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The Inferno of My Desire

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I am at that age where I long for just one 'forbidden' erotic encounter. Not necesarilly a fuck, although that would be nice. What I fantasize about is this......


There are many young women in my workplace, which is the office of a Local Authority in the UK. Sometimes, particularly in the summer, the clothing, or rather lack of it is remarkable. Bras seem to disappear, short skirts abound and there is ample evidence to suggest in some cases a lack of panties too.

Now, one reads here that occasionally, women fantasize about older men. And certainly it is true that we fantasize about younger women.

Sometimes, and I am really careful about this, there is no doubt I get flirted with. This is what actually happened.

An employee called 'Katherine' (now left to go on to pastures new) was drop dead gorgeous. Tall, beautifully proportioned and a dancer. She would sometimes wear that most attractive of underwear, a visible thong. She became interesed in me because of a mutual interest we had in music. I would lend her CDs and she would talk about ballet. One day, she invited me to her home to repair a computer. Oh yes, I fantasized that it was a ploy to get me there when she would shag my brains out, but I knew in reality it was just to repair the PC. This turned out to be a two second job and she made me a coffee.

She sat opposite me in a mid-thigh length skirt and would now and then let her knees part enough for me to see the crotch of her panties. (White). At one point she saw me glancing down, and she sat for the rest of the conversation with her legs apart enough that the view was uninhibited. Was that a come on? Possibly. Equally, she was just comfortable sitting like that and had I made a move and got it wrong, it is all too easy in the UK to find yourself on the wrong end of a sexual assault charge. As a man, one has to be increasingly careful. I did, however, decide to excuse myself and go to her bathroom. There, I fully intended just to jack off. Having an orgasm in her house, in particular, the room that saw her naked more than any other room in her house piqued my interest. So off I went. I wasn't expecting her to follow, although that would have been wonderful. In there I found her laundry hamper and could not resist finding her thong from the previous day and inhaling her as I came. I also made sure some of my cum mingled with hers.

I would love a woman to make a pass at me. OK, I would like a much younger woman (19, 20?) to put me in an erotic position. How many of the women in my office have masturbated at work? How many sometimes go without panties? How many are shaven? I am quite sure, given that I am highly observant that there are quite a few who go for a rub off during the day. The flushing is easy to spot.

I would love to find a pair of used panties in my desk draw. I would love to cum in them and return them to their owner. It would be heaven on earth to masturbate a young woman who just wanted to get herself off in a semi public place.

Well, if anyone from my workplace is intereated, you will find me easy enough. Let's just say, I stand out from the crowd.



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