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That Was Close!

Posted by: Age: 16 then Posted on: 3 comments
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Cumshot goes perilously close to my eyes

I believe I was 16 at the time and not much more than an obsessed, walking cum pump. All I seemed to think about was masturbating and finding ways to enhance the experience. One weekend my buddy Paul helped me take it to a new level. Paul had found a hardcore European porn mag while snooping in his older brother’s room. He decided to steal it, but needed a place to stash it until his brother’s ire died down and he hopefully forgot about it.


I was alone at our Vancouver area home for a day-and-a-half of a long weekend. It had been made clear to me that friends of my parents would be passing by the house from time to time and that any ideas of a big party should not be entertained. It was actually OK with me as I had just scored a bag of primo reefer and my dad had got me a case of beer as my “housesitting” wage. Plus the freezer was well-stocked with pizza and TV dinners and the like.



Paul phoned me about the porno mag and said he’d drop it off. I could keep it for a few weeks and then he’d take it back. He came by and showed me the mag, but I didn’t look at it all that closely. I was going to smoke a refer on my own and examine this treasure at my leisure. Paul left, I smoked a joint (powerful body-stone variety!) and I settled in for a hot, juicy wank while I lay on my bed.



The mag was actually a little more boring than you’d think - it was a few years old and the people’s clothing (you’re kind of missing the point, kiddo!) and hairstyles were kind of off-putting. There was a decent shot of a woman sucking a guy’s cock and a few shots of what the mag referred to as a “titty roll” (some nice big boobs being squeezed around a hard cock, which appeared to leave a cumshot behind that was so poorly photographed that you couldn’t really make out the jizz).



All could be forgiven when you scoped out the centre pages. There,we had a superb close-up of a very hairy cunt with the labia spread by a vibrator that was inserted two or three inches. Little was left to the imagination - the pubes were thick and nut-brown, a hard little clit was peeking through, and the woman’s vagina was really wet judging by the condition of the vibe. I gorged my eyes as I slowly jacked my rampant cock and got my pre-cum flowing to lubricate my shaft. From time to time, I would put the mag down and fantasize with my eyes closed about girls from my school I dreamed of fucking.



I had one final look at the graphic insert scene and after getting my fill went for my nut. I stroked my thick, curved meat a bit faster but backed off several times to prolong my pleasure. Finally, I just had to let my cum fly and went for it. My cock slick with pre-cum, my perineum and vesicles full of cum, I stroked myself with the mastery that literally thousands of jackoffs had taught me. After sliding an index finger shallowly and briefly up my asshole, I rubbed my balls and fucking exploded!



I was close to screaming in ecstasy from the inexpressible pleasure as the spasms and pulsations of orgasm ripped through me and my cum shot out in rope after rope after rope. I’ve always loved the sight of my spurting cum and I forced myself to keep my eyes open to see the results of my depravity. A couple of huge spurts drenched my chest and belly and a rogue rope actually splattered my forehead and hair. If I’d fired that one into my eye, I ‘d have had to call an ambulance.



I lay back in the afterglow of my massively pleasurable cum. Finally, I got up shakily and went into my bathroom where I could inspect myself in a full-length mirror. Man, I was dripping with thick, white nut sauce. I took some of the cum into my fingers and greedily swallowed it after bringing the payoff to my mouth…




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