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My Most Recent Mutual

Posted by: Age: 40ish Posted on: 4 comments
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Jacking off next to my wife

On a recent Saturday morning I woke with my usual raging hard on. I attempted the normal pig thing to do and started rubbing my cock against my wife's ass, hoping to wake her up and turn her on. I will never learn. She subsequently rolled over, told me to take care of it yourself and fell back asleep. Well, I am obviously not a brain surgeon but I know when I'm not going to get laid. I decided to take my wife's advice and took matters into my own hands. I turned on the TV and switched to our porn channel to choose a particular kinky cuckold scene. I then grabbed my lube and prostate massager. Using a little lube on the massager I inserted it into my asshole and found just the right spot before turning it on. I love the feeling of my prostate being massaged while I jack off. This got my cock rock hard again without even touching it. I poured a good amount of lube on my hand and watched as the guy on TV was forced to help his wife get fucked by some other guy with a huge cock. I was soon on the verge of cumming but decided to hold off a bit as the porn was good and my wife was still sleeping next to me. That didn't last long as I am terrible at any form of edging. I just like to cum too much. I soon had one leg draped over my wife's ass and the other almost on the floor as I jerked my cock to an explosive orgasm. My cum landed on my upper chest and shoulders, which is pretty good for an old guy. As I lay soaked in my own cum, watching some huge cock rail a beautiful woman on TV, my wife rolls over to see what got me so turned on. I could see my wife's hand under the covers slowly massaging her pussy, which I'm sure was wet from hearing and feeling me jack off. Lying shoulder to shoulder, I used my hand to wipe up some of my cum and slid it under the covers to my wife's pussy. I massaged my cum into her folds to offer a little bit more erotic stimulation for her. She just smiled and continued to rub her pussy and clit as she watched the TV. I was starting to drip and did not want to totally soil our sheets, so I got up to get a towel from the bathroom. I returned a minute later to the familiar sound of my wife's Hitachi and the visual of the covers off, her legs spread wide, and Hitachi working her clit. She was obviously on the brink of cumming so I just laid next to her and watched as a large orgasm overtook her body. I love to watch her cum. There is nothing sexier than to see her back arch as she throws her head back and clenches her legs around the Hitachi as though she is trying like hell not to get bucked off the orgasmic bull at the rodeo. Needless to say, I was getting hard at the sight of my wife's sexual bliss and was going to need some more attention. My wife left to the bathroom to clean herself and returned to me stroking my hard cock again. She came over to the side of the bed and gave my cock a sweet kiss while grabbing my balls the way I like. My wife told me she needed to go downstairs to deal with the dogs but for me to continue and enjoy. After she left I put on my favorite cock ring and continued to stroke my well lubed cock while watching the same porn on TV. Now the husband was being forced to suck the big cock clean after it came all over his wife. God, I love Saturday morning!



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