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The Cinema..

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Pre bookable seats are a cunt! Sure, you can book a seat that you know will be right next to someone, but of course, you have no idea who that someone will be. Male, female, young, old, it's a lottery.  As it turned out, I struck lucky.


In the end I went to the cinema in Brighton Marina. Cineworld, I think it's called. When I arrived, the seat next to me, which I knew was booked, was empty. So, I arranged my coat over my legs and then realised that I didn't know whether to take my panties off, or cum in them. Both feel nice. In the end, I decided to make certain my skirt was well out of the way at the back in case of a squirt or if I decided to pee my panties. That meant a slight rearrangement of the coat. When I felt settled and organised, I just let my mind wander to what I was about to do. Masturbate next to a total stranger as many times as I could in however long the film lasted. I began to wet up at the mere thought. Would s/he watch? Join in? Call the manager? 

When those Godawful trailers started the seat was still unoccupied and I was faced with the possibility of an abort! No point in fiddling myself if I have no audience. Then, just at that moment when the screen size changes, I felt someone flop down in the seat next to me. "Fucking buses. Nearly didn't make it here at all!" I took a quick glance and found I was sitting next to a girl about my age! Result! I wouldn't have minded a guy, but if it had been, and he had decided to join in, well, guys can only cum once really, can't they? 

I'd picked Beauty and the Beast, and had decided to make some comment about Emma Watson "being sooo sexy". If the person next to me responded, I'd talk about the many wardrobe malfunctions Emma Watson has deliberately staged since the Harry Potter years, then I'd just get on with business. 

The film began, and I picked my moment. "Emma Watson is sooo sexy" and waited. She said "Yeah,....I wonder which way she goes?" Having established some kind of communication, and indicated, if only vaguely, that I find her sexy (which I don't actually....she may think she is, and given the chance, I suppose I would, but sexy? No.) So...time to act!

I put my hand down the top of my coat, but I did so obviously, if that makes sense. It was clear to her what I was doing. I spread my legs, and again, made sure my left knee was just touching her right knee. Every time a scene with Emma came on the screen, I let out a little gasp or a muffled yelp. Then the first orgasm came. I suppressed any outward sign as best I could. Then just as the second was about to come, my new friend said "are you doing what I think you're doing?" Of course, to keep up the game, I said "Well, that depends on what you think I'm doing." "I think you're masturbating." "Ok. Yes. I am. I decided to see this film and see how many times I can cum looking at Emma." There was a long silence. Then she said let's share your coat. She was wearing jeans, and when my coat was across her knees  I heard the sound of a zipper and there was lots of wriggling. "Fuck. I can't get my panties off." "I kept mine on. I love cumming in my panties.....and more besides!" I saw her right hand disappear under my coat and soon, we were both staring at the screen and Jilling away like bitches in heat. 

Isn't it lovely to see a new person cum? We all do it differently. She (I later learned her name was Jackie) is a shaker. When she cums, her whole body trembles. Soon we were in a lovely competition with each other. About midway through the film, we took a break. That's not to say we stopped masturbating, but we just slowed the pace down enough to keep on the boil. 

"I've never done anything like this before! It's so daring isn't it? I swear, I thought I was going to piss myself!" Well I replied "I might do exactly that. I love peeing my panties for sexual reasons. You never tried that?" "I've thought about it, and I've wanted to, but it's just too much really. I can't ever seem to relax enough" 

Then we went back to our mutual masturbation. "Are you bi?" I asked. I had almost decided to try to get off with this girl if she'd let me...so much for celibacy. "Hell no! I've masturbated with girls, at sleepovers, but actually having sex with another girl? Yuck!" (Fuck! Ah well....maybe the Powers that Be WANT me to be celibate for a while.) "This is nice though" she added. It felt nice too. Under my coat her jeans were now down round her lower legs, and my knee was touching hers. I could clearly feel her orgasms, and I made sure she could feel mine. 

As the film wound up, I said to her "I'm going to have a big finish. I'm going to wet myself." She said "ooohh! Really? ...... fuck it....maybe......no. I will as well. We sat there staring at the credits but not really seeing them. 

We left the cinema together and went for a coffee. Walking behind her, I saw a small dark mark between her legs near her bum. Clearly she had succeeded.

Over coffee she told me that this had been the most erotic moment of her life. No, she wasn't interested in me taking it further with her, but she did invite me for a walk along the beach.

The beach near the Marina isn't nice. It's stony, and the pebbles still are dirty from construction. She led me down a little way then asked to borrow my coat again. She positioned it carefully and then hitched her jeans down. "This is a thank you for you." I saw that she had on blue hi-cuts and that, although they were clearly wet, she hadn't exactly gone to town in the cinema. Squatting, with my coat around her at the back, and me kneeling in front of her, she had a long, slow pee into her panties. "I'll be doing a lot of this" she said as her flow trickled to a stop. Then she snapped the thin string at each side and let her panties fall onto the beach. "You can have these if you'd like them." 

I asked her "will you watch me?" She said "yes, I'd like that" so, making sure only Jackie could see me, I squatted and put my hand down my panties and started on my clit. " I like to pee just as I cum." And the cum came fast. Just as it hit, I let go. There wasn't a huge amount, but there was more than enough. I love being watched. I love peeing my panties. And I love cumming at the same time. When I'd finished, I asked her outright if I should leave my panties for her, but she said no. I can't help but think, though, that I might have lit a fire there. I think it is entirely possible that she will think about sexual activity with other girls in a different way now. Certainly, she will be a panty wetter. 

So, I walked back to the bus with my wet knickers on, and hers in my bag. 

Back home, I saw that there was a huge amount of cunt cream in her panties. God she must have either been so wet before the cinema, or maybe it was pure cum from her masturbation. I tied the broken straps together, but her panties are too big for me to wear really. They smelled delicious though. Was there a hint of sperm there? Maybe, but if so, it was very faint. 




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