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Teaching Myself to Masturbate

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First time masturbating; how I taught myself to masturbate and continue to love it.


Back when I was in 7th grade (13 years old), there was another guy in the class who was, shall we say, kind of mentally slow and different.  He would frequently go around and hump his cock on the school desks, which always made the teacher get mad at him, and all of us kids would giggle.  I don't think any of us really knew anything about it, we just thought it was kind of dirty.  At recess, one kid asked him why he did it, and he said his big brother told him that if he rubbed his cock enough, "white stuff" would come out and it would feel really good.

I was beginning to develop pubic hair and starting to get horny looking at the girls in class at the time.  I would get erections sometime, but didn't know what to do other than try to hide them.  At night, I would think about girls and get a hard on again, but I didn't know what to do then either other than try to go to sleep.  I remember having a couple of wet dreams and woke up with my pajama pants damp in the front.  I knew I didn't piss myself - there wasn't enough wet for that, so I thought it might be the "white stuff" that the kid's big brother had told him about. This was before there was an internet, and porn just wasn't available.  But we had some Sears and other catalogs that came in the mail, and those had some photos of girls in bathing suits and women's bras and panties.  I would look at them when I was able to be alone, and would get a hard on, but still didn't know what to do about it.  I just knew that I kind of liked the feelings.

So I started trying to find things in the school library about sex and masturbation. I remember a couple of things in the dictionary and encyclopedia about it.  So one night, after we had all gone to bed, I started rubbing on my cock.  I got an erection, and rubbed it for a while, but nothing happened except it stayed hard.  I thought maybe I needed to pee a little first to get things started, but found that it was really difficult to do when my cock was hard.  I did force a few drops out into my hand, and that helped to lube things a bit. I kept rubbing my palm on the backside of my cock (I hadn't learned yet about gripping it properly), and suddenly things got tense and I saw stars behind my closed eyelids,  and my cock started pulsing like it had a mind of its own. The cum started spurting out, and at first I thought I was pissing on myself.  After the orgasm finished and I laid there for a bit, I grabbed the flashlight off of my nightstand and looked under the covers at what I had just done.  I saw the sticky "white stuff" that I had heard about, and yes it did make me feel really good. 

Wow, that felt really good!  I remember laying there thinking that I had just found something great to do, and then I just drifted off to sleep with the mess in my pajamas. I don't think it was any worse than the wet dreams that I had before.  At least my Mom never commented about it when she did laundry.  I suspect that she knew that I was going through puberty.

Well, that started my journey of masturbation events that still go on today. I figured out that if I gripped my cock with my fingers wrapped around it as if I were holding a baseball bat or something round and stroked myself it felt a lot better than just rubbing with my palm. I would lay in bed at night, and fantasize about some of the girls in school.  I would imagine that one of them was in the bed with me, and wanted to learn how to jack me off.  I would think about telling her how to wrap her hand around it, and would tell her to let me piss into her hand a bit to lube things up so it would slide easier.  I would piss into my own hand for lube while fantasizing about the girl next to me, and jack myself off until I would shoot my cum onto myself.

I did realize that I could have some tissues nearby to help with the cleanup, tossing them into the toilet as soon as I could.



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