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Testicle Examination in the Steam Room

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I show a young man how to examine his testicles in the steam room.


In a previous story I wrote here I described my solo masturbation in the steam room of the athletic club where I swim. That public masturbation is unusual for me, as I am a very cautious person. But the excitement of masturbating to orgasm alone in the steam room, when someone could come into the room at any time, was very exciting, and I have done it three times up until today.

Earlier today I decided to kick up the risk a notch. The club was not busy, middle of the afternoon. I was coming out of the gang shower and headed for the steam room for a nice sweat and maybe another masturbation session if I was alone in there, when I saw a young man (about 20) leave the sauna and go to the steam room. He stepped inside and did not seem to know how to turn it on. I was standing at the open door and said, Here is the button, and I pushed it. A new round of steam started roiling and I stepped into the steam room, closing the thick glass door behind me. He was taller than I, rather thin, Asian, smooth, and completely naked. That surprised me because in my experience we older guys are quite comfortable nude in front of each other in the locker room, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, and gang shower. The younger guys seem much more modest, covering themselves quickly with towels and wearing bathing suits in the steam room. This young man seemed quite comfortable naked in the steam room, which seemed like a new experience for him.

I always carry a small towel into the steam room to sit on the tile benches. The young man was standing there, letting the steam envelope him, and I suggested that next time she should bring a towel to sit on the hot bench. As for now, I told him, he could use the short hose and spigot to put cold water on a place on the bench to cool it off for sitting. He did.

We were sitting at a right angle to each other, about 5 feet apart, he to my left. We both sat with our legs open some, though at that angle I could see only his dark pubic bush and just a bit of his penis. For a while we said nothing, enjoying the steam and pouring sweat. The hissing of the steam was very relaxing, as well.

When the loud hissing stopped, I said This is so relaxing, isn't it?

Yeah, he answered. He seemed relaxed talking with me.

I saw you coming out of the sauna, I said. You like that dry heat?

Yeah, he answered. I usually don't come into the steam room but the sauna isnt so hot as I like it today, so I decided to try the steam.

I love the steam, I said, adding I don't like the dry heat.

We were silent for a few minutes. The steam was very thick at the beginning of our conversation, but as that spurt of steam stopped the visibility in the room improved and I could see his lanky, smooth body sitting not far from me. He opened his legs a bit. His penis was not large, but (like mine) the wet warmth was making his scrotum relax. I decided to try something more daring than my solo adventures in the steam room.

Dont freak out, I began, but I want to give myself a testicular examination while we are here. Usually my testicles are tight in my scrotum and close to the body, and the steam room is the only place I have low hangers. We guys should give ourselves self-examination of our testicles to look for bumps or other irregularities that might be a warning signal for testicular cancer. I wont do this if it will make you uncomfortable for me to be handling my testicles.

No problem, dude, he said, go ahead.

Thanks, I said. I added, you know, you should give yourself a self-examination, too. Testicular cancer is more common in younger men, under 35, than older men. Do you examine our testicles regularly?

Never have, he replied. He paused, thinking. You really think I should?

Absolutely, I said. Young men don't think about cancer, but its important to catch the cancer early. Ill talk you through this, if you want to examine yourself. Watch me and do what I say. He lowered his hands and held his testicles in the way I was.

Be gentle, I suggested, and he laughed. Examine one testicle first.

Does it matter which one? One of my testicles hangs lower than the other, and it feels larger than the other one. His voice betrayed a bit of anxiety about this discrepancy between his testicles.

That's absolutely normal, I assured him. Hold that testicle gently with both hands, your thumbs on top. Roll it around a bit in our fingers. Like this.

I feel something behind my ball. More alarm in his voice.

Thats probably the tube that carries the sperm from your testicle to enter the semen. Thats normal. Does it feel like a long tube?

Yes, satisfying himself as he felt the tube.

Do you feel any small lumps on the surface of your testicle? I asked. I was still rolling my right testicle around with my fingers.

He was imitating my movements. No, I dont think so. My ball feels sort of hard.

Thats probably normal if its not real tender. Would you be okay with my feeling it to be sure?

He surprised me totally by saying Sure, I would appreciate that.

I rose from the tile bench and moved over to where he was sitting. I stood in front of him, reached out, and, trying to keep my manner as clinical as possible, began gently feeling his testicle. I could not believe I was doing this and I expected to be interrupted at any moment. His testicle felt normalno hard lumps or other irregularities. As I was handling him, his penis began to swell a little.

Im sorry, he said.

Its normal. Hot in here and I am handling your testicle, after all. Wait a sec. The steam had dissipated and I stepped outside the room to push the steam button again, closing the glass door behind me again. The locker room was empty as far as I could tell.

I walked back to stand in front of my new friend. His cock had gone down as the steam enveloped us.
Lets look at the other testicle, I said, and I began examining his right testicle. His penis began swelling again as I rolled his testicle in my fingers, checking for lumps.

Im sorry, he said again. I cant seem to help it.

Totally normal, I said. I accidentally brushed the back of my hand against his penis.

I think its because my balls are full of cum, he said.

You know, I said in my most clinical voice, your testicles make just the sperm. You balls arent full of cum, The sperm travel down that tube you felt to join the seminal fluids. Our testicles just make the tiny sperm.

He thought about that. Then why are my balls swollen and tender now? I was still absent-mindedly fingering his testicles.

Thats the hormones, I said.

I havent cum for a few days, he said. Maybe thats why my balls are swollen and tender.

No, I said. The hormones would make your testicles tender and swollen even if you came yesterday. I realized I was still rolling his testicle in my fingers. His penis continued rising to a right angle.

You know what your prostate gland is? I asked. He seemed fine with my continuing to roll his testicles in my fingers, now both testicles.

Ummm, Im not sure.

Thats the gland here. I reached under his scrotum and pressed where his prostate lay beneath his skin and flesh. Its the gland that makes the seminal fluid the sperm swim in. Most of semen is the fluid from the prostate. I pressed again with two fingers and his penis twitched. Its important, I continued, for you to cum every day or so to make sure the prostate is healthy. This talk and my feeling his testicles were having an effect on my penis as well.

Im sorry, you need to stop, he said, gently taking my hand and pushing it away rom his testicles. This feels a little funny. No guy has ever touched my junk before. Are you finished with the examination?

I am happy to report that your testicles seem perfectly normal. Remember to examine yourself once a month or so. If you feel anything different, go to your doctor. I smiled. He smiled back. Im sorry if I made you uncomfortable.

No, thats okay. Thanks for teaching me how to give myself an examination. He paused. And thanks for not asking me to touch your balls and cock. Im not ready for that.

Theres always next time, I said, smiling. Theres always next time. Ready for another shot of steam?

Sure, he said, and I stepped outside the door to push the button again. We sat there in the steam, sweating, saying nothing for another five minutes or so. Finally I got up and said, Have a great day.

You, too, dude. And thanks again. I never knew about examining myself. I left.

Needless to say I masturbated furiously when I got home, the body, penis, and testicles of my new friend fresh in my memory.



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