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Teaching My Sisters To Cum

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A little while after learning how to masturbate from a friend, I ended up teaching my younger sisters. Though it wasn't originally by choice...

When my friend Mara taught me how to masturbate, she made it very clear this was something just between us. I wasn't allowed to tell my parents about it, or anyone else, so I included my siblings and other friends on that list. For that summer and beyond, it was a special thing between me and Mara. Eventually, it was time to return home. We packed up, drove back, and settled in for the rest of the summer. It wasn't easy finding time to get myself off then. We had a "no closed doors" policy at my house. And, on top of that, I shared a room with my younger sisters Erin and Lizzie. So the only time I ever had any privacy was in the shower. My mom wondered why I was suddenly showering every day. I told her I wanted to stay clean and that was the end of the discussion. Little did she know the shower had become my private little place to play with myself. With the no closed doors policy, which also meant there were no locked doors, there was still a chance of getting caught. It almost happened a couple times. Someone would walk in and nearly catch me. But I was able to play it off, and managed to keep my daily pleasuring secret. A few months went by. School started. My older brother and older sister had part time jobs, my younger brother had after school sports. Mom and Dad worked. So I was often left to baby sit my sisters. Erin is the older of the two, and only a year younger than me. Lizzie is two years younger than Erin. One afternoon, after being dropped off after school, the three of us rushed to our room to undress. Once in our natural state, we went to the family room, which was on the other side of the house, to watch TV and relax before we had to start our homework. It was maybe only half an hour before I felt that urge. I thought about it. If I put on a movie for the girls, they'd be distracted and I could, for a change, actually cum in my own bed. It wasn't the most well thought out plan, but there was that tingle down there that was begging for attention. I made some popcorn, put on a movie, then told my sisters I'd be right back. I then headed back to my room. Thinking there was still a chance of getting caught, I left the door open just a crack (so as not to break the house rules). I then laid back on my bed, closed my eyes, and moved my hand down to my now very damp pussy. I began rubbing and ohhh did that feel good. I got more into it, focusing on what my fingers were doing, those wonderful feelings starting to build, my breathing getting heavier. And then suddenly I had that feeling that someone was watching me. I opened my eyes, lifted my head and saw Lizzie, standing in the doorway. Her eyes were wide and fixated on me. I sat up, completely caught off guard. I couldn't get any words out. Lizzie said she had wanted to grab her book, so she went over to her side of the room, took it, and left quickly. I was so embarrassed! I lay there for a bit. When I realized the feeling was gone, I got up, went to the bathroom to freshen up a bit, then went back to the family room. When I got there, Lizzie and Erin were in a deep conversation. Erin turned to me and asked simply and directly "were you masturbating?" I thought of trying to play it off, but I couldn't think of anything that sounded plausible, so I fessed up. I said that I was. I told them that Mara had shown me how, and that I wasn't supposed to talk about it. And that they absolutely couldn't tell Mom or Dad about it. Both girls agreed, but Erin had a condition- that I show her how. Lizzie then piped in, saying she wanted to learn too. I thought about it and decided why not? I was happy someone showed me. I'd have loved it if my older sister had shared something like that, but she didn't, so I could be the better sister and show the younger girls how. The three of us headed to our room. We sat on our beds, and the girls watched me. I spread my legs open and showed them my shaved and wet pussy. Lizzie asked why I shaved. I explained that Mara shaved, and I liked how it looked on her, and then when I tried it I liked how it felt. I then continued the lesson, telling the girls to do what I do. So I picked up where I left off and started rubbing my lips again. Erin quickly did the same, spreading her legs and imitating my movements, with two fingers rubbing her pussy lips. Lizzie followed suit as well, with much more giggling. I then took it further, pushing a finger in. Both girls did the same. Lizzie let out a little squeal, and the three of us laughed. We continued, the three of us rubbing and fingering and playing. I was right where I had been before, moaning, my breathing becoming heavier and faster and very soon I came. I then watched, my hand still absentmindedly playing with my now happy kitty as Erin and Lizzie continued. I could tell Erin was close by her face. Soon enough, she began to moan loudly as she was overcome by her first orgasm. Lizzie kept at it longer, though it took her a while to really get it she eventually had her first orgasm. The rest of that day, the three of us talked about sex, about masturbating and various other things. I don't think I'd ever been closer to my younger sisters before that. For a long time, I would often masturbate with my sisters after school. Eventually, we stopped but I look back on that time fondly.



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