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The 'Jack House'

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Still reading the site! posted are the links to my first, and second story. I recommend reading the first one to get some background info.


Ok, so me and Corey actually got together again about two weeks before this, but I can't type about what we did that time because of the rules of the site, but it involved no penetration. (We agreed neither of us wants to try that, so we're not.) So I'm sure you can figure out what we did.

Anyway, this happened yesterday.

(Back information: My family owns a house that we rent out, and recently the family living in it has moved out, making it empty.)

Last Friday, when me and Corey were leaving a friends house, I told him about the rental property my family owns and how it would be 'empty in four days, and I have a key, and I thought maybe we could use it for'... and before I could finish my sentence Corey said 'Our own personal Jack house?' (...because with his family being at his house, and my family being at mine, it's made it hard for us to get together and jack off, and we had been looking for an abandoned/foreclosed house to use for just that!)I looked at him and said 'yeah... that's what I was thinking, if you want to...' he said sure, and he dropped me off at my house and went home.

Tuesday night, I asked him if he wanted me to pick him up from school (he's taking a special class for the college he's going to that last from 12:30-2:30pm) the next day and we could go the house and try it out. He told me he would have to think about it first, because his mom wanted him to come straight home and that he'd get back to me tomorrow.

Yesterday around 12 I got a text from him telling me that he had thought of something to tell his mom, and I could come over and pick him up. So I got my laptop, some baby oil, and an old hand towel I found, and left the house at 2:30 to pick him up. It was about 95 degrees and he was standing outside wearing black jeans, and a black shirt, so when he got in the car I asked him 'Dude, are u trying to burst into flames or something? it's fuckin 100 degrees, isn't BEING black enough?' he laughed and said 'ha, how do you think I feel? but it's like 50 degrees in there, so I'm ok. Anyway, are you NOT wearing a black shirt?'

We drove to the house, and I parked down the street just to be safe, and grabbed my book bag with the stuff in it, and up to the house we walked. After we got in there I told him to pick a room (all the rooms have blinds, and they were all closed) and he picked a bedroom in the back. While he was pulling off his shoes, I sat the computer on the floor and pulled out the flash drive which I had put some porn on. While I was getting this all set up, he had stripped down to his sky blue basketball shorts, and his socks. I then pulled off my shirt, and was just wearing my wife beater, socks, and my blue jeans.

After we both laid on the floor, and I played around with the computer for a while, I realized, that it wouldn't play the video on my flash drive. Corey looked kinda disappointed, and I told him, 'well, I guess we can still do it, right?' He just kind of looked at me and said 'I'm not sure if I can do it without any porn' I stood up, and pulled my beater over my head, and took off my jeans, and said 'yeah... but we're here. we can at least try...' and I put my hands in my blue and green plaid boxers, and started playing with my dick. He said 'ok' and took off his shorts, and laid on the floor, so I took off my boxers and laid down beside him. He grabbed the lube, and started jerking his almost 8 inch curved black dick, then handed me the lube, and I started to jerk my own 7 and a half inch brown dick.

After a few minutes, I grabbed his, and he grabbed mine, I told him to stop and let me do him first. He said ok, and laid on his back, while I got on my knees in between his legs and started stroking with both hands. After about three minutes he started really getting into it, and closed his eyes and started to fuck my hands. I was amazed and how into it he was getting. His body was shaking and he kept thrusting his hips in the air, and his moans had turned into whimpers. I said to him 'yo, what do you want me to do?' and he barely got out the words 'you're good...' and he just kept on fucking my hands. I told him to give me some warning when he was close, and he just nodded his head, with his eyes still closed, biting his lips. While I was stroking him, I rubbed his hairy stomach and chest with my left hand. He's pretty hairy for a black guy.

I had been jacking him for maybe 10 minutes when I actually started to sweat from all the effort I was putting into it. I didn't even notice though until I felt the sweat drip from my chin, and I looked down at my abs and saw all the sweat. He then whimpered out '...... I'm close....... just do the tip....' So I started giving the head of his dick extra attention while he started to thrust his hips in the air. Then he let out a moan and I could feel the cum rushing up his dick. It felt... weird. and he laid still and the cum started to run out. Again, he's not really a shooter, so it more less dribbled out. His whole body was trembling as his load started to drip on his stomach around his belly button, and all over my hands (where most of it went).

He asked me to stop, and took his dick in his hands, and gave it two more strokes, and a little bit more cum came out.

After he finished cumming, I wiped him off and told him that he could chill before he did me. He didn't say anything, and just laid there with his eyes closed, a few seconds later he had a big grin on his face and said 'thanks man. give a minute to get some feeling back.' He kind of staggered up, and walked over to the wall and shook his hands, 'that was a great stress reliever' he said and I laid down on the floor and started stoking myself. When he walked over to me, I noticed some cum about to drip from his dick, and I wiped it off. he then laid between my legs on his stomach, and asked 'do you want some lube, or do you want me to use spit?' I said lube, and he lubed up my cock, and started stroking. I told him it wouldn't take long for me to cum, cause I had been stroking some, while I was stroking him. He said ok, and started REALLY working out my dick. my whole body was shaking, and I was starting to fuck his hand. I asked him 'yo, do you mind if I nut on your hand?' He said no and kept stroking. I lasted maybe five minutes, before I yelled out, 'I'M GONNA CUM' and I started groaning, and started to cum. Corey kind of angled my cock so I wouldn't hit myself in the face like I had last time, and it shot out everywhere, on my stomach, on the floor beside, and almost went over my arm.

I laid there amazed and how good it felt, and how I could barely move. Corey then came over with a towel and started to wipe me off, then I took it from him, and finished up. I kinda staggered up too. we then go dressed and left.

While in the car, I asked how was a party he went to, that I was not able to attend. He said 'it was cool, but I kinda missed my Masturbation buddy' I smiled and said back to him 'oh, that's what we're going to call it now?' and he said yeah. he told me some extended family was coming to visit, and that he was upset because he wouldn't be able to jack off for a while. I told him not to worry about, cause whenever he wanted to, to call me and we could back to the house.

Leave comments if you liked this, cause this will probably be my last story, unless you guys ask for more



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