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That's How You Play

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The first month of college can be a really mixed bag. Granted, all the freshmen are away from home for the first time, but alot are wary about getting a reputation for the first month or so. I'd heard outrageous stories about girls having sex in bathrooms at parties their first night, but all the advice coming from RAs and older siblings was to be on good behavior, just for a while.

I had arrived at college just out of an odd, short relationship that had followed a long, distasterous one, so I wasn't exactly looking for a relationship. But, like I said in my first story (see above) I'm a really horny guy, even for an 18 year old, at the time.

So my roommate's girlfriend, and a good friend of mine, lived in the same building as us, but on an all girls floor, this made it easy to at least meet some girls. One night when we were all hanging out on the girls' floor my roommate and his girlfriend decided they were going to go catch a movie. I was invited but decided to stay around and get to know my classmates a bit better.

As a freshmen, I'd found it rather fun, so when a girl, we'll call her Jen and her friend, Megan, said they were going to another dorm to play, I was up for it.

Jen is about 5'6', straight, black hair, cute face and has a great rack, DD, probably and her friend, Megan, is no slouch, either, a bit taller, straight brown hair, freckles and a cute, soft body. At the time I was still in great shape from swimming and had let my hair grow out enough it was showing its black curls.

The whole walk over, they were both flirting pretty hard with me. Rubbing my hair and moaning to each other, half joking, half, apparently not. They were playing with me enough that a couple of times I had to sit down...on the ground...feigning protest, just to hide my growing boner.

When we got to our destination, the flirting continued. After a short game, they were both putting their hands up my shirt and I was tickeling back. After a brief second round, everyone left the room, everyone except Jen and I, that was.

As soon as they left she crawled up onto my lap and stuck her tongue on my mouth, and I kissed back. This continued for only a few minutes and then she pulled me to the floor, where I briefly played with her fantastic rack until she put my hand down her pants. This girl was getting to the point!

So I fingered her folds briefly and then went to work on her clit, but she quickly corrected me, 'No, deeper,' She said. I knew what this meant, so I went to work on her G-spot. This sent her over the roof, her juices started to flow from her already moist folds and she began to moan. A few minutes into it and she gaslped, 'Faster'. So I began slid in my middle finger, next to my index finger and alternately stroked them across her G-spot faster and faster until her pussy seized up around my fingers and pulsed, her legs shook and she gasped.

Seconds later, she rolled me over and unbuttoned my shorts. She reached down and comfortably grasped my rigid cock. I'm lucky to have enough loose skin on my cock that a lube isn't needed to get me off, and she took full advantage of this. Jen effortlessly jacked me off at a brisk pace, occasionally changing up her speed and grip. This girl knew what to do. I've never been a quick cummer, but Jen had me gasping and thrusting back into her fist in fifteen minutes. Minutes later, she tightened her grip and moved to a furious pace, the kind my dick had only seen from me. Then I came, and I came hard. Six or seven spurts of jizz later and I was calming down. She got some tissues, wiped me up, then we went to find her friends. We went back to our dorms later, much more relaxed and each called it a night.

That morning, I woke up horny. Around 9:30am, I went down a few floors to Jen's room, knocked, and went in. She was still in bed. I went over to her and we made small talk for a bit, then I began to rub her stomache, and then her breasts. She pulled my face down to make out and I slid my hand in her underwear. As I stroked her G-spot for the second time in 12 hours she trembled and came. Then I crawled into bed. By the time I was settled, she already had pants off and was stroking away. Jen made whacking a guy off look like an anthletic competition. I came, but without the extra level of intensity I had the night before. But it was still a pretty darn good cum.

Unfortunately things got awkward between us after this and we never did get to fool around again. I think maybe her friend had wanted in on the fun, too...or maybe that's just what I want to think. Either way, its a memory that gives me wood to this day!



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