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The Candle Lady Sees Me

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My wife buys home-made candles from a friend of hers. Usually the friend delivers the candles when she's on her way home from work. I've been thinking and planning on masturbating in front of her for quite a while now. So, I finally got up the nerve to take it ALL the way!

I got home from work around 6:00 p.m. and read a note that my wife left for me. She stated that the candle lady would be here around 7:00pm or so. I didn't have much time, so I got busy.

It was a warm evening in early summer. I pulled on a pair of loose fitting shorts, but left my shirt off. I opened the front door of our house and positioned myself on the couch. I knew that when the candle lady came to the front door she would have a clear view of me.

I then got my CD player and earphones and pretended to be listening to some music. I pulled down my shorts a little and slowly started to play with myself. Just thinking of having an audience watching me got me hard, in no time at all!

A couple of times I heard a car outside, but it was a false alarm. I got a little braver and pushed my shorts all the way down to my ankles. I had a nice hard-on going, and laid back on the couch with my headphones on, waiting for the candle lady to arrive.

Finally, I heard her pull into the driveway. I slowed my pace down on my cock, since I didn't want to explode, just yet. I opened my eyes, just a little, so I could see the front door. There I was, shirtless, shorts pushed down to my ankles, slowly stroking my cock, just a few feet from the front door.

I saw the candle lady come to the top of the porch. It looked like she was about to knock on the door, but she hesitated. My heart was pounding rapidly, and my cock was about ready to burst! I could see that she was looking directly at me.

Finally, I heard her knock on the door, but I pretended not to hear. But finally, I decided to open my eyes and look at her. I sat up on the couch and pretended to be surprised at her standing there. I took my time pulling up my shorts, being careful not to touch my cock anymore, since I hadn't exploded, yet.

I walked over to the door and mumbled that I was sorry, I didn't hear her, and I hoped she hadn't been there too long. I opened the door for her and she stepped inside and set the small box of candles on a table.

She looked at me and said 'I hope I didn't come at a bad time?' I stuttered, and started to speak, and stopped. I then told her that I was sorry, I lost track of time, I didn't hear her, etc. I then paused asking her, 'Toni, did you, you know, see what I was doing?'

The candle lady smiled and said that yes, she couldn't help but see me, and it looked like I was enjoying myself. I told her that yes, it was nice doing it in front of an 'audience'. But I told her I hadn't finished yet.

Then Toni shocked the hell out of me by stating that she would stand there for a minute, if I wanted to finish what I had started. I quickly said 'Yes' but asked her to sit on the couch, next to me. We both walked over to the couch and sat down.

I pushed my shorts all the way to the floor and Toni remarked that my cock was so different to her husband's cock. I slowly started to rub it and it got hard, instantly. She was looking directly at my cock, but also glanced up to my eyes every few seconds.

I couldn't hold out any longer, so with a few more quick strokes I shot two nice streams up on my chest. I heard Toni gasp and then I had several smaller streams land on my chest as well. After a few more seconds of stroking, I slowed down and tried to catch my breath!

Suddenly Toni stood up and said she had some other deliveries to make. I thanked her for watching me and she said it was 'fun' and she enjoyed it as well.

I have the feeling that the candle lady would probably agree to another session together. Maybe next time I can get her to jack me off?



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