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Teaching My Brother To Masturbate

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This is a story of how I taught my adopted 13 year old brother to masturbate when I was 14.


I am my parents' only biological son, as my little brother was adopted when he was 10. I was 11 years old at the time, and I was very excited to get a little brother not far from my own age. We quickly became very close, and we actually even looked alike to a certain degree.

Fast forward a few years. I was 14 and he was 13, and while I had began puberty a year and a bit prior, he was only just starting himself. We were both skinny boys, though he was considerably shorter than I. He had medium-length blonde hair which swept over the top of his piercing azure eyes, and quite honestly, a pretty nice body. I had recently figured out that I was gay, and although I hadn't yet told anybody, I did think that my brother was quite cute (although still my brother, I hasten to add). On the other hand, I had darker hair and blue eyes, and my stomach was just beginning to form itself into abs.

On this night, my parents had to attend a big two day meeting a few hours away, and they trusted us enough to leave us alone in their absence. We decided to have some fun and camp out in the living room, so I inflated the large air mattress which we were sharing, lit the fire and we sat to watch some movies. In one of the films, masturbation was mentioned, which prompted my brother to ask me what it meant. I explained that it's when you play with your penis to make yourself feel good like when you have sex, and he immediately had an onslaught of questions.
"Have you ever done it?" he inquired.
"Yeah, I started a few years ago. Every guy does it at some point, I do it almost every night myself. It's amazing."
I remember a short pause, and then:
"Can you show me?"
"Sure, but we both have to get naked."

Although we were close, we had never actually seen each other fully nude before. By this point, we had turned off the television and the roaring fire was now illuminating the room. We both got up and took off our pyjamas, then sat back down on the bed, looking at each other. My brother looked to be about 3.5 inches long and circumcised (rather unusual in my country, but he was done as a child), hairs just beginning to sprout up around the base of his penis. I was uncut and about 6 inches long at the time, and I had already started trimming my pubic hair. We were both fully erect already.

"Shit, you're huge!" he exclaimed, eyeing up my dick. I laughed.
"I was actually about your size two years ago. You wanna touch it?"
He extended his hand shyly and wrapped his fingers around my shaft. I recall letting out a barely audible gasp at his touch. He examined it tentatively and carefully pulled back my foreskin. Without warning, I touched his penis head and he jumped slightly. Gently, I started drawing slow circles on his frenulum with my thumb as he let out a small moan. I briefly broke the contact as I got up and walked to the kitchen, returning with some cooking oil.
"You'll probably need this since you're cut," I said as he raised his eyebrows. I sat back down on the mattress and poured a bit of oil onto my hand, then started massaging his dick head. I pushed him onto his back and started stroking his entire cock, twisting my lubed-up hands as I worked. He started moaning louder and louder, eyes now closed as my stroking grew faster.

"Wait, something's happening"
He was cut off as he suddenly arched his back and cried out, a drop of clear semen oozing out onto my hand.
He lay on the mattress, completely spent, an adorable look of pure bliss plastered on his face. I noticed his penis had already started to deflate.
"That was incredible."
I told you," I replied with a smirk.
"Can I do you now?"
"Yes please," I answered eagerly.

He propped himself up and reached straight for my cock, now significantly more confidant. I showed him how to pump my penis as he wrapped his fingers around my shaft again and clumsily started jerking. I was so horny at this point that he got me off in just over a minute.
"I'm cumming," I gasped, as thick ropes of semen darted out of my penis, narrowly missing my brother's face, landing on my bare stomach. He looked astonished.
I explained to him that I had just ejaculated, and that he too would be able to cum this much within a year. Then, to my surprise, he dabbed his finger into the pool of semen on my abs and sucked it clean.
"That's quite sweet. It tastes good," he mused.
"Did you just-did you really just eat it!?"
His plump, red lips extended into a wide, mischievous grin.
"Well this was great," he said. "We should do this every time mum and dad go out of town."
I rolled my eyes. We cleaned ourselves off and got into bed together, not bothering to get dressed, then went to sleep.

After this night, we became even more open with each other. We started walking around naked a lot when we were home alone, and we started masturbating together a few times a week. He also got me to teach one of his friends to jerk off, and occasionally, he would join us in our wanking sessions, although that's another story.



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