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What Won't Straight Boys Do?

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Brad's beautifully written memories are so honest and real that I am inspired to start telling some of my stories. This actually just happened, but will always be an all-time winner for me. Recent badly written stories that are so obviously fake spur me to contribute the true stuff I've done.


I am a guy who, like Brad, the author of some recent excellent memory stories, has always masturbated looking at the athletes in school, burning the details of their bulges, or a hidden glimpse of pubes or balls or even cock into my mind for later retrieval while I jacked off at home. In grade school, we didn't strip for gym entirely---just down to the tight white briefs that boys all wore in the 70s and 80s. That has given me a life-long fixation on the male bulge in jockey shorts, especially when worn by hot young guys with slim bodies. The thing is, I've grown up, the dominant underwear style for youth has long ago switched to baggy boxers (why?), and yet I am still fixed where I was, looking for chances to see hot, young guys in underwear, or pulling them down! The good thing about getting older is that you can lay your cards on the table and ask for what you want, once you know what it is. I like guys---I like younger guys---and, within reason, will do what it takes. Oh, and one more little complicated twist: I am not turned on much if the guy in question is someone I would guess or know is gay. I must be shared in this shameful aspect of self-loathing by a huge amount of gay men: look at the number of websites out there that offer up hot college-age or army guys for pay. Those hot sites, and the recent corroboration in the news that some of them are really getting military guys to submit to perverse acts on screen, made me wonder whether I could get a piece of this gay-for-pay action. This leads me to my overarching question, a la "sex in the city": Is there anything straight boys won't do with their bodies if 1) they suspect they might have fun and 2) they are getting something additional out of it?

With these questions in the back of my head I was online looking recently to see what was out there. One particular ad struck me as intriguing. Two college roommates (straight boys) were having trouble focusing on paper writing for school and wanted to get something used to treat attention deficit disorder. These guys, who were 20-21, offered in their ad to jack off, trade socks or underwear, and other kind of excitingly twisted favors, for some of the stuff I had been planning to throw out!

After a lot of email exchanges establishing a baseline of comfort, I learned that these two guys (I'll call them Josh and Scott) were pretty straightforward. The one who had posted the ad, the frontman, Josh, was very interested, and over time I could tell that his emails to me, despite their cool, "dude" tone, contained an element of excitement as well. I explained that I was older but in really good shape, and once we established that we would not do anything more than a circle jerk, other plans started falling into place. I got a bisexual dvd, so everyone would have something to look at, and also some amazingly good quality lube for the jacking, as well as some beers for the boys. I picked up a new purchase at the adult store, too---a fleshy, realistic dildo that was made on the model of a famous pornstar. I knew the boys wouldn't be into it, but thought it could be a "conversation piece" at the least! After a few false starts, where I could tell the guys were perhaps getting nervous, backing out at the minute, we finally fixed a date: Tuesday at 8 PM. I didn't tell them this, but I also had decided to try a new thing for my own jo: Viagra, which a recent bout of depression and the cock-paralyzing drug I took for it had rendered desirable for decent sexual activity. I guess in our medicated world, all of these factors are just a part of modern life!

So finally last night the guys call from outside the building, and I go down to let them in. I was pleased to shake hands with two handsome specimens of "homo non-homo," that college boy species that is so particularly attractive to me. Josh, despite his forward tone in emails and his role as the instigator of their plan, turned out to be a shy and polite guy with that slightly Southern deference, scruffy blond beard and narrow waist. Scott, the roommate of whom I had only seen a picture sent by Josh from about a mile away, was the real surprise of the evening: a clever, funny blond guy with an appealing wrestler's build and a real kind of salesman's charm, a little shorter than Josh or me but a clear ladies' man.

We went upstairs and I gave them beers to dissipate the nervousness, and we just sat down to talk about normal stuff- music, their travels and studies, girls, whatever. Some trips on the deck to enjoy the warm April night allowed them some smokes, and I could tell they warmed to me as well, laughing and joking. The first hint of something interesting was when Josh admitted crushes on some of his teachers in college---and when pushed as to whether these were all women, he fearlessly admitted, "Both." My cock jumped a bit at this, and I could tell that the Viagra was working.

So, in the way these things work, the conversation took a sexual turn, and I began to see hands closer to bulges in their jeans. I knew from emails that they had never jacked off together, but they had double-teamed a girl once, so they had been naked together. Once we started discussing lubes and their various qualities, it was all over. We all stood up to look at the lube and porn I had gotten, and gathered around my big-screen computer.

