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Fun With Josh

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I am 14 and I really enjoyed this experience.
This really did happen about a week ago. My friend Josh and I were having fun dirt biking on some forest trails. Josh is a great dirt biker and is really nice friend. He has longish light brown hair with blue eyes. After dirt biking we returned to my house. We usually hang out in my room and play on the computer or watch videos. For whatever reason I decided that we would do something different. We looked at some hot images of women. I asked him if he ever masturbated, he said that he did almost all the time. I said that I did too. After about 10 minutes of looking at hot images I was getting really horny, I also noticed a bulge in Josh's pants. I asked him if he was horny, this took a lot of courage to ask. He didn't really answer and I could tell he thought this was kind of awkward. So I dropped the matter completely and we decided to go outside to my pool. He said that he had never gone swimming nude before, and I could tell what he was hinting. I replied 'Yeah, same'. I guess I was feeling really brave because I would not normally do something like this. I dropped my swim trunks to release my cock and jumped in the pool. I think he thought I wouldn't do that either. Josh stood there for a few minutes and then also stripped and jumped in. We swam around for awhile and I got very horny so I stepped out of the pool and was watching Josh swim. We had never seen each other naked other than at the public pool showers. Im about 5'6 with blond hair and blue eyes. My penis was erect. Josh got out of the pool to and stood next to me. He was about an inch longer than me from what I could see. He was also uncircumcised just like me. We then dried ourselves and went inside, still nude. Josh has a athletic build and is quite skinny. I am taller than him but not as skinny. I checked the time and I realized my parents wouldn't be home for another 40 minutes. I wondered what to do, so I asked Josh the same question I did before. 'Do you jerk off?' I asked. 'Um yeah' ,replied Josh. I guess he was wondering why I asked that again. He knew I was hinting. 'Im feeling horny' I said. He didn't say anything after that. He could tell that I needed to masturbate, probably because of my throbbing cock. He just came up to me and said, 'Wanna jerk off?'. He didn't seem like the kind of person that would ask that, in fact I was surprised. I didn't even answer him. I trotted upstairs and he followed. I opened my laptop and went onto the hot images again. I looked over at Josh and he was masturbating. His hand was slowly moving up and down his penis. I replaced his hand with mine and he started to moan. When he came it was alot. More than I could do. It got all over his stomach and mine too. He was moaning. He said that It felt better than any time he had masturbated. He than grabbed my cock and jerked me off. I didn't come as much as him, but It felt great. We did this over and over until 10 minutes until my parents got home. Then we cleaned up and Josh left my house. Whenever Josh comes over and my parents are out, we do this. We also are experimenting new ways. But I can save that for another story. I wonder what we will do when he comes over tomorrow?



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