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Sister in Law - Panic

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True, so no exaggerated dimensions.


I had decided to stay home from work this day. I had no reason to but just wasn't feeling like going to work. I told my wife she would have the truck for herself because we commuted to work every day. We just have one vehicle. She wouldn't be back until it was dinner time. When I am home alone like this I can watch my porno DVD. My wife will have none of it. She clearly has never had a sex drive. Consequently I am left to masturbate. She won't even be in the same room with me when I masturbate.

An hour or so after she left I closed all the blinds and got one of my DVDs from the dresser and put it on in the living room television. I live in a mobile home and always think that my TV sound will be heard outside so I never turn it up when I put on a porno. So I had the sound lower than I wanted but I started touching myself. I was still in my clothes. I decided that I should be naked so I walked to the opposite end of the house and put my clothes in my hamper. I was nude now and walked back to the front living room to continue watching.

I was well into it when I heard a car door shut outside. I thought my wife was home way early so paused the DVD and went to a window and opened the blind a crack to see our driveway. It was empty. I returned to my DVD and unpaused it. I was really enjoying myself. Then I heard footsteps on the stairs on the side of the house. I paused it again to kill the sound. My wife never used that entry. That entry has a small window in it so I didn't want to run past it naked. I listened from the living room and the door was opening. 'Crap! Who's here?' I thought. I didn't have any clothes in the room to cover myself. I was very silent but extremely panicked.

Then I heard my sister-in-law(age 30 then) say hi to our cat. She had come over to do her laundry. This was normal except she always did it on the weekends and she always called first. I could hear her loading the machine and I was hoping she would just leave. She started the machine and then started talking to the cat. I was still in the living room naked laying on the floor. She wasn't leaving.

Then disaster happened. The DVD was on pause too long and started playing. She heard the moaning woman on the TV and popped her head in to the hallway. I just froze there and she leaned in and saw the tv on. She didn't see me yet but I saw her. She was naked also. When she saw me she ran in a panic to the next room. I was laying face down so she didn't see my now flaccid penis. I heard her crying. It turns out she threw the clothes she was wearing in the machine also. She didn't see our car and thought we were gone at work. She was crying because she was startled that she was not alone. I still didn't want to get up to get some clothes and have to run past her.

It was probably like 15 minutes before I started talking to her through the wall. She wasn't crying anymore. We started to laugh about the situation and I told her I saw her all the way nude. She said she only saw my back side. Three years earlier I had sent her a couple emails complaining about her sister and the lack of sex in our marriage. In my horny state in the emails I kind of hinted that I wondered what she looked like naked. She replied back in an email that I would never see her naked and that I should drop it. As we talked I noticed my penis getting hard again. The panic was gone. I started masturbating as we talked through the wall. Now I didn't care if she saw me. I told her that she could look in because it was only fair. She agreed.

She stood out of the living room and asked me if I was sure. She looked in and I was in full display working my shaft up and down. She was wearing a blanket now so was hidden. She sat on the couch and never said a word. She did obviously start to masturbate under the blanket. She didn't hide that fact but still remained covered. Her legs were parted more than you would to be sitting normal. She reached out and touched my penis. I stopped stroking so she could do it. She just held my penis between her thumb and finger and pressed it for a few seconds like she was testing how hard I was. Then she pulled away with her curiosity satisfied. I took over touching myself. I told her I was going to cum and I let it happen. She watched but never said anything. Then I heard her breathing through her nose change and I stared as she let the blanket fall from her shoulders. I saw her breasts again. Her one arm was really working under the blanket. She just stopped after a minute. She told me weeks later that she had an orgasm then.

The afternoon finished with me getting dressed and her finishing her clothes in the dryer. She wore the blanket until her clothes were done. I gave her a hug when she left and she told me it was a one time thing and to never expect it again. I agreed and to this day it remains true. After she was gone I was horny again and masturbated thinking about the afternoon. Eleven years later I still masturbate to this memory. Although in my post-event fantasy we touch each other a lot. We've only talked about it three times and just behave like it never happened.



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