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First Time Exhibitionist

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I have been an exhibitionist almost all my life and all my adult life. I am obsessed with exposing myself to young women when I masturbate. It started when I was a young teen exposing myself to the girl next door, Mary and her 9 year old sister, Janice. I was one year older than Mary and when we were pre-teen when we played a lot of show and tell. The first time I exposed myself I guess I was about 14. Mary was sitting on her front steps across her driveway about 20 feet from my bedroom window reading a book. I slowly opened the blinds on one window but left the other one closed so I could peek out at her and not let her know I was watching. I was completely naked and the windows were open. I was already as hard as a rock as I laid down on the bed less than a foot from the window and started to jackoff. After a few minutes of her not looking I said, 'Oh! That feels so good.' She looked up form her book and saw me jacking off. (We had seen each other naked before, but it had been a few years and we had both grown a lot) Her mouth dropped open and her eyes got as big as saucers. To this day that surprised look on a woman's face, when she first see me naked and jacking off, is why I am so obsessed with exhibitionism. Anyway, back to my first time. When I saw her looking at me it was all over and I pointed my dick at the window and shot several streams on the screen. Her eyes got even bigger and her mouth dropped open even more and that hooked me even more.

The next night I saw her sister Janice come out their front door and go across the street. I was naked and jacking off again, but the lights were off. I watch for her to start back and I flipped the lights on and stood right by the wide open window jacking off. She must have seen the lights and decided to come over say hi. (she had kind of a crush on me) She walked up to the open window and froze 2 feet away and got that same surprised look on her face her sister had. I was hoping she would look up into my eyes with me standing three feet from her and jacking off, but she never took her eyes off my dick. I love to look into a woman's eyes when she see me. I shot all over the screen and she turned quickly and ran in the house. I ran into Mary out front the next day and she said, 'I saw you masturbating in you bed room the other day and my sister saw you last night. You should be careful or our parents are going to catch you.' I told her I was sorry. I just got carried away and couldn't help myself. Just then Janice came out the front door and ran up to me with a big smile and said Hi! She gave me a big hug and grabbed my arm and put it around her neck and wrapped her arm around my lower back and stood as tight as she could against my side facing her big sister. Mary said, 'Well! I'll let you two love birds alone. I'm going to go read.' She went back in the house. As she was looking up into my eyes Janice said, 'I guess we pissed her off, but she'll get over it. I'm sorry I walked up on you last night. I just wanted to say Hi! I didn't know you were doing that to yourself. It surprised me and that's why I ran off. If your parents aren't home, I would really like you to show me that again, in private and I promise I won't run away. Oh! Please.' I gave her and Mary and some of their friends many private shows over the next few years.

When I became legal to drive I started driving to high school every day. Mary was in Jr. High and she would ride with me. After a couple of weeks, a girl, Kathy, that lived two streets up and in the same grade as Mary asked if she could ride too. This was many years ago and gas was cheap and I didn't charge them anything. Kathy was very cute and had a nice little body. It was the old bench seat cars and Mary made Kathy sit in the middle next to me. With her sitting that close to me and smelling her perfume I would get a hardon almost every day and I saw her look several times. After a few weeks I decided I would try exposing myself to Kathy and see what happened. She walked down to Mary's house and waited on her front steps, facing my bedroom window, for her to come out then they would go get in the car and wait for me. One morning as Kathy was walking across Mary's front yard and looking right at my open window I walked to my dresser butt naked with a raging hardon. I stood there pretending I was looking through the drawer for something. After several minutes I turned and walked away from the open window. I quickly peeked through the other windows closed blinds and saw Kathy standing there where she had stopped still staring at my open window. I decided to give her one more look and walked back to the dresser this time stroking my dick. I grabbed some socks and went back behind the closed window. I peeked through again and she was standing there with her mouth open. I didn't want to be late for school so I quickly dressed and headed for the car. Both girls were there waiting on me and I slid in next to Kathy and told her how cute she looked. Mary said, 'Kathy told me you were having a little trouble picking out socks this morning.' Kathy blushed beet red and looked down at her books on her lap not wanting to look at me. Mary said, 'She told me she likes the blue ones you picked out.' Kathy hit Mary on the arm and said, 'Shut up Mary. See if I tell you anything again.' I said, 'I picked them out especially for you, Kathy. I'm glad you like them.' My dick was still very hard and very noticeable in my slacks. Kathy looked over and saw my dick and said, 'It a they look very good.' Mary said, 'That's not his socks you're looking at Kath but it rhymes.' Kathy punched Mary again as I started the car and they both giggled at each other. I asked them to tell me the secret, like I didn't know, and they just giggled again and said it was just a girl thing. I treated Kathy to several more sighting over the next few weeks, each time playing with myself a little more.

Then one day I decided to go for broke and give her the full show. I saw her coming up the street and I was already jacking myself off for real. I stood in front of the window so she had a full frontal view as she started across Mary's front yard. As she got to the corner of the house she looked up and saw me. She kept walking to Mary's front steps but never took her eyes off me. She stopped then called my name and said, 'What are you doing?' I figured she was offended so I jumped back and quickly got dressed and went to the car. When I got there Kathy was alone and I still had a raging hardon that showed with a big wet spot in my slacks. I got in the car and said good morning avoiding eye contact. Kathy said, 'Mary's not feeling well.' Then she blurted out, 'I am so sorry. I should never have said anything but when I saw what you were doing it just surprised me so much it just came out. Did you finish?' I shook my head no. She said, 'Please don't be mad at me. I didn't mean to stop you. You probably aren't going to let me ride anymore, are you?' I told her that was crazy and she could ride with me as long as she wanted to. I told her I was sorry I did that and for her please not to be angry with me. As she scooted over next to me she said, 'I'm not angry and since we are a little early, would you like to finish what you were doing in your room before I so rudely interrupted you. I want to watch you do it here in your car.' Kathy watched me stroke my cock right there in the car and cum all over myself for the first of many time and it opened up a whole new world of exhibitionism to me. Watching the expressions on Kathy's face and having her talking to me while I was jacking off was fantastic.



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