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On the Bus

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A couple of years ago when I was a senior in high school, our class took a multi-state field trip that required us to ride back all through the night. It wasn't bad though, it was a chartered bus with A/C, comfy seats, all the good stuff. It was about 11 that night and a bunch of people were falling asleep, but I was towards the back with another girl and wide awake. She was too, and she was playing around on her phone. I did notice that she was acting kind of fidgety for the past half hour or so, and when she put it away she waited for a few seconds, then nudged me. She leaned over and whispered 'hey, do you care if I masturbate?' The only thing I could mutter was a confused 'what?' 'I am so horny and I don't want to get off in the bathroom, do you care?' I couldn't believe she asked me that, and all I could do was shake my head no. 'Thanks, I have to cum so bad.'

She put her sandals in the seat by her and pushed her shorts and panties down to her feet. When she spread her knees and touched her pussy she took a deep breath through her nose and licked her lips. Every now and then she would stop to lick her fingertips, then go back to rubbing herself. My eyes were adjusted now and I could see her pretty clearly, she had her belly button pierced and wasn't shaved, just trimmed close. I couldn't stop watching the show going on and she came in no time, clamping her knees shut and letting her mouth hang open. She stayed like this for a good 10 seconds before she finally relaxed back in her seat, knees wide open. 'Oh that felt so good, I haven't cum in days.' She pulled her shorts up and grabbed her sandals and got up to go to the bathroom, probably to wipe herself off, but before she did she leaned over and whispered 'switch me spots'.

I did, and when she got back she whispered 'drop your shorts, I want to see you cum.' I said I wasn't sure, but she said 'oh come on, you just watched me. It's more fun doing it around everyone. We've been gone for a week, I know you have to cum by now.' My heart was pounding, but I eventually pulled off my jeans, leaving me naked from the waist down. I started playing with my clit and teasing my lips before pushing a finger into my bald pussy. I had to remember where I was so I could keep quiet, but she was right that it was downright exciting masturbating around all these people. I was taking deep breaths and staring at the ceiling while I fondled my pussy, feeling my orgasm start to build. It kept growing and growing until I finally got my release, and my back arched as I came and my toes tapped on the floor.

When I finally calmed down she leaned over and whispered 'that was one of the hottest things I have ever seen. How'd it feel?' All I could do was smile and nod. 'I bet it was, I can smell your pussy over here.' We both giggled and I quietly pulled my pants back on, then went to go clean up. It wasn't long after I came back that we both drifted off, and about 10 the next morning we were back home. We didn't have any classes together, but for the last couple of weeks of the year when we saw each other in the halls, all we could to is just smile at each other. It was our little secret.



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