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My First Time

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My first Solo Touch Story... hope you enjoy


Well before I begin I would like to thank the editors of Solo Touch. This site has really helped me a lot over the past year. Anyway, on to my story.

Let me first tell you a little about myself, my name is Peter, I'm fourteen years old, I'm about 5'6' and 110lbs, I have long black hair, and hazel green eyes. My girlfriend Christina, is 13 years old (soon to be 14), about 5'4', with brown hair, and blue eyes. We have been going out, or rather just hanging out, for about three months now. Up until now, we've never really talked about or done anything sexually except for telling a few jokes occasionally.

It was a Friday afternoon, my parents were at work, and I had invited Christina over to hang out. We were on the internet updating, when some Ad popped up advertising some porn video or something. I was about to close the pop-up when Christina told me to stop, she told me to click on it and see what it was.

Once I clicked it took me to porn website with pictures of nude men and women. I don't really like porn... I much prefer Solo Touch. When the site opened I was like 'errrrr... yuck'. Christina said 'You've never been on these sites before?' I was shocked, I had never pictured Christina as a person who looks at porn sites.

I said 'No.. do you?'.

She replied 'Not really, but my brother does a lot', (her brother is 17 years old).

'Oh ok, I almost thought you went on these kinds of sites' I said.

'No, but I've always wanted to see one...'

'See what?' I replied

'A Penis' She replied.

At this point I was about to die with shock, Christina wanted to see a penis. I never thought she was that kind of person. Then, after a bit of silence she asked,

'Have you ever shown your penis to a girl?'

'No' I replied.

'Would you let me see yours?' She asked.

For a moment I considered if I was dreaming, but then realizing that this was no dream, I slowly and calmly replied.



(Haha, this sounds like so many other stories I had read about on Solo Touch, but to think it was actually happening to me.)

Anyway, after about a minute of hesitating, I got up, unbuckled my belt, and asked her if she was sure she wanted to see. 'Heck Yes', so knowing I wanted to get it over with fast. I quickly pulled down my shorts, and boxers.

When I did so, she let out a small gasp. And, looking at her gorgeous blue eyes staring at my penis, almost threw me over the edge right there and then. It was surreal. She stared for about a minute, and then looked up at me, we stared into each others eyes for several long seconds (what seemed liked days).

She finally asked me if I jerk off. (No Duh!!!!! Like everyday)

'Sometimes..' I replied.

I knew what she was going to ask next,

'Do you want me to Jerk you off?' She asked. Oh My God, I thought I was about to faint.

I replied, 'Sure if you want to...'

And after saying yes, she reached her hand out and touched it. Her small cold hands touching my penis gave me a sensational feeling like nothing else I've experienced.

She then proceeded to slowly stroke my penis, as she looked up into my eyes. I started to let out some gasps and 'ahhh that feels so good', and then I knew I was about to cum.

I told her to go faster and so she started pumping harder and faster than I could have ever imagined. All the while, looking straight into my eyes. It was not long before I couldn't take it anymore, I told her 'Oh Christina your going to see me cum!', and with that she gave three more fast pumps and I let go, I started spurting load after load of cum, some actually hitting Christina, while she continued to pump.

Once I had finished my last load, we smiled at each other, and cleaned up. So far we haven't told anyone about this, expect for you that's reading this! Christina is on vacation right now but is getting back on Tuesday. I'll update you guys if (once) something else happens.

Thanks for reading!



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