I was wearing track pants with white jockeys underneath (gotta love tighty whities!), and just pulled them down quickly to get things going. Not to be outdone, Scott practically tore off his jeans, revealing a very erect cock poking up his boxers (note that there was no porn on yet, just the situation itself). Josh slowly removed his pants to reveal a nice bulge in black boxer briefs. Breaking the unspoken contract a bit, I reached out to feel Josh's semi-hard dick in the cotton underwear, and he somewhat pulled my hand away nervously. As we looked at the dvd (2 guys, one girl), I said---"So who do you suppose is the biggest here? I think it's me" (It usually is actually!). Scott didnt miss a beat and pulled down his boxers to the floor, revealing a very stiff and thickly stout cock in a bed of untrimmed light brown pubes. My jockeys dropped to the floor and, though the boys had been staring at the outline, I think they were surprised to see my large cut dick with its slight leftward curve, about 7 1/2 real inches. Josh's boxer briefs came down with an admission that he wasn't hard yet, so we couldn't judge his size: a decent looking cut dick with (again) a furry bed of pubes. I hate trimmed pubes, so we discussed that as we stroked and stood ever closer together in a ring, 3 men with penises in hand, wearing just socks and t shirts. I reached out often to provide lube, preferring to drip it directly on their cocks and rub it in for a quicky feel, rather than lose the chance to overstep the unspoken boundary. To my surprise, Scott's eyes barely looked over at the screen, nor did Josh's, and our eyes were all fixed clearly on each others' erections, and especially on my Viagra-charged baseball bat. I pulled out the fleshy, big dildo from its pre-planned hiding place, and showed the boys what my cock was like in comparison to the porn star's. They were both very complimentary (the cockhead was identical!), but I held the dildo up against Scott's thick penis to show that his girth was closer to the porn star's dick. That gave me the chance once again to slide my hand up and down that beauty of a cock.

Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised, but my offer to let Josh touch my cock went unaccepted (at first), but Scott's strong hand quickly slid up and down my shaft as I did his. When I said "Touch it" he first rubbed his cockhead against mine,a hot gesture. No mutual stuff was allowed to extend more than a few strokes, but upped the ante seriously for them, I could see.

Scott politely asked Josh, his roommate, if he could touch and play with his balls, so we all had a turn at fondling the other guys' nuts. [At one point earlier, I had to use the men's room and coming back into the room, clearly interrupted a little quiet exploration of each others' cocks. So they were curious about each other after all!!] I decided to up the ante a bit more, moving out of the circle and standing behind each boy, examining and feeling his ass. Josh's was tight and athletic and hair-covered, a real college boy ass. Scott's was beautiful, like a porn model's: hairless, round, a real bubble shape. Though Scott had been characterized as the nervous one, his gaze and hand on my cock told me all I needed to know: he was intensely into this, so we stood back to back, masturbating and feeling each others asses flex as we did it. Coming back around, I could tell things were getting intense. Scott''s hand was flying over his penis, and his sharp intake of breath was getting intense. I asked them to shoot on my body, and suddenly both boys let forth big gushes of cum all over my chest and stomach. In the heat of the moment, I took each guys' cockhead into my mouth, breaking the biggest rule of all (my offer to suck was firmly rejected) and tasted their cum. Feeling worn out, the boys urged me to keep jacking and shoot for them. I took a seat in my office chair and leaned back and, far from stopping, the boys used their cum and remaining lube to keep stroking their deflating cocks. I'm actually not sure that Scott's ever did deflate---and indeed before long he was jacking as hard as the first time (ah, youth!). Josh kept up stroke for stroke but admitted that he couldn't cum the second time. I got on my knees to signal that more could happen, and it was hot to have the two boys jacking close to my face, teasing me and me teasing them. Scott went over the top again, and shot out bursts of cum onto me and the floor. Because of the Viagra and my other medication, I didn't cum, but let me tell you---I intend to cum again and again for years thinking of this night, and what straight boys will do given the right stimulants!

After we cleaned up, I pulled Josh aside and said "Come back on your own!" and he seemed into that. But in any case, both said they wanted to come over again---and this time we probably won't bother with the pretext of any exchange of goods and services. Sometimes all it takes is an excuse to have a party! And don't you wonder what might now happen in the privacy of their own apartment?



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