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More Man-Scaping - Part 2

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The weekend gets fast & furious, but not without a bit of work before hand...


Things started off rather uneventful that next day (Saturday), everyone got up early once the smell of coffee and bacon permeated the morning air. My wife was already dressed and preparing some of the breakfast, I was dressed in my underwear and a tank-top, my bud had his short shorts on without a shirt. I could tell it was gonna be a good day, the sun had started to peek out over the hills to the East and it was already almost 80 degrees. We could see the steam rising off the surface of the pool, it looked kind of eerie, like a big cauldron of sorts.

I started helping prepare breakfast after I poured some coffee, getting some other things ready and setting the utensils out. My friend sat quietly, looking through his emails on his phone, not noticing that his cock had started to peek out of the bottom of his shorts, along with a puff of dark hair on each side. I fully expected my wife to at least mention it, but she was busy flitting about getting things prepared for a rather large breakfast. It was uncommon for us to ever have a big meal in the morning, usually coffee and toast or a muffin was it. I think because she was leaving and we had company she felt obligated to do at least something.

A big breakfast was great, I knew we had a lot of work to do today, and my wife had a very long drive ahead of her. We filled an hour with small-talk, and I told my wife we would take care of the dishes so she could get a head start on her drive as she had at least a couple hours of tedious traffic. She gave me a peck on the lips, and my friend a hug, and then it became obvious that his short shorts were too short. At least an inch or more of huge cock head had appeared past the edge of his shorts. My wife was so preoccupied she didn't even notice as she grabbed her bag and headed out the door. 'So my wife did that to you?' I asked as I pointed at his growing boner. 'Yup, it is those big boobs that does it to me every time', he replied as he pulled up the edge of his shorts and let his cock stand out at attention. 8-9 inches of long hairy cock, with an abnormal cock head at the end. Incredibly hairy, and it was obvious as the hair had to be 3-4 inches long hanging out both sides of his shorts.

'I gotta get out of these...' he said as we watched my wife drive down the driveway. 'At least put a shirt on,' I said. 'What if someone shows up here today like the delivery guy?' 'All right...' and with that he walked back to the spare room. I started to pick up after breakfast, there were lots of leftovers, and I munched on a piece of bacon as I put things away. I started washing dishes, and thought about the lawn work I needed to accomplish this morning. I had just about finished the dishes when my friend came back into the kitchen, this time with a flowery Hawaiian shirt on, but unbuttoned. 'How's this?' he asked.

I turned around briefly and saw he had a shirt on, but from the waist down was hidden by the table. I turned back to finish the dishes, and we talked a bit about the lawn care we needed to finish before we could break out the golf clubs. I had figured an hour to 90 minutes of hard work without a break would finish things up, and then another 30 minutes to prepare a nice putting green with a hole/flag. I rinsed out the sink and wiped down the counter to finish. Then I turned to get a good look at my bud, and I couldn't believe it!

He had shaved everything off clean! His pubes were gone, and his balls were baby-ass smooth. Talk about man-scaping! I have to admit, it did look a bit odd, as it was so very different from what I had seen before. Here he was, only in a shirt, and a semi-hard cock hanging down about 8 or so inches. I could not believe how long his cock was, the hair had hidden most of it. And this huge dark red cock head that seemingly weighed down that monster. It looked almost funny as without the hair, it seemed more like a sheared lamb than a grown man in his 50's!

'You are still gonna need some shorts if we are gonna work outside for a while...' I noted, and with that went to get some shorts on myself. I grabbed a couple pairs of gloves for us, and we were off to go get sweaty.

I don't think I mentioned how much I despise lawn care... But in the hot morning sun it seemingly took forever to even get the basics accomplished. It was already approaching 90 degrees, and it wasn't even 10:00AM yet. Needless to say we had both worked up an incredible sweat, bordering on dehydration. We both decided the green was short enough, and that the whole property was immaculately manicured, it was time to change, get some drinks, and get into the pool to get cooled off before hitting a few golf balls around. I threw a few beers and a lot of ice into a cooler and changed into my swim shorts. My friend was already ready by the time I emerged from my bedroom and we couldn't get to the pool quick enough!

Just like last night, as soon as he was in the water, off come the trunks... And at this point so did mine. It is very refreshing to lounge around, naked, and not have to worry about anything except spilling your beer. The neighbors were far enough away so we could do just about anything without being noticed, and that is exactly what happened next. I was sitting on the edge of the pool after getting out to get my sunglasses. My bud swam over and immediately grabbed my cock and proceeded to jerk it with a fury I had never felt before. 'Whoa! Slow down!' I cried... I didn't wanna cum right away, I wanted to at least get a beer into me before I became any more dehydrated. I forced him to let go as I hopped into the pool.

I grabbed his, and I just couldn't get over the fact he had shaved it clean. 'What will your wife say?' I asked... 'She won't even notice' he replied. 'She has not been interested in anything like that for quite some time now, and she rarely if at all sees me naked. Kinda like YOUR wife...' And with that I just had to think, it really has been quite some time since anyone had man-handled my cock, so it might be just as enjoyable for BOTH of us to rub one out. All of a sudden I saw his eyes roll back in his head, he arched his back and there was white streams of cum shooting through the pool water as he let out a long groan.

'It was THAT good?' I asked. 'Oh yeah, it was THAT good. Kind of came up on me quickly. Must be because it is so smooth. Shaving it close really makes a difference' he said. All I could do was smile, because I knew it was my turn next!

Continued in Part 3...



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