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Taught Her To Jill Herself

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Teaching my wife to Jill


Elaine told me she never masturbated in her life and she was honest on everything sexual, so I have to believe her. Her husband was a grunt and spurt goon who only knew the missionary position. I taught her to masturbate first by getting her comfortable giving herself orgasms by taking the head of my cock and rubbing her clit till she came. She would hold my cock in her hand while laying on her back with me on my knees between her wide-open legs. I started out with just dipping the head of my cock into her moist pussy and getting the cock head wet, then I would start to travel up and graze across her clit with the cock. Then I would focus more on massaging the clit with my cock and occasionally rewetting my dickhead in her now, very wet pussy. When she started getting into how nice it was feeling and start to get that panting that tells me a girl is near an orgasm, I would have her hold my cock and continue massaging her clit with it. I relished the feeling of having her hold my stiff cock and rub it up and down on her smooth clit, sliding between the lips to rewet itself in the opening of her vagina. Then I taught her how nice it felt when I would tickle her clit with my fingers while my cock was in her pussy pumping in and out. Finally I showed her howto do the same, by taking her hand while I was doing this that she could bring her self to cum by using her own fingers to rub her clit. I had to take this slow as after three orgasms she was pretty burnt out for the evening. She loves watching me stroke my cock but I can't get her into sucking my cock as I cum.

She got into the bathtub with me and I had her sit on the edge of the tub with her feet in the tub. We adjusted the water in the hand held shower massage to a temperature she liked and I opened her cute legs with my hand to expose her sweet shaved pussy. I sat in the tub between her legs so I had a very nice view of her pussy. It had a weeks worth of fuzz on it and so it was very sexy and smooth with a short fur feeling. I gently showed her how to adjust the pulsing shower spray to the side of the clit and as she held the shower head I took my hands and pulled back the skin around her pussy so the water spray could caress her sweet pussy nicely. Watching the water jet into her clit and seeing the trembling sensations start to come over her was making my cock hard and I notice her eyes are closed and she is enjoying the sensations of the pulsations on her clit from the showerhead with great pleasure. She trembles and then characteristically closes her legs as the waves of the orgasm rush over her body centering from her clit and radiating out throughout here every nerve and fiber. My smooth honey had come in just a few minutes and from her glasses over eyes I could tell she really enjoyed the first ever for her, water masturbation. Now it was my turn, I laid back in the tub and opened my legs wide, she got between my legs and was watching me lather up my cock. I put some soap in her hands and she goes to work massaging my balls and washing my legs, all the time watching me stroke my cock. One at a time she takes each testicle in her hand and gently caresses it between her fingers. I am enjoying watching her watch me pump my cock in my hand. She soaps her had up and starts to play below my balls and I feel a finger circling around my anus. She gently touches the hole and lightly dips her little finger just a little way inside me, then takes it out as if worried she will hurt me. I encourage her to continue and explore my anus, which she does. All the while I feel my cock being stroked I feel her slowly insert her finger inside me. I rock my hips down to get her to go deeper. She starts sliding her finger in and out as my dick is sliding in and out. Oh it feels so good. I explain to her how to curl up her finger and caress my prostate, and she quickly becomes expert at doing that and sending waves of pleasure throughout my loins.



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