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The Laundry Room (Part 1)

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First year at university and everything is going wonderful, class had begun and I was making lots of new friends, the girls are amazing here, however my story starts in the laundry room one early Sunday morning. I had seen many beautiful girls before but when this angel walked through the room my mouth dropped and I felt something I had never felt before.

She walked in, in a gorgeous long colorful skirt and cute tee with her shoulder length hair put up. She was about 5'2', petite in figure, with firm looking B size breasts and a cute tight bubble bum that was to die for. She walked in and gave me the cutest little smile, as she shyly passed me to the other side and laid her laundry on top of the washer and began putting it in. I glanced over in her direction a few times as she did the same thing and just wished to myself I could know what she was thinking.

I finished loading my machines and started them up and went with a book to the desk in the middle of the room and began to read. I couldn't help but watch her put her clothes in the washer for as she bent over the material of her skirt gave a gorgeous outline of her smooth bum. She finally finished and started up one of the washers and then I heard her say to herself 'stupid me' and turn around and faced me and asked to borrow a quarter because she had forgotten one. I luckily had some extras and quickly got one out and handed it to her. She gave me a big warm smile and thanked me, started up the machine and walked out the door.

I was kind of disappointed after that. I had hoped she would have stayed but got over it quickly and continued to read my book. Ten minutes had passed and I heard the door open again and was surprised to see my angel walk back through the door and walked over to me and sit down right beside me. She put out her hand and said 'Hi, my name's Emma, and thanks again.' I replied and said 'Nice to meet you, I'm Andrew.' As I shook her soft hand very lightly. She said here's your quarter back but I said don't worry about it. She gave me another great big smile and said thanks a lot Andrew. We made some small talk, what seemed like a few minutes turned into a half an hour. We both had to stop and go get our wash and put it into the drier. I finished mine quickly and was about to go and sit down, Emma walked across with a big pile in her arms and a few items fell off the top, I luckily caught them and laid them back onto her pile. She smiled again, and thanked me and put them into the dryer. I asked if she needed any help and she said sure. I went to the other washer she was using and opened the door and got a pile and went over to a dryer once we were done, we went back and sat down and continued our conversation. The dryers finally stopped and we both got up for the final time to go and fold our wash, I went over and started folding and yet again finished quickly because I had a lot less than her. She said it's so expensive to do such little amounts of clothes and she suggested next time we should do it together and split the money. I agreed and asked for her extension before leaving. Once I had it I said I'll give you a ring in a few days and we'll have our washing date. She giggled and said I can't wait, and said I'll see you around I hope. I said definately and walked out the door up to my room.

A few days passed and yet again the pile was getting high I had seen Emma a few times in the hall and stopped to chat with her as we flirted back and forth. Thursday came and I gave her a call in the morning and she told me to come pick her up when she was ready.

I got my stuff together and went to her room, yet again she looked amazing wearing a cute hoody and again a colorful skirt but this time a lot shorter, knee length. She had everything together and I offered to carry a bag for her she handed me one and we proceeded to the laundry room. Once there we started loading up some washers and I threw all mine in the three we were using and went to sit down, she hadn't sorted hers and took her time. I began to read waiting for her to come over so we could begin another great conversation, when my eyes wandered up to her bum again. This time I couldn't believe what I was seeing as she leans to one side then the other I could see half of her panties as the skirt rode up her bum as she bent down slowly and continued putting her clothes in the washer, as my eyes were stuck on her tight ass and red lace half-ass underwear. She finished and came over and sat down with a little grin and I could barely look at her at first. I finally put myself back together and we carried on another conversation.

We talked about everything and dates and love lives finally came up. She told me she had only had one boyfriend and that never went great, she just never could find any one in her small town, as I agreed with her because I come from the same situation. I finally got the nerve and just asked her if she'd like to go on a date. She replied quickly yes and I offerd tonight we'd go to the movies. She said that would be great and we both got up to go and move our clothes to the drier, once finished with that we sat down and continued our conversation. I got thirsty after some time and went to get a drink. I told her if I weren't back I'd see her tonight. She replied she couldn't wait and I went on my way. Once back from getting a drink, I noticed she was gone and when I went over to the drier, I saw that it had finished, I dumped it into my bag and headed back to my room. Once there I started to put my clothes away and noticed a pair of panties that she had forgotten. I reached in and to my surprise they were the pair she had on earlier in the washing room and the crotch area was soaked and sticky. I couldn't believe it, once I left she must have rubbed herself a lil and left them for me as a surprise.

I was shocked and thought maybe she was a very naughty, shy girl. I went straight to the computer and pulled my member out and wrapped the panties around my already swollen shaft. They were wet enough that I didn't even need lube and I blew a massive load very quickly, folded them and hid them under my boxers. I then went to get ready for my big date with Emma!....To be continued...



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