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The Mom Next Door Part 2

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Love the site. If helps me grow and understand


In the story, The Mom next door, Mrs. P became my obsession. She was kind, pretty, and the first person to not only see me cum, but encourage me sexually at the age of 19. I wanted to have more. I wanted to be with her and it was a desire that even then, I knew was more than was healthy. So I tried to deny myself of the thoughts, of the desire for her. She not only had been someone that I could talk to about girls and my lack of success with them, but someone that was helpful in dealing with my shyness and difficulty with girls.

The story linked above occurred on a Wednesday about noon, before a date I had for the afternoon. The date was fun. It was a hot afternoon and we sailed, laughed and talked. Toward the end, I asked her to go to a dinner and movie on Friday. She told me she had to wash her dog or hair or something like that. The date ended quickly after that. Wow....... I was so deflated and did not, and could not understand why I turned her off. After getting some dinner I must have looked like I lost my best friend sitting on the deck watching the sun set. I had a beer in my hand and Mrs. P came by and asked if I had an extra. She must have sensed that the date did not go well. I got her a cold one and invited her to sit.

She asked how the date went and I told her the short story as I was not the talkative type or one to be able to express my emotions easily. She ask for details and I answered the 20 question, or maybe it was closer to a million. She then asked if maybe I was rushing it, that I was in such a hurry to get laid and that my date senses it and was put off. Mrs. P explained how women want to be treated as a person and not a conquest. Wow, was I making them just an object of desire? After more conversation she left to go pee and make sure the kids were all set for the night.

After her return, she was talkative instead of asking questions. She talked about how she and her husband met and all the way through now being estranged and now growing apart. She talk about how I should take my time to figure who I should spend my life with. We were really feeling good and laughing. Mrs. P keep saying how funny I was and then had to use the bathroom. This time she went inside my condo, well my parents anyway. I followed her in to get some water. Like I said, it was now dark and other than the bathroom light, there was very little other light when Mrs. P return and joined me in the kitchen. I asked her when was the last time she got so happy and she said with an devilish look in her eye, 'Oh, about as long since I have a good load of cum in my mouth'.

I was stunned and she broke down laughing from how I looked. I began to laugh also. She now was bending over from laughing with a hand on my shoulder when she then eased herself down onto her knees. The she undid my shorts and let them fall pushing my underwear down with them. She took my penis in her hand and stroked it a few times which made very hard, very quickly. I could not believe that she was really touching me and how great it felt. She would look at my penis and occasionally up at me and smile.

At 19, I was hard throbbing and very excited very quickly, but also fearful of all this. I had no clue what to do. But I let her continue to lead me. After a few strokes, she took my hand and placed it on my cock and I started to masturbate myself. As I stroked and she watched, she began to sit back on her knees and open her mouth, holding her tongue just waiting for my cum.

I told her I was close to cumming and she just pointed to her tongue and open a her mouth a bit more and moved closer. With that I began to ejaculate on her tongue and in her mouth with much of it going onto her chin and cheek. Wow, it was a big load and felt great. She stood and kissed me making sure she smushed her lips on mine and then spread my cum around to get it on my face and in my mouth. She left and waved as she passed the door.

The next morning, she had coffee and donuts waiting on the porch. She smiled at me. She whispered in my ear that I tasted good. Oh wow!



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