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Motel Masturbation Diary

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Fun in a motel room!


Sunday - Got to motel after a group dinner. I looked at some pictures and videos I'd brought along on CDs. I touched myself in various positions. I stroked for a while in front of the mirror, pretending I was watching someone else. I also sat in the recliner, but it was a bit small for me. In the bed, I alternated between humping the bed and lying on my back stroking. I finally came when I was humping the bed, my face buried in a pair of my wife's dirty panties. I fell asleep lying in my own puddle of warm spunk, her panties on my pillow.

Monday - Was very worn out, it had been a long day. I settled for lying on my back in the bed, and stroking until I came. I let it fly, landing everywhere. I lazily rubbed it around my skin as I fell asleep.

Tuesday - Looked at some internet porn, read some hot stories which got stiff. I was somewhat tired, so got out a "fake pussy". It's a latex sleeve with bumps on the inside. The opening was made to look like a pussy. My wife had gotten it for me as a gag, but surprise for her it actually feels pretty good.

I squirted a liberal amount of lube inside, then slid it over my cock. I rolled over, trapping it between me and the bed. I then began pumping, as if I was fucking. Oh did that feel good. Filled it up with a nice load!

Wednesday - I rented some porn, and had read several e-mails and more stories while people fucked on the TV. On and off I used a massager on my dick, making it tingle with delight.

Some of the stories I'd read were on anal stimulation, so I decided what the hell. I got out the lube and my wife's butt plug. Getting nice and slick I rolled onto my stomach and slid it up my ass. I humped the bed some, getting used to the feeling of something in my backside.

Out of curiosity, I picked up the massager and held it against the butt plug. Fuck that felt good! I nearly came right then. I stopped though, wanting to make it last.

I got up, and moved to the recliner, which I had previously positioned right in front of the TV so I could have a nice close up of all the sex. I sat, making sure the plug was still inside. Grabbing the lube, I soaked my cock and balls down.

My hands slid easily over my crotch, while I wiggled my ass moving the plug inside me. Each time it hit the prostate I gasped with delight. I stroked faster and faster, and all of a sudden exploded! Cum landed from my face down to my balls! I sat there trembling for a minute. Calming down I rose up enough to let the plug slide out.

I sat there another five minutes before gathering enough strength to fall into the bed, sticky with my spunk.

Friday - Another fun day. I got some good porn on the TV, and spent a while reading messages and stories on the net. On and off I used the massager on my cock, edging myself for a couple of hours.

I had brought along a couple of pairs of dirty panties. Feeling kinky, I slipped a pair on and began rubbing myself through them. I even rolled over and humped the bed for a while, enjoying the silky feeling. Rolling back over I held the massager against my cock. A particularly hot scene was playing on the TV, and I felt myself getting close.

Deciding to go for it, I moved the massager all around until I exploded in the panties, soaking my cock down. I rubbed it around some, and guess I fell asleep like that. I woke up some hours later, needing a piss. I turned off the TV and pulled off the now cold panties before going to the bathroom and stumbling back to bed.

Saturday - I woke up the next morning and turned on the TV. I had gotten the all day porn option so picked another movie. I then checked my e-mail and read a few more stories while people played on the TV screen.

Aroused, I was humping the bed while looking at some photos. The bed was rather stiff, so I grabbed the panties from the night before and slid them under me. Remembering a technique I'd seen posted on one of the websites, I took the massager and held it's opening against my anus and turned it on while still humping.

It didn't take long before the stimulation did it's thing and I exploded, cumming all over those panties for the second time. I rolled over and continued rubbing my still hard cock using my own cum as lube. I wanted another orgasm, but unfortunately was running out of time, as I needed to get cleaned up and checked out before the deadline. So I gave it a few more lazy strokes enjoying the afterglow.

By the way, the panties are still there. If you are ever in a second floor hotel room, look under the side of the bed near the wall. You'll find a pair of panties there, coated with both my cum and my wife's! Feel free to add your own and leave for the next lucky guy or gal.



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