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The Brazilian Housekeeper Conclusion

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This is the conclusion to the Jan 20 story


It was the Tuesday before Alba was supposed to come over and clean and Jesse ended up sleeping over that night so we could figure out how we were going to set this up. We were going to make it look accidental on our part as if Alba just walked in on us, that way we knew for sure we wouldn't get in trouble or have her complain to my mom.

The plan was that we would keep my bedroom door closed as Alba's rule is she doesn't clean rooms if the door is closed however we would wait for her to come up to the hallway and we would make enough noise to get her interested and hopefully she would peek into the room. I have a rather large room with a bed and a couch so we were going to angle the couch towards the TV and set up a mirror in the corner so if Alba opened the door, we could see her in the mirror and she would get a full view of us jerking off.

Wednesday morning rolled around and Jesse and I ended up restraining from jacking off the night before because we wanted to save it all for today. We got up around 9ish as Alba arrives around 10 am. My parents have a large shower with a bench in it so Jesse and I showered together and shaved our cock and balls so we would look and feel smooth. We left the shower and went back to my room to set up the furniture. We heard a car pull into the driveway, I looked out my bedrooom window, it was Alba. She was wearing a pink tracksuit that was made from terry cloth, the bottoms were tight around her big round ass and the zip up top really made her huge boobs stand out as the top was zipped down a little bit exposing her neck and a little line of cleavage. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail. Alba looked especially hot today and my dick started to grow as I was standing there naked. Jesse who was also naked came to the window as well to peak out at Alba started to get hard and he started rubbing his dick. Alba got her cleaning equipment from the trunk of her car and came into the house.

We knew we had sometime before she would make her way upstairs so we tested out the scene. Jesse sat on the couch and started jerking his large dick as I went to the hallway and peeked in the doorway. It was perfect, I could see everything, and Jesse looked in the mirror and gave me a thumbs up as he could see me in the doorway. The trap was set.

I waited at the doorway stroking my dick, waiting for her to come upstairs, Jesse was on the couch, his cock fully erect. I saw the top of her head as she began to make her way upstairs so I closed my bedroom door quietly and went over the couch and sat down. Jesse pressed play on the vcr and we started watching this orgy porn that had about 30 people in this room having sex and doing just about everything. We've seen it so many times that we started watching it from the scene where 6 guys gather around some hot babe and they all jerk off on her face (We always shot our loads to this scene). The volume was loud enough to hear from the hallway, all the moaning and the dirty talking. I grabbed my bottle of baby oil I always kept nearby and squirted a big gob on my dick and started to work it in to my balls and shaft. Jesse did the same thing as we began to stroke our dicks and moan too. Our eyes glued to the mirror, we noticed the bedroom door started to open very slowly a just a crack and we could see the pink from Alba's tracksuit. I wanted to shoot my cum right then as I new she was watching us jack off. I squirted some more baby oil onto my dick and it started to make a squishing sound as I pumped my cock with my right hand. The door was still only open a few inches so we couldn't really see her face but we knew she was there.

After a few minutes, we were both at the point were we needed to shoot our loads and Jesse, always being the bolder one stood up holding his 8inch cock straight out from his body, it was shiny and hard, dripping with baby oil, the veins in his shaft were green and blue and his cock head was dark purple. He suddenly said 'too bad your cleaning lady isn't here to jack us off, she's so hot' kinda playing into the script, I stood up now, my 7inch cock, also rock hard and shiny from the baby oil I said 'I know, I wish she was here too, I have fantasies of her all the time, I love her big tits'. Knowing she was listening and peeking in on us, the next move was hers. Jesse and I stood there, our dicks just inches from each other, ready to burst.

Suddenly the door opened all the way as Alba stood there, she walked into the room and closed the door behind her. 'So you guys fantasize about me do you, you like my tits do you' We both stood there in shock that this was happening, and she was the one who was instigating it now. She walked closer to Jesse and grabbed his dick and started jerking him as she was pulling his towards her. She reached over with her left hand and grabbed my dick and started jerking it as well. She then walked over to my bed with the two of us still holding our dicks and told us to sit down.

