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She needed a place to cum

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A fantasy of mine written out as a fictional short story __________________________________________


I have a longtime friend who comes to visit my town at least once a year. She's usually only in town for a week or so, usually around the holiday season to catch up with her loved ones. Thought she tends to spend her days with various people, she often likes to spend the evening at my place. As a fellow introvert, we enjoy our quiet company as we drink tea and throw on TV shows in the background. We talk about life or just do our own thing.

I don't drink, but my friend occasionally has a downtown outing where a few drinks get into her system. It was one of those evenings one night when she was out with her friends. I was at home wrapping up projects and playing video games, when I suddenly receive a text:

"Hey my friend is bringing me over see you sooooooon!"

I smiled at her inviting herself over. My friend has never been one to hold back or censor herself. She tends to just speak her mind regardless of what anyone would think. Its something I've always respected about her, to be honest. I replied back with, "Haha sounds good." She texted back, "Cool I may have had some drinks lol"

Next thing I know, I get a knock at my door. "Hey!" she greeted me with a warm hug and smile. She and I greeted and said our goodbyes to her ride as she settled into my living room.

"Fun times downtown?" I ask, but my question is left unanswered.

"Sooooo, I have a requiest..."

"Oh really?" I said.

"...I'm actually pretty horny right now." She said, quite matter of fact like with a laugh. "Like, I really need to masturbate."

This caught me off guard, to say the least. "Oh really?" I said stupidly. 

"Is there any way I could just, sort of....use your bedroom? Feel free to say no."

I've always been accommodating to my closest friends. I'd let them stay on my couch or eat some of my food. I suppose I felt this was along the same lines. Before I could really consider her request, I blurted out, "Sure, if you really need to. Mi casa es su casa."

She beamed. "Yes! THANK YOU. Okay, I'll just go take care of that then." I was still bit stunned as she walked towards my bed room. "Just a fair warning - I tend to be pretty loud, so you might wanna put on headphones or something. Or you could listen if you want." She ended that last sentence with another laugh. 

Without waiting for a response from me, she closed the door to my bedroom, though not quite all the way. I couldn't tell if it was deliberate or not. Still processing everything, I heard my bedroom lamp click on as light spilled through the tiny crack that she left in the doorway. Once I heard the jingling toss of her purse on the floor and the distinct sound of her jean shorts zipper, I decided to give her some privacy. At least at first.

I unconsciously walked into the kitchen and started washing some dishes in my sink. I was trying to give off the impression that I wasn't paying attention, but I secretly wished I could be in there and watch. Maybe she even would've let me watch, but I didn't want to push it. Might as well stick with what I got.

Three plates and a bowl got cleaned and I finally turned off the kitchen sink. That's when I finally heard a low satisfied moan from the crack down the hall. There was silence for a beat, followed by a quick "Ah! Ah!" about a second apart.

My friend really was masturbating. In the bed I sleep in.

At that point, I found myself inching closer to the door, trying to be as quiet as possible. Every step closer, I could hear the telltale sounds of her actions. Sharp intakes of breath. The rhythmic sound of bed sheets rustling under her body. The occasional squeak of my bed frame.

Now practically right outside the door, I could only make out a single butt cheek through the crack. She was on her stomach with her right leg bent slightly. Her hips danced in a small circular fashion as I heard the slick sounds of her wetness against her fingertips.

"Uhh" she moaned again in a low voice, followed by another sharp intake. "Mmmph" "Mmm" Ah fuck." Expression after expression in one and a half second intervals as the rustles and movements ever increased in speed.

The sights and sounds were too much to bear and I slowly lowered myself to sit on the carpet outside the door. A wet stain of pre-come had formed at the crotch of my pajamas as I pulled them down to access my now aching hard cock.

Listening closely to her rapid panting and whimpers, I grasped my cock with my left hand and smeared my pre-cum onto my glans with my right. Sweet, slick electric feelings coursed through my crotch and I couldn't help but let out gentle grunts as I swirled my middle and ring fingers across the tip of my cock.

The bed squeaks became more frequent and violent as her vocalizations increased in volume. "Oh! Ahh! Mmmph!" I was certain she was close now, and my grunts followed her every sound. Then it happened.

"Aww! Oh shit! Aw fuck! Yes! AWWWWWW!" My friend cried out her pleasure as I heard the bed shake in time with her spasms. The sheets rustled sharply, her legs bending and straightening as the pulses shot through her. That set me off and my load burst out of me with deep grunts alongside her own.

My friend just had an orgasm. Practically in front of me.

Her rapid breath slowly lowered in tempo as I watched her butt cheek gently buck involuntarily in the aftershocks, issuing gentle moans with each small thrust. Without making noise somehow, I stood myself up and crept slowly back to the kitchen where I fumbled with a paper towel, trying to pretend to clean the stove top. I wanted to appear as if I never heard any second of her manipulations.

I can't tell how many minutes passed, but eventually she emerged from the bedroom. Her hair was slightly askew and she was wearing only her top and panties, purse in hand. A reddish pink hue marked her neck as she continued to breathe in a slightly labored fashion. I stole a very brief glance at her, enough to see she didn't put her bra back on.

"Oh hey" she giggled as she walked towards the kitchen. "Man did I need that."

"Feel better?" I said as straight as possible as I wiped the counter tops.

"Oh yeah, that was great. Hopefully I didn't disrupt you," she said with laugh.

"Nah, I was fine," I lied. 

"Thanks, love," she grinned as she dug through her purse.

"Anytime." That gave her another laugh.

"I'm gonna have a smoke. You wanna have some tea?" She said as she headed towards my balcony.

"Sounds good," I said.



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