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Summer with My Cousin

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Discovering my cousin masturbating in her sleep.


When I was a senior in high school I went to stay with my female cousin during spring break. I grew up with 3 older brothers so it was nice to have a sister for a week who was my own age. She was a very sweet, almost naive girl who lived in a small suburb outside my hometown, Chicago.

Her house was big but we thought it would be more fun to room together. That first night she fell asleep quickly and was gently snoring while I was still winding down from a day of activity. As I finally started to doze off during the night, I heard noise coming from her bed. There was moaning, sighing, and whispering.

I called her name several times and told her to settle down but she never answered me. I knew she had been a sleepwalker as a little kid but I thought she grew out of it. She was definitely sleep-talking now. I was a little annoyed but I didn’t want to be so rude as to shake her awake when I knew she couldn’t help it. So, I just lay there and listened.

My cousin and her family were very religious but what she was whispering now was not about the good lord. She started saying things like, “Uuh baby, fuck me”, and “make me fuck myself.” I was so shocked that I sat up in my bed and looked over to her. Her head was tilted toward me but she gave no sign she was aware of my presence and never opened her eyes.

She had completely kicked off her covers, lying on her back with her legs wide apart. Her nightshirt was bunched up over her breasts leaving them completely exposed. She had one hand buried in her panties and her other hand cupping and squeezing one of her breast. She was masturbating full tilt in front of me. The room filled with odor from her lubricating pussy.

She built up more and more steam fingering herself and whispering a string of obscenities. I was starting to worry that she was making too much noise with her bed shaking. Finally, she seemed to climax as she arched her back and shuddered. Then she slumped back into the bed. It was quite a sight to see her lose control.

I sat transfixed watching her chest heaving up and down. Slowly her breathing returned to normal. Her mouth remained open with a line of drool rolling down as she fell back asleep. Her hand stayed stuck inside of her visibly wet panties. The room was musky with sweat and the smell of pussy juice.

I called my cousin’s name quietly just to make sure she was really asleep. Then I giggled at the uninhibited show she had just put on. I sat up and stared at the embarrassing position she fell asleep in, mouth open, one hand still clutching her breast, the other hand stuck inside her visibly soaked panties. Then I began to get turned on. I decided to join her and do myself. I had the visual stimulus of her, and the added element of the possibility of getting caught, as I kept a close eye on my sleeping cousin. I soon came with the same shuddering intensity that she had.

Pleasantly exhausted I started to drift back to sleep when I took one last look at my cousin. She had not moved an inch and was now snoring fairly loudly. I decided to get up and preserve her modesty as best I could by pulling her shirt down over her breasts. I thought about pulling her hand out of her pleasure patch but I thought it would be too risky. Instead, I gently put her blanket back over her to cover her up.

I woke early that morning and my cousin was still sleeping blissfully and fully covered up. When she woke I didn’t say anything about her playing with herself and she didn’t seem to realize that she had been masturbating wildly in her sleep. She was just the same demur, sweet church girl that she had always been. Every time we talked about boys or dating or anything slightly sexual, she got giggly and embarrassed. I would smile knowing full well the other side of her hidden passions.



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