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At the movies

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Sitting in the back of the theater masturbating each other.


In high school my girlfriend and I were always horny, trying to find ways to have sex or play with each other. One of the fun ways we liked to was sitting in the very back of the movie theater where most people wouldn't sit.
So most days after school we would head over to the local theater and pick a movie out, at that time most of the movies that would be out were dark movies, which made it easy to hide what we were doing.
While we were waiting for the movie to start we both went to the bathroom and removed our underwear in preparation for what we knew was inevitable. Often times I'd wear boxers so if I came they would catch everything and not leave a stain on my jeans.
We found the farthest corner of the movie theater we could find and wait till the movie was playing for a few minutes before we started, this made sure everyone was settled. Draping sweaters over our laps to hide what we might have been doing to passers-by I slid my hand inside her pants. Already I could feel how wet she was the moment my fingers parted her swollen lips. Slowly rubbing around feeling how puffy and aroused she was, teasing her until she grabbed my hand and forced further, spreading her legs wider. First I inserted one finger, working it slowly inside. In and out with my palm against her clit. I could always tell how good it was by her breathing and continuous wetness.
"Put another finger in!" She'd whisper, not wanting to disappoint, I slipped my middle finger out teasing and rubbing her clit in slow, soft circles as she would hug my arm moaning softly for me to please put two fingers in her wet pussy.
"Please, oh please put your fingers inside me!" She whispered as her hips rose off the seat. I was enjoying teasing her so I waited until she rose up off the seat again, trying to fuck herself on my fingers. As she lifted up I could feel a pool of her own girl goo just leaking out. Her pussy lips drooling to be fucked by my fingers. In one swift move I pushed both my middle and ring fingers deep as they would go inside her aching little pussy. At this point I didn't need to do much as she'd fuck herself faster on my fingers, wiggling her hips.
I could feel my cock growing the wetter she got, the more she moaned and whimpered in my ear. It grew and grew, straining against my jeans. The more she pushed and fucked my fingers the more I could feel my piss slit salavating. Longing for attention but more so to just fuck her so hard. She just seemed to get wetter and wetter the longer my fingers stayed inside her, fucking her, rubbing her now hard exposed clit.
Suddenly I feel her frantically trying to unzip my jeans. Once open my aching hard cock springs out and she waste no time gripping it like it was trying to run away. Moaning in my ear fucking my fingers, my hand just drenched with girl goo. She's stroking my cock in long slow strokes, matching the rhythm of her own rise and fall on my fingers. She grips tighter and begins stroking faster, faster, faster. Oh fuck my eyes start to glaze over. "I, I ,I am gonna cum" she whimpers to me as she holds my hand on her pussy encouraging me not to stop. The whole time she's stroking my cock, pumping it. Like it was bitten by a snake and she was trying to pump all the poison out. The faster she stroked the faster my fingers fucked her wet pussy.
"OMG, I'm cumming" she moans as quietly as she can in my ear, I want to suck your cock!" She blurps out before convulsing​, whimpering as her pussy starts twitching and her body starts shaking, squeezing her thighs together as she rides her orgasms out. Still gripping my cock but no longer stroking it! Leaving me hard as a rock as she collapses back in her seat, still hasn't lost her grip on me. Through out the whole rest of the movie she held it, not letting go of my aching member as precum leaks onto her hand.
The movie finally ends as she leans into me and whispers. "This big boy is going to fuck the shit out of me when we get home!" As she lets go with just enough time to straighten ourselves out as the lights come back on!



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