda erect themselves. I began to get hard instantly, but my erection really kicked in when she slid off her panties, revealing her pussy, trimmed into a black triangle. she then stood at the edge of the bed, and got on her knees and I just knew what was coming next. I laid back looking at the ceiling as I felt her lips over the head of my penis. I then felt the vacuuming effect of her suck my dick, as it began to feel so wet, and I could feel her tongue press against the bottom of my piece. I looked down to see her beautiful face kissing my cock, moving her black hair with her hand aside, and smiling at me when she noticed I was watching. I was in heaven and soon enough, I was gonna cum yet again. I told her and she kept going, nearly deep throating my penis. I came in her mouth and she sucked nearly all of it up, she then got up, opened her mouth a little and I could see the white liquid filling her mouth. she then swallowed it, which made me squirt a little bit more on accident, because it turned me on so much. she then took a drink of some coke on her desk and asked me "how was it?". I answered, almost stuttering, that it was great, and she smiled saying that she was happy. I asked her if she wanted me to return the favor, to which she said, she didn't want me to eat her out because she hadn't shaved downstairs in a while. I told her I wanted to return the favor somehow, to which she laid back on her bed and told me to go to house.

I didn't know what to do at first, and then I just stuck a finger inside her pussy. I began to finger her and she began to breathe a little heavier. I slowly made her pussy expand more, which was getting kinda wet, and stuck another finger in. she breathed even more heavier, and began to feel her stomach and then her nipples. the more wet she got, the more fingers I stuck in her, until I got to about 4. I was pounding away, and she began to almost hump my fingers. she then stood up and told me that that was enough. I almost began to feel bad, as I thought I didn't satisfy her right and she just wanted me to stop, but quiet the contrary. she looked at me and said that she had enough foreplay. I figured it was all over, and I began to look for my shirt to put back on, only for hanah to ask me what i'm doing. I told her that I was gonna put my clothes back on, to which she said "we're not done just yet". she told me she was horny now, and she wanted the next step. my jaw dropped. she asked me if I had a condom on me. and my jaw dropped again as I realized I didn't have any in my wallet. I told her and figured once again it was all over. but she told me that it was okay, and that we should still have sex, just for me to tell her when I was about to come.

I was nervous but I didn't wanna give it away. she took my hand and led me back to the bed. she then lay back, took off one of the sheets on the bed, and laid all the way down. I stood atop of her, getting closer to her. the lights were dimmer now, as only her desk lap was on as opposed to all the lights being on before. I got close to her, and my dick was full blow erect, almost throbbing and a little bit of pre-cum began to leak. I took her hand and asked her to guide me in, which she did. we then began to have sex, and I was in heaven. I knew asian girls were tight, but I never been with an asian girl before, and this was the tightest and best pussy I ever had. we began slowly, very slowly, and then I motioned up and down, going deeper into her with every thrust. this continued for a while and then she began to almost moan. I knew she was getting close to coming so I kept going, but still kept it slow. she began to hold me closer and closer and our faces came closer to each other. we began to kiss each other while I was still rhythmically screwing her. I began to kiss the rest of her body, kissing her neck, then shoulders and arms, then her stomach and ultimately her breast and nipples, which I sucked on like a baby. my rhyme began to get a little off, and even though I felt she was still definitely liking it and still close to coming, I was still way hard and far from climax. while I was sucking her right nipple, going to house on it for a good few minutes, she then jerked a little, grabbed my ass and held me down. we stopped moving as she let out a gasp, whispering to me that she just came, which I felt as my penis was not a little wetter than before.

i then told her to get on top. we quickly switched and she began to ride me like a horse. she stood atop me, her perky c cups bouncing. I began to lay back and totally let the whole moment sink in. I couldn't believe what was happening. she grinded me slowly, barely letting my penis move inside her. she shook her ass and her bush tickled my lower stomach and she kept going and going. I was so into it that I didn't even really notice that I was about to cum. I then caught myself but before I could say anything, I came, deep deep inside her. she didn't seem to really notice even though if she looked at my face she would be able to tell. she kept going and I was way too sensitive. I told her to slow down and hold up. I think she then realized what happened, and bent down towards my face, asking me "did what I just think happened, just happen?" I told her yes and began to apologize to which she laughed a little. she told me it was totally cool, and that she was on the pill, so no problem. all the time, I was actually still inside of her. my penis finally went limp and she separated herself from me. she sat back a little, scouting father across the bed, and I could see her pussy lips open and some of my cum oozing out. I asked if I could take a closer look, since I never cumed inside a girl before, and she said ok. I looked closer, spreading her pussy lips aside with my fingers, looking at my thick load slowly cuming out of her vagina. after a while she got up, took a few tissues, and cleaned herself. I myself did the same, and then we both got dressed.

we watched a movie, and even during the film we kept trading glances to each other, and one time she even slid her hand down my pants and rubbed my balls a few times. we eventually never finished the movie, took most of our clothes of again and had sex. we talked while we did it, exchanging stories while very very slowly fucking. eventually we got so tired, we began to fall asleep in her bed, even with each other still together. we both fell asleep in each other arms, with my penis still inside her vagina. a few hours later I woke up, still surprised that I was still actually in her, even though I was soft now, and I slid out and rolled over and went back to sleep. we woke up around 9 that morning, laid in bed and talked abut what happened, and then eventually changed and went out to eat. I then packed and left for the airport, back home. after that, we both were surprising nervous around each other, but still cool. we didn't date or anything, but we did hang out a few times. she was even in one of my classes a year later, and once tried to jack me off in the middle of a lecture. even though we continued to have sex a few times, we mostly just jacked each other off or watched each other. she taught me alot about female toys like vibrators and stuff, and I learned alot about female sexuality. eventually we hung out less and I moved back home but we still talk her and there. but I will never forget the best night we had. Hanah was the best ra ever.



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