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Tent In A Tent

Posted by: Author: Age: 16 then Posted on: 6 comments
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When I was about 16 me and my mate, let's call him Brendon, always did stuff together: same sports, same hobbies, same classes, everything. We were like peas in a pod. Anyway, one weekend Brendon's parents allowed us to set up their tent which was down in the back of their farm. After dinner, Brendon and I found a nice place away from the house to set it up. It took us a while to put it up and it started getting dark pretty quickly after we finished so we went inside the tent and set up our sleeping bags.

After we played some cards, we both agreed it was pretty late and we should get changed. Brendon took off his shirt to reveal his athletic body with very little to no fat. He was average height with brown, spiky hair and blue eyes. Brendon was actually very similar-looking as me, and some people even said we looked like brothers. Anyway, he then stood up and slid off his shorts to reveal his silky grey boxers. I felt myself staring at him and I felt my cock begin to stiffen up.

"Hey," I said, watching him standing there in his boxers. "Do you sleep in just your boxers?"  He replied, "Yeah, it feels free and it's not as hot. You should try it! You'll love it"' He then stepped back, prompting me with his hands to give it a go as well. But I didn't want to take my pants off, due to my now-throbbing boner, so I said, "Maybe another time."  "What? Are you...chicken?" he said as he started dancing like a chicken around the tent.

"Okay, okay, I'll do it," I replied. I took off my shirt first and then gulped as I stood up and slowly slid down my pants, with my 5 1/2' cock now visibly completely hard in my boxers. "Wow! And I thought this was a big tent we put up--that beats this one we are in by a mile!" he laughed. I quickly pulled my pants back up in embarrassment. "Wait, wait wait, don't worry about it, it'll go away," he insisted, so I slid my pants back down and took them off completely. We got into our sleeping bags and tried, for a short while at least, to go to sleep.

Soon, though, feeling quite restless and unable to relax, I asked if it really felt free sleeping in boxers and he said it did. He then asked if I still had the boner, and I gulped again and said I did--and that it was very annoying. "Well...maybe you should...rub it or something to make it go away," he suggested. "You mean..masturbate?" I replied. "Do you even do it?" he asked.  "Heck no!" I responded angrily. "Oh, you should--it feels really good," he said.

With that, he reached over and started to rub my crotch through the sleeping bag. My boner started to get even harder. "Brendon...what are you doing?" I asked. "Helping out a friend," he whispered. "Doesn't it feel good?" "It feels...like my boxers are rubbing against my cock," I replied. "Oh...well...how about this," he said as he slowly slid his hand into my sleeping bag and started to rub my cock directly through my boxers. It felt amazing and I moaned softly.

"See, it feels good," he said. I responded by sliding my hand into my sleeping bag, putting my hand on his, pressing it down harder on my cock. "That feel awesome!" I said. He then slid his hand under my boxer strap and gripped my throbbing, rock-hard cock and started slowly stroking it up and down. Before long, I started to feel that amazing feeling and soon my whole body started to quiver, just as cum erupted from my cock onto Brendon's hand. He quickly pulled back his hand and wiped the cum off.

"That was awesome!" I said. "Told you," he replied. I then returned the favor by wanking him off and he told me how to do it the way he likes.

We are still friends years later and sometimes still wank each other off.



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