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Susan's Last Visit

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When Susan drove up onto my driveway, I went out to welcome her. As Susan pulled onto my driveway I noticed she was on her cellphone. She pulled up and stopped and turned off her car and sat there talking. I went out to welcome her and sat on the hood of her car. Looking in I saw she had on a skirt and it was pulled up and I was looking at her panties, I got turned on looking at her legs. Susan waved and smiled and caught me looking at her legs. I waved and went back inside my house knowing she might be awhile. When I got inside I pulled the dark short curtains apart and opened the miniblinds for more light. I couldn't help myself and dropped my shorts to my ankles and stood by the window between the curtain splits and started jacking off at Susan. I was like twelve feet from her. As I jacked off, Susan would look at the window and seemed like she was staring at my cock being stroked.

I can't tell you how much I like jacking off at Susan.

After five minutes, Susan got out of her car and leaned against the driver's door and kept talking. I leaned even closer to the window with my cock just an inch from the blinds jacking off. Susan turned towards the window and saw my cock, I know it, and just kept her eyes on it. At times she looked away but went back to looking at my cock being stroked. She finally hungup and looked at me behind the window and started walking towards the front door. I slipped him back under my shorts and waited for her to enter my house. As Susan came in I told her how much I was happy to see her and she said 'always glad you are'.

After a few hours of talking she asked me if she could use my computer to get on the internet for a job app for the local my area. I said I'd get it setup for her and let her know when it's ready. I went down the hall to my bedroom and turned the computer on and it was ready in twenty seconds as I looked back at her down the short hallway. I dropped my shorts and started jacking off looking at her in the mirror across the opposite wall. I got bold and pulled up the blind on the window to my right. Susan asked if it was ready and I told her in a few minutes as she looked in the mirror at me. Susan said once she had bad vision and I play on that though I think she likes saying that because she knows I like exposing myself to her.

As we talked she looked at me in the mirror jacking off looking at her. My shorts were around my ankles and my cock was hard as she looked at me in the mirror jacking off. She said take your time and brought her left ankle up to her right knee and rocked alittle gazing in the mirror at times. I could see the underside of her left leg and almost creamed myself. After a few mintues I couldn't stand it anymore. I put my digital camera on the desk to the left of the keyboard on the modem and started recording video. I slid a chromed box next to it and made sure from the angle that she could see behind her when she sat in front of the keyboard. I told Susan the interet was ready and she came over and sat down.

As she surfed I stayed behind her to answer any questions. As soon as she sat down I dropped my shorts to around my knees and I was hard being this close to Susan with my cock exposed. The next thirty minutes I jacked off at Susan right behind her and usually in her view of the reflection on the box. At times I would rub her left shoulder with my thumb and then substitute it with my cock. I would rest my cock on her shoulder for a minute at times. I'd stand off to her left and jack off and at times she'd look to her left slightly as she asked questions, I'd be inches from the chair. One time I lifted up her hair and felt her neck with the side of my cock like I was rubbing it. As I was kissing the top of her head Susan said she was finished and I pulled my shorts up as she stood up.

I told her I'd shutoff the computer and join her in a minute. As Susan walked out off my room I dropped my shorts not four feet from her as she turned and walked back to the couch. As she sat down on the couch she was staring back at me through the mirror and smiled a short grin. I turned the computer off as I jacked off at her and continued to stroke at her for another five minutes before I went and sat on my recliner infront of her. The big screen TV to my left infront of me was like a shaded mirror and we were in full view of each other. As we talked I draped my right leg over the armrest and pulled my cock out of my right pant leg and stroked it at a 45 degree angle for my pleasure. The front window was bringing in alot of light and when Susan glanced towards the TV I new she watched me jacking off.

After awhile Susan said she had to leave and said that it was good to see me again. Susan got up and anticipating her action I tried to relaxe my cock. When I stood up my cock was still half hard and Susan noticed it and just grinned. I walked her to her car wanting to see her legs as she got in her car. I gave Susan a quick kiss on her lips as she opened the car door. Susan didn't disappoint me, she got in her car and her skirt was up around her waist. Susan put her sunglasses on and I noticed her glancing at my cock. She backed out of the driveway and took another glance at my hard cock before she drove off.

I went to my room and downloaded the video onto my computer and watched it. Throughout the thirty minutes of video Susan was watching me on the reflection of the chromed box maybe half the time. I couldn't see her eyes during the recording but on the video she was glancing at my cock a lot. Susan closed her eyes when I was rubbing her neck with my cock and was looking at the box when I rested my cock on her shoulder. At times Susan looked straight into the camera lens and licked her lips.

What a great video and what a great relationship we have. I love Susan.



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