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Daughter Knows Best

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Webcam session with "not my real daughter".


Where to begin, Well almost 20 years ago, I was "tracked down" and introduced to "my" 13 year old daughter, whom I never knew existed, who's was a problem child and in need of her father, as her mother (my Ex Gf) could no longer deal with her, well after figuring things out like when she was born and my relationship with her mom and 9 months etc.. I accepted it and took her in as my own daughter.

Well after 18 months, I had to know for sure and we had a DNA test done, it turned out we we're not biologically related, so I wasn't her real dad. Anyhow I continued to raise her as my own, but being a problem child she ran away from home when she was 17, I let her go as I had no legal right to her, but I always knew where she was, through other people who knew her and new she was safe. So five years passes by and she makes an attempt for me & her to bond together like father & daughter, but since I told her that she wasn't really mine I couldn't do that, but we would be friends and I would lookout for her and advice her in the best interests. That was approximately 10 years since then and she's grown into a beautiful attractive woman in her late 20's. We kept in touch, but she moved away to New York state and I live out West and we talk every once in while and usually about everything.

So I had not heard from her in a few months and I was on my computer one night looking for porn as I really had the urge to rub one out, as my wife has been sick and having menopause, she is rarely in the mood. So there I was on line looking on a masturbation site, and then Skype on my computer starts ringing and it's my "Daughter"! Shit, it's been so long that I want to talk to her, but I need to rub also, but I better answer cause I don't want to wait for another few months to hear from her again.

So I answer, completely forgetting the webcam comes on automatically, I was just in my underwear and a box of tissues nearby, anyhow we get talking about stuff and then she starts inquiring about, did she catch me at a bad time and I said NO of course not, she said oh, as she knows my wife isn't very sexually active any more. So I confessed and told her I was in the mood to rub one out, but hadn't found anything that really perked my interest yet, she then confessed to me that she too has been in the mood to rub one out as she's single again and hasn't had sex in some time. Of course just the thought of her rubbing was getting me hard and she could see my erection through my underwear on Webcam.

She asked if she could see my cock as she's always been curious about me, hesitant at first, I said ok, as I got to let it loose anyhow, so why not. She then started talking dirty to me and told me to grab my cock with my hand and stroke it, she started talking more dirty and ordering me to jack it, I complied and then she went and stripped naked on webcam and started rubbing her shaved vagina. The next thing you know we were having a masturbation session with each other on webcam. Just watching her finger herself made me cum like crazy, afterwards she tells me she loves masturbating on a daily basis, as for me I told her I do it at least once a week.

But as much as I loved our session, I don't think it would be right to do this on a regular basis as she should go out and find a man and have a healthy life and not have Webcam sessions with some old guy that could've been her father. Her response is "whatever floats your boat", I've talked to her on cam a few times afterwards but nothing happened like our onetime session. Just the memories of this is making me want to jerk off right now.



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