We sat at the edge of the bed as she stood only a foot in front of us and she unzipped her pink tracksuit top. She took the top right off and dropped it on the floor. She wasn't wearing a bra as her massive tits fell out, each one the size of our head. Alba grabbed the baby oil and squirted it onto her tits and started to rub them. Her boobs were a beautiful tanned colour, a few stretch marks on the side and the biggest nipples I've ever seen, probably 4-5 inches across. Jesse and I sat jerking our dicks as Alba played with her tits, she told us to rub her jugs so we both reached out and started to squeeze them and rub them. After playing with her enormous boobs, she told us to lie down on the bed.

We both laid back on the bed but she wanted us to lie in a different direction, using her hands, she positioned us so Jesse was lying down on his back with his legs intertwined with my legs and I was lying on my back too. She told us to get closer, and then even closer so now our balls and ass were touching each others, our dicks erect and pointing towards our faces. Both Jesse and I propped ourselves up on our elbows to watch as Alba squirted a few large streams of baby oil all over our dicks, balls, and stomach area. Alba was kneeling on a pillow beside the bed and took Jesse's dick in her left hand and mine in her right hand and started to jack us off. Her hands were so small and soft it made our dicks look huge in her hand. Alba then took both of our dicks which were pointed up at the ceiling and put them together, shaft to shaft. She tried to open her grip so she could wrap both hands around our dicks together but because our cocks were so slippery, they slipped out. (It was like trying to grab a fish out of water!) She tried again and this time it worked, Alba had us cock to cock, balls to balls as we lied on our backs, legs intertwined, she began to stroke both our smooth shaved dicks together as she had her small oily hands wrapped around both of us together. Jesse's cock felt so smooth and warm against my shaft that I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I could see from Jesse's face he was going to cum to. Alba's jugs were bouncing as both her hands were sliding up and down our shafts, Alba said 'I want to see you guys cum' I felt Jesse's cock twitching against mine and suddenly a thick rope of white cum shot out of his cock about a foot in the air then landed back down onto our dicks and Alba's hand. My cock began to twitch as well and as Jesse shot another load into the air, my cock squirted a stream of cum into the air as Alba gasped saying 'yes boys, keep cumming for Alba, I want you to shoot all your cum for me' as both of our dicks were cumming at the same time now. She continued pumping our cocks as we both kept shooting our loads everywhere. Jesse's cock being a bit bigger than mine, pumped out a thick load that oozed out of his cockhead and ending up running down onto my cock and shaft but Alba kept stroking us so it ended up being used as lube against my shaft. My dick responded by squirting a thick white rope of cum which shot a few inches above my cockhead then crashed down onto his cock and Alba's hand. Good thing we didn't jack off for over a day because we each ended up shooting about 8 or 9 thick loads of cum. After several minutes of milking our cocks completely dry, Alba released our dicks which were now getting soft as they fell back down against our stomachs.

Alba stood up and grabbed a towel from the floor and started to wipe up the oil and cum from her hands as Jesse and I remained on the bed, legs still intertwined as our clean shaven cock and balls were covered in baby oil and each others cum. I watched as Alba's huge tits swayed back and forth as she cleaned her hands, then she wiped down her boobs as they got splashed with a little bit of cum too. She then gave us the towel to clean ourselves up, she put on her tracksuit top and said she has to go finish cleaning the rest of the house.

As we stood up, I said to Alba, 'will you be coming back next week' and with a smile she said 'of course I am, I'm going to have to clean your room again', she smiled and the closed the door behind her. Jesse and I looked at each other, fell back on the bed again and said 'wow'.

Unfortunately Alba only came over to the house one more time and I'll share that story with you another time...keep an eye out for 'Alba's last visit'